Chapter 10

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The new brothel was one of the top three brothels along with the first brothel.

However, the size differed.

The new brothel has way bigger than the first brothel.

It had ten residence buildings inside and it was operated by assigning different residences based on the customer’s rank.

As Taesan arrived at the entrance, he looked at two guards who were protecting the brothel.

They were mediocre. Of course, this was Taesan’s standard so it might differ from other people’s comments.

For example, it could be seen when Gyeongwan made a speech while guiding Taesan.

“The brothel trains in-house warriors. However, their skills are quite high.”

Gyeongwan’s speech showed that he had strong confidence.

Although the brothel was strong, he meant that they couldn’t challenge him. 

“The Golden Wall Clan owns half of it.”

The owner of the brothel was a warrior who used to be famous and he owned the half while the Golden Wall Clan owned the other half through investment.

“Out of three major brothels in Muhan, the only brothel which doesn’t have the Golden Wall Clan’s investment is the first brothel.”

As Taesan nodded his head, he tried to go inside the brothel.

He didn’t have any interest in knowing how much wealth the Golden Wall Clan had or how influential they were in Muhan.

While he was trying to go inside, a strong loud voice came from afar.

“Hey! There! A kid from the Golden Wall residence!”

Taesan went inside the residence while not paying attention although it was certain that someone was calling him.

Instead, it was Gyeongwan who reacted to such a voice.

Gyeongwan turned his head and stared at the giant man who was approaching from afar.

It was Wi from the Red Dragon Group.

Gyeongwan tried to predict the man’s ability by looking at the attitude and vibe but Wi was lower than him.

Still, it would become messy to get involved with such a guy.

Gyeongwan went inside the brothel by following Taesan.

The giant man who called Taesan, Wi, the leader of the Red Dragon Group gave a pathetic look.

“How dare they ignore me?”

However, Wi didn’t intend to fight with the Golden Wall Clan.

The Golden Wall Clan was a place that the Red Dragon Group didn’t dare to fight.

In order to fight the Golden Wall Clan in Muhan, they would have to bring the Black Blood Union.

The Black Blood Union was a Black Union in Muhan which was made by consolidating the Black Group in Muhan.

Of course, the Black Group didn’t consolidate well and they fought between each other often as they paid attention to trivial benefits.

That was why if the Red Dragon Group picked a fight with the Golden Wall Clan, it was obvious that the Black Group Union wouldn’t help. Instead, they’d try to take advantage of them. 

So, Wi didn’t intend to brew such a situation.

He just needed to get what he wanted.

What just happened was a small threat for a smooth negotiation.

Still, it seemed like it didn’t work at all.

Wi looked at the guards he brought with him.

It was a definite loss to fight Gyeongwan with such guys.

However, they won’t lose without any effort.

They will be defeated for sure if they fight by themselves, but if Wi helps, things may change.

“Let’s go in.”

As Wi spoke, two guards at the gate blocked the way.

“You can’t create problems inside.”

Wi laughed.

“Then is okay to cause trouble in here? Do you really want to experience how I cause trouble?”

Wi’s pride seemed strong but the warriors didn’t back off.

“You can’t create problems inside.”

“I understand so back off. I don’t punch people. Don’t worry, I will talk to them.”

It was not completely wrong if he used his sword instead of his fist.

Wi thought like that and went inside the brothel.

“A loud person has come in. Who is that guy?”

“He is Wi, the owner of Red Dragon Group.”

“Red Dragon Group? Where is that from?”

“It’s a Black Blood staying nearby.”

“Black Blood? They are like the Black Blood Union.”

Gyeongwan didn’t agree about Black Blood Union, but he still nodded.

The Black Blood Union was the best in the Black Blood Group.

It was really a strong group which hundreds of Red Dragon Group members couldn’t defeat.

Still, what was the reality? In Taesan’s memory as Cheonma, all he remembered was the Black Blood Union from the Black Blood Group.

Also, he thought the Black Blood Union consisted of a bunch of losers.

Although the Black Blood Union was considered to be the best among the Black Blood Group, that was only among the Black Blood members and their real power was equivalent to famous households.

Also, their forces weren’t good as famous households so Taesan didn’t really need to bother knowing them.

Taesan used to describe them most frequently as parasites.

Also, their reputation was just the same.

“What a fancy name.”

With such skills, weren’t they embarrassed at themselves in naming their group Red Dragon?

“Still, it’s better to be cautious. They are really messy……”

“All parasites are like that.”

Taesan didn’t care about them. At least, he tried to not care, especially if Wi hadn’t called from the back.

“Hey! A girly guy! Don’t you hear me talking to you?”

Taesan stopped his steps.

Waking up after death, the one thing Taesan hated the most was his appearance.

Actually, he had quite a figure, but it wasn’t feminine at all. Instead, it had its own unique attractiveness which people had a hard time diverting their attention.

However, Taesan thought it was a girly appearance and he really hated hearing it.

While living as Cheonma, he hated these guys the most.

So, Wi attacked Taesan’s anger point right now.

Taesan’s face became still.

As soon as Gyeongwan saw Taesan’s face, he felt scared. He didn’t know why, but when he looked at Taesan, he felt intimidated.

Taesan slowly turned. Then he saw Wi who was approaching aggressively like a wild boar.

The facial expression and eyesight looked calm but it was really cold.

Gyeongwan held a deep breath unconsciously.

Wi stood in front of Taesan and stared at him.

“Is that you?”

Taesan looked at Wi thinking this guy was as Wi spoke nonsense.

“Is it you who took Danyoung?”

Taesan laughed.

Now he understood why Wi was acting this way.

Wi continued to speak while thinking he wouldn’t listen to Taesan.

“I won’t hurt you and I’ll leave quietly, so hand Danyoung to me.”

Taesan laughed.

“That’s fresh.”

It was a first experience for him.

Nobody dared to speak to Cheonma like that.

Of course, he didn’t have any intention to be generous.

“Are you ignoring me?”

Wi showed his teeth and made a threatening face.

Then, his warriors encircled Taesan and Gyeongwan.

Wi spoke to Gyeongwan.

“I know you are strong but it will be difficult to fight while trying to protect this young guy against us. So just stay still.”

Wi made a satisfying smile and continued, “I don’t want to handle things in a rough way. I want to talk it out. Talking, isn’t it good?”

“I don’t want to.”

Taesan’s lips were twisted. Who dared to conclude it by talking?

“Handle everyone else except this guy.”

As soon as Taesan spoke, Gyeongwan dashed forward.

Wi became frightened as he didn’t expect Taesan to act this way.

However, he was also experienced fighting in the corner.

He sensed it quickly and his hands moved toward Taesan.

It was a piece of cake to hold onto a sick person’s neck as the sick person couldn’t control his own body.

That was a loss for Wi as he assumed so.

He should have put some force into reaching his hand out. 

Wi’s hand missed Taesan’s neck.

Wi missed the approach.

Luckily, he didn’t put much power into it to lose his balance.

Of course, it wasn’t possible to describe it as lucky for what happened next.

With minimum movement, Taesan dodged Wi’s hands and moved one step forward.

It was a perfect strategy to dodge at the same time.

Then, Taesan hit Wi’s chin with a palm.

He shouldn’t hit too hard. This body was so weak that if he put too much force, his wrists would break.

He hit really gently but the result wasn’t that simple.


Wi fell forward as he was swinging his hands.

Then, he couldn’t stand up again.

As Gyeongwan just managed to handle Wi’s warriors, he was in surprise with his mouth agape.

Taesan shook off his hands. His hands were numb with just one hit.

“This body is really messed up.”

That’s why he hit very gently but wasn’t it too much that his body couldn’t handle it?

“Did you kill them all?” Taesan asked, and Gyeongwan looked at him with surprise.

“I didn’t kill them…..”

Taesan laughed.

“Too naïve.”

After making such a comment, Taesan ordered while moving inside, “Clear up and follow me.”

Gyeongwan blankly stared at Taesan’s back.

Afterward, the warriors in the brothel came in.

Gyeongwan organized the place with them.

Also, he was shocked to find that the Red Dragon Group’s leader Wi had died.

Gyeongwan just sat there aimlessly.

It had been a while since Taesan went inside a room with a lady.

Also, there was a constant sound coming out of the room which sounded like a moan or a scream.

It wasn’t loud but based on the experience in the brothel, everyone in the brothel must be hearing this noise.

For some people, it was a stimulant and for some it invited curiosity.

As Gyeongwan heard the sound, he was reminded of what Taesan told him earlier.

‘You tell me that I killed it.’

It was a speech which he heard when he organized his thoughts and visited Taesan.

Gyeongwan said he would do so.

Perhaps no one will believe that Taesan killed Wi while fighting each other unless the person saw it with their own eyes.

Also, Gyeongwan was the only person who witnessed the incident as all of Wi’s warriors fainted.

When he thought about it, it was strange. Taesan told Gyeongwan to handle the rest of the warriors, and he moved without hesitation.

Actually, he shouldn’t have done so. He should have fought after securing Taesan’s safety from Wi or leave the place by taking Taesan.

However, Gyeongwan somehow followed Taesan’s order as if he was into something.

Also, Gyeongwan saw how Taesan killed Wi.

Gyeongwan was reminded of Taesan’s last move. Then he tried to imitate it.

‘Did he do it like that?’

It was a movement to hit the hand up while moving forward.

Although Gyeongwan repeated it several times, it didn’t feel the same as how Taesan did it.

Of course. It wouldn’t be easy to imitate Cheonma’s movement with just the vibe.

Gyeongwan didn’t give up.

At that moment, he remembered what Taesan told him.

Gyeongwan focused on the movement. He decided to do it until his energy and muscle strength were depleted.

The room was full of moans and outside the room, it was full of Gyeongwan making sounds with his hands.

The night passed by.

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