The villainess that got pregnant with the crown prince’s child decided to run away – Chapter 39

Lord Edward is… Missing…?

The revelation shocked me.

Everything in front of me suddenly turned dark.

It felt like the ground beneath me was crumbling, leaving me unable to stand. I found myself crouched on the ground.

“Rachel’s life is in danger, she won’t regain consciousness, and now for Edward to suddenly just…”

Yuki was also taken aback by the same revelation. It seems like Yuki wasn’t expecting this either.

“To some degree, I expected that whoever would be bearing Lord Edward’s child would be in a critical condition after birth. Which is why I had them break off their marriage, and had you move far away from Lord Edward with Rachel. I stayed with Lord Edward during all this time as well but… It seems like fate can’t be changed… If it was going to turn out like this, was there even a point in getting them to break off their marriage?”

Makoto says in a seemingly regretful tone.

Did Makoto get Lord Edward to break off our marriage for my sake?

Did Lord Edward cancel our arrangement for this?

Did he break off our engagement because he knew what was going to happen to me?

Lord Edward… Just what’s on your mind?


“…We have to remain optimistic.”

Makoto says pensively.

“Yuki, I’ll contact you again later. But keep me updated on Rachel’s condition.”

“Ok. Leave Rachel to me.”

And just like that, they ended their telepathic communication.

Yuki holds my hands while crying.

Oh yeah… Where’s my baby?

I look around the room, but I couldn’t see the child.

“…My baby.” 

“…Where are you?” 

“…Where are you?!”

I desperately looked around the house.

I couldn’t find him neither in my room nor in Yuki’s room.

If he’s not here, is he possibly in Marianne’s place…?

Don’t tell me, he’s not… Dead right?


Please… Someone… Just tell me I’m wrong…

I unconsciously slip past the wall and head towards Marianne’s house.

If it’s Marianne, she should know exactly where my child is.

I tried knocking on her door, but my hands kept passing through it. In the end, I wasn’t able to knock on her door.

“Marianne! Marianne!”

I raised my voice and called out for her; but in this condition, no one can hear me, no one came out.

With my current body, I can pass through solid objects, so I can easily pass through this door as well.

But… I can’t possibly just enter someone’s house without permission like this. Powerless, I sat down in front of Marianne’s house.

“…Marianne… My baby… Lord Edward and my…”

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