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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 2 Female Assassin arc Chapter 43

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Alia and Iris arrived at the [Training grounds].

Alia with her short blades, and Iris with her short sword.

“So since we’re already accustomed, I don’t need to keep myself in, right?”

“No need. If I would, you’d get angry”

“Wha-, no, not really though”

That being said, Iris has quite a focus on battles.

Especially in regards to Alia, because their powers are so similar, she doesn’t want to hold back. 

But lately, Alia has felt that Iris has become more powerful than herself.

“Well, here I go”

And with those words, Alia came dashing at Iris. With her two short blades in hand, she stretched her arms and kept her posture low.

A pose to see whatever move Iris was going to make, and react to that movement accordingly.

On the other side, Iris didn’t move.

Alia has many weak spots, and Alia too knew this – But that is exactly why Iris was waiting for her.

(…Wouldn’t hurt to move. My wounds are of no obstruction right now)

Though she said she’d fight with all she had, Alia was naturally worried about Iris.

She knew Iris often did reckless things, which is all in all the reason why she had these wounds, to begin with.

– The Swordsman Gang battles might have actually left some lingering effects, though it seems that that is not something to worry about.

Alia closed the distance between them. First, a single strike – Her short blade hit her short sword.

This time they also didn’t use Illusion swords, but actual blades to hit each other with.

Alia took her distance again and showed herself shortly after.

This time, however, Iris made her move.


A single breath. As Iris kicked the ground she launched herself over to Alia.

Followed by her blade – Alia jumped to evade the attack and managed to get away from Iris’s blow.

Then she quickly threw one of her blades.

Iris anticipated this and moved accordingly.

She made herself small and her fierce attack was about to follow.

(Thank goodness, she seems fine)- Alia thought as she blocked her attack.

But with the second blade, Iris finally increased the speed with which she attacked – Alia’s speed was inferior to Iris’.

If both of them actually went all out then the blades beneath Alia’s clothes would shake.

That being said, Iris went for an attack with her [Purple Lightning].

I’ve never had a fight as serious as this one against Iris.

Yet, from Alia’s perspective, this Iris seemed to not be obstructed by her wounds at all.


Kyan– The short blade grazed by Iris’ face. 2, 3 times Alia had to twist and turn to create some distance.

Which she needed to pick up her blades again. 

At the same time she picked up her blade, she had to stop her movement, for right before her eyes she was met with Iris’ rapier-like sword.

Both their movements stopped at just the right time.

“…That’s my win, huh?”

“Ye, I lost. Seeing you in a normal condition is nice, Iris”

“You don’t need to worry so much, you know. What’s more, this win too and the one of before too my total amount of wins have increased a lot, haven’t they?”

“Yes. I was even ahead at first”

“Well… I don’t think so. I was ahead, right?” – Iris asked in a confirming manner.

She really hated losing – That’s what Alia liked so much about Iris.

“Well…. there was also the time you were pretty down”

“Aa… Yeah, that time I did lose a lot, but… But I still was ahead, even then!”

“You wanna go again? If so, I will make sure you have one win and one loss to talk about today”

“…Well alright. Seems we have enough time to go for one more round today”

And with that, they both prepared their weapons. 

Starting in the early morning – Alia and Iris had their two mock battles in one day.

… But no need to talk about the fact that this caused them to be late for school.

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