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The villainess that got pregnant with the crown prince’s child decided to run away – Chapter 38

“Ah, the second part. This is pretty similar to that scenario that was under development.”

“Really? Exactly what happened in that scenario?”

Makoto and Yuki continued their conversation.

According to their conversation, the current situation is very similar to a scenario in an otome game that was still under development.

But apparently, it since it was still under development and Makoto came over to this world before it was finished, she had no idea how it ended.

All Makoto knew was that for the crown prince and crown princess to give birth, the heroine had to go to a remote town. And after birth, the heroine’s life would be at risk.

From there, the crown prince would fall into depression due to the crown princess’s condition and a new heroine would appear to comfort him.

“That scenario is just terrible!”

“I think so too. It’s bad enough that the new heroine steals the fiancé, but to steal the fiancé away when his wife is in a critical condition after her birth is just insane. It’s really not something anyone can defend, I think. 

Of course, we voiced our complaints about this scenario. But the colleagues who were pushing this scenario in the first place were too enthusiastic about it. In the end, they proceeded with the development of it.

“Who in the world would even buy that kind of otome game? The new heroine isn’t a maiden at all, in fact, she’s a villainess! This isn’t an otome game at all, it’s a villainess game!”

I certainly agree that the scenario seemed a bit too much.

From an outsider’s perspective, having someone who would take advantage of the heroine’s condition and getting in the way between her and the prince is pretty deplorable.

After all, she would be using the prince’s moment of weakness to be his bride. For such a heroine, it wouldn’t be out of place to call them evil.

Can Lord Edward really be happy with a person such as that by their side?

I suddenly thought.

“Putting that aside. Makoto, how’s Edward doing?”

“… I don’t know. I was dispatched to Yakumo, but since then I haven’t been able to get in touch with him.”

I was taken a bit aback by Makoto’s words.

While Yakumo is certainly a neighboring country, it doesn’t exactly have a good relationship with the great empire of Hazrat.

If he was dispatched over there, does it mean they’re working on some sort of peace agreement? Or are they gathering information to prepare for an invasion?

The emperor has always wanted to expand his empire. Is he perhaps thinking of conquering Yakumo?

Is Lord Edward aiming to make them the enemy?

But still, it’s a bit strange that Makoto hasn’t heard back from Lord Edward. I wonder what’s going on.

“No way… Why…? Why?!”

“The last message that Lord Edward left me was ‘I will entrust you with Rachel'”

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