Chapter 9

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“My Prince, a guest is here.”

“A guest?”

Taesan looked at Soso as she said there was a guest for him.

Soso’s facial expression didn’t seem like she was satisfied.

“She is extremely pretty…..”

“Pretty? Is she someone you don’t know?”

Soso nodded.

“Yes, it’s my first time seeing her.”

The reason why Soso’s facial expression was grim was that she thought Taesan was looking for another woman instead of Harin.

She really wished Taesan would date Harin.

Taesan believed that if a lady who Soso doesn’t know visited him, then there is a high possibility that he doesn’t know the lady either.

‘Perhaps it is the lady from the brothel or the owner?’

‘There is a chance that the owner may visit once since I let her warrior go.’

‘Although I didn’t instruct Gyeongwan to do so, he has confirmed that he saw the warrior walking to the brothel.’

Also, Gyeongwan told him that there was chaos inside the brothel.

‘They must be scared.’

Gyeongwan pretended that he didn’t know anything about what happened last night but it probably made him think about it.

He predicted that the brothel owner would react in any form. Taesan believed that the owner was not just an ordinary owner.

“Bring her.”


As Taesan just looked at Soso, Soso was intimidated and put her head down.

“I will bring her immediately.”

As Soso went outside, Taesan sat down and practiced the Magical Spell of increasing Spirit.

The Magical Spell of increasing Spirit was not a martial art that anyone could learn anywhere since it has a strong force and is hard to control due to its volatility.

However, Taesan reached the top in the Magical Spell of increasing Spirit.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that he was a capable master in controlling the power.

In contrast, Taesan learned enlightenment when he died so the instability of the Magical Spell vanished.

As a result, he was able to train himself for the Magical Spell at any time, place, or in any situation.

It was possible for Taesan to continue or quit training so he would use his spare time to train himself.

What Taesan was doing now was purifying the force which he obtained through the Magical Spell.

By purifying it thoroughly, he could make the power belong to him and he planned to connect the disconnected heartbeats one by one.

‘How many people do I need to absorb from now on?’

Since there were so many disconnected heartbeats, he wasn’t sure how many times he had to repeat the procedure.

While he was intensively training, Soso came back from outside.

She brought a guest with her.

As Taesan saw the guest who entered the room, he gave a mysterious expression.


The guest was Danyoung but she looked surprisingly different.

It’s obvious that she looked different than last night and she looked way different than they said goodbye before.

Meanwhile, the ladies in the brothel who spent the night with Taesan changed as well but Danyoung was the best out of them.

Danyoung went on her knees in front of Taesan and put her head down.

“I will serve you, Mr. Prince. Please allow me.”


“You gave me life so I want to live for you.”

Taesan just looked at Danyoung with her head down. Then, he turned his head and looked Soso who appeared anxious.

As he was watching Soso, he wanted to laugh.

‘It only has been a few days but I must have changed,’ Taesan thought all of sudden so thus he made a generous decision.

“Prepare a room.”


Soso became surprised and her wide eyes looked at Taesan.

Taesan didn’t bother with Soso’s reaction and asked, “Where do you stay?”

“Sorry? Me?”

“You have the skill to make me ask the question twice.”

“I stay at the residence where the maids are staying.”

“Is that so?”

Taesan looked as if it was an unexpected answer. He thought she would stay in a better place as she was his exclusive maid.

“Then you can move as well.”


“Anyway, is there any work you do other than serving me?”

“Nope. I do other things. I have a lot of work.”

Taesan frowned.

“Screw that. Also, move near my room. Make her room next to yours.”

Soso was extremely frazzled but she responded, “Yes, I understand.”

She became confused. Actually, things related to maids were handled by the human resource department. So, any decision had to go through there.

However, Taesan wouldn’t be considerate enough to handle such an issue.

Soso worked hard to organize her tasks inside her head.

“While you make a place to stay, make a room for Gyeongwan as well.”

“Sorry? Is Warrior Cheon joining as well?”

“He will if I tell him to do so. Well, he can stay there if he wants to.”

“Yes. I will tell him that.”

Taesan waved his hands.

“You two ladies can go. Soso, guide her well.”

Startled, Soso asked, “Then… is this…. Lady will be working as a maid?”

Taesan looked at Soso with a dull face.

“What else will she do?”

Soso looked once at Taesan and once at Danyoung. Although Taesan said such a thing, Danyoung’s attitude didn’t change at all.

‘It seems like she hasn’t done such work before…….’

The problem wasn’t only that. Danyoung was too pretty to work as a maid.

Although she was less pretty than Harin, Danyoung was prettier than many people in Muhan.

‘She will create some trouble.’

Unless Taesan’s position was firm, numerous guys would harass or hit on Danyoung explicitly.

‘Gosh, whatever.’

Soso shook her head and brought Danyoung while leaving Taesan’s room.

As Soso was trying to close the door, Taesan gave his last order.

“Tell Gyeongwan to get ready. We will be heading out as soon as the sun goes down.”

Soso was about to say, “Again?” But she was able to hold it and nodded.

“I will tell him while talking about his new place to stay.”

As Soso and Danyoung left, Taesan laughed.

“She still can’t manage to keep her face still.”

Although Soso didn’t speak, her facial expression showed her feelings.

“That’s a skill.” 

Although it wasn’t intentional.

Gyeongwan had a dependent relationship with the Golden Wall Clan.

He obtained a place to train and medicine for training the martial arts for the Black Dragon group.

That’s why even the boss of the Black Dragon group couldn’t dare to mistreat Gyeongwan.

So that was the reason why Gyeongwan was using a small tourney hall by himself inside the Black Dragon group.

In addition, he was qualified to explore all secrets desired by the Golden Wall clan for the Black Dragon group.

It was a condition that Gyeongwan couldn’t deny.

Gyeongwan did his best to teach martial arts to the Black Dragon group.

Although he couldn’t teach his genuine martial arts, he was able to effectively teach other martial arts.

That’s all Gyeongwan was thinking about.

He planned to leave the Golden Wall Clan once he mastered his martial arts.

However, there was one factor.

It was called Taesan.

Gyeongwan endlessly swung the sword inside the small tourney hall owned by the Black Dragon group.

It was a process of accepting new enlightenment.

However, as he swang his sword, comments made by Taesan got him thinking.

‘Perhaps he thought he made a mistake.’

That word was going around his head and he wasn’t able to focus on the training.

As he was recalling to see what the meaning was, he came up with one conclusion.

He was still not able to destroy his wall effectively.

Also, the more he trains, his thoughts became more certain.

If he didn’t gain anything from the beginning, he wouldn’t have such feelings.

However, he couldn’t do that now. When he moved the sword, he somehow felt stuffy and the movement didn’t go well.

‘I thought I was free from the weapon… but I am not.”

The thoughts continued to increase. However, he couldn’t grasp his thinking.

As he was doing so, Taesan’s face came up.

While Gyeongwan put his sword down and thinking about something, he felt somebody was moving inside the tourney hall.

Gyeongwan turned his head to see who it was.


“The Black Dragon group leader told me to come here… The Prince will move when the sun goes down.”

Soso wanted to add a few comments.

Unlike usual, Gyeongwan’s face looked dark and scary so she was worried if Gyeongwan was against Taesan.

However, there was no need. She saw Gyeongwan’s face becoming brighter.

“Really? Then I should head now. Let’s go.”

Gyeongwan left the tourney hall before Soso even made a step.

She mumbled while looking at Gyeongwan’s back.

“I mean… He will leave not now but once the sun goes down…”

Of course, Gyeongwan didn’t hear that. That’s because he already left the tourney hall and was heading to Taesan’s residence.

“Anyway… did he have such various facial expressions?”

Soso shook her head while whispering.

Taesan left the Golden Wall residence with Gyeongwan behind him.

“Are you heading to the brothel today as well?”

As Gyeongwan asked, Taesan looked at him.

Somehow, today’s atmosphere was different. The tone, facial expression, and attitude differed.

“What’s wrong with you? Did you eat something wrong?”

Gyeongwan mumbled and cautiously said, “It’s because….what you said before…”

Taesan raised his hands and interrupted, “Drop it. Tell me about other brothels.”

Gyeongwan looked anxious like a dog who needed to pee. However, he couldn’t deny Taesan’s order.

“Then…How about the other brothel?”

“I don’t know. Then, let’s go there.”

As Taesan spoke, he raised his chin to tell Gyeongwan to take the lead.

Ten days ago, if Taesan did such behavior, he would feel Gyeongwan’s murderous spirit but now everything seemed to be natural.

Gyeongwan took a step towards another brothel.

Still, he looked at Taesan’s face. The need to get some gains constantly pressured Gyeongwan.

Taesan stopped walking all of sudden. Then, he scratched the back of his head and looked at Gyeongwan.

“Hey, if you are going to lean when you feel stuck then just drop everything.”

That surprised Gyeongwan. Then, Gyeongwan’s shoulder sagged like a scared dog.

With one sentence, the pressure which oppressed Gyeongwan disappeared. Instead, self-hatred filled inside Gyeongwan’s heart.

“Why don’t you join in today?”

Gyeongwan made a bitter smile after hearing the comment and shook his head.

“I have to protect the Prince. Nothing will happen but I can’t stay relaxed.”

Taesan laughed.

“Who is protecting who? Well… I like your attitude. Also, you think too much. When I was in your shoes, I just swung the sword with full energy even though my muscle strength or stamina were depleted. Do you know what happens if you do that?”

Gyeongwan looked at Taesan with wide eyes.

“I don’t know.”

“Of course, you don’t know. You haven’t tried it like that.”

“Then, what should I do?”

“What should you do? Just do it.”

Gyeongwan took a deep breath.

Taesan didn’t experience such things. It was a joke.

But it was a joke that didn’t sound like a joke.

“Then, let’s go. I’m really expecting to see falling flowers.”

To compare it to falling flowers, they must have been in the industry for ages. Then how filthy were their souls sticking to the spirits?

Taesan took a step with excitement.

Also, Gyeongwan took the lead while safely guarding Taesan.

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