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A young girl in a village without protection Volume 1 Let us start managing the land – Chapter 3

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This world is called Asgarl. 

Asgarl had a large temple in its center and 5 countries surround it. 

When children turn 6 years old, they are taken to pray at the temple and are bestowed with divine blessings in return.

The blessings are usually given by the four great spirits.

The Spirit of Fire-Salamander, the Spirit of Water-Undine, the Spirit of Wind-Sylph, and the Spirit of Earth-Gnome.

It’s rare to receive blessings from the Gods that stand above the spirits.

Amongst them, the Sun God Saul, the Moon God Mani do give their blessings more often.

It’s extremely rare to receive blessings from Gods other than those.

For example……..the God of Fertility Frey, the God of Wise Men Mimil, or the God of war Thur.

They rarely give blessings and only a few people in history have been recorded to have received their blessings.

It’s sometimes said that they don’t give their blessings to more than one person per generation.

Even the God of War who blessed Soratek has hardly given his blessings to a few kings in history.

Depending on the kind of blessings you receive, your attribute value will be enhanced.

If you receive blessings from the Spirit of Earth-Gnome then you’ll be more skilled as a gardener with work that involves the earth.

Keeping that in mind, people usually decide their future.

Basically, blessings are bestowed upon every person.

They should be bestowed upon every person……..

“I’m sure that there is no one else in this world other than me who hasn’t even received blessings from the spirits…………”

A mark appears somewhere on your body once you receive the blessings.

That’s how you confirm that you have received the blessings. 

For example, the back of the hand, abdomen, back, thighs, etc it could be anywhere.

Selesina thought that her mark might be in a place where it’s difficult to see so she scrutinized her entire body but she couldn’t find it.

It’s considered bad if one doesn’t receive blessings so I guess she was lucky that she wasn’t abandoned.

As soon as Selesina said that, Soratek was pursing his lips.

Soratek’s mark was at the back of the hand that holds the sword; the right hand. 

He looked at his mark and looked back at Selesina sadly.

“I didn’t choose you based on whether you had received blessings or not. I’ve always told you, haven’t I………..?”

“…….Yes. I do understand your kindness very well.”

“Then why……..!”

Why do you say something like that? Please don’t say something so lonely.

Soratek seemed to tell Selesina as he hugged her.

Selesina could hear her heart beating fast but she seemed to be calming down.

Right now he seems to really cherish me but soon affection will extend towards the Heroine.

Selesina didn’t say anything and Soratek let out a sigh.

“Even if you haven’t been blessed…….I’ll protect you so it’s fine.”


Hearing those words, Selesina looked up at Soratek.

She inclined her head and looked at him.

“Lord Soratek?”

“No, it’s nothing. Anyway Selesina, there is no reason for you to search for fiancé candidates.”

“But still…….”

“You’re my fiancée, so don’t do those kinds of things.”

After hearing Soratek’s words she paused.

‘That’s right, our engagement hasn’t been broken yet so it wouldn’t be good to do this.’

It wouldn’t be good if any kind of discontent or rumors spread through the country because of this and tarnish his image so she obediently apologized to him.

‘I’ll leave the search for a new fiancé after my engagement with Soratek is broken.’

Once Selesina nodded in agreement, Soratek let out a sigh.

But he hadn’t realized that the two of them were thinking of slightly different things.

After Soratek left, Selesina was thinking about the game and Soratek.

There were a lot of things that she needed to do but there wasn’t enough time.

Anyway, she was banned from searching for a new fiancé by her current fiancé – Soratek.

Even so, it was pretty difficult to find a fiancé candidate for Selesina.

“……….Who would marry a person like me who hasn’t received divine blessings.”

There wasn’t a good enough candidate in those documents [bio data and investigation reports] that Soratek confiscated from her today.

“What is going to happen to Lord Soratek and the heroine?”

The heroine was the Earls daughter and had received the blessings from the God of Fertility Frey. The mark is supposed to bring about good harvest and prosperity to the country, she was appropriate to be the Queen.

“………Well, it’s not like I can receive divine blessings even if I wish for it.”

She was prepared for her engagement to be broken but she didn’t want to live miserably after that.

In fact, she must become independent.

Obviously she didn’t have the free time to look for fiancé candidates if that was her way of thinking.

As long as she leaves Soratek to the heroine, they would certainly reach their happy ending.

That’s why………the first thing that she needed to do was to manage a territory in this game. After all, that is the main pleasure of this game.

But since Selesina didn’t have any territory under her name, the first thing that she needed to do was get a hold of some territory.

The prosperity of the territory depends on the divine blessings of the landlord, or so it is said.

Selesina’s father was blessed by the Sun God Saul, which is supposed to bring a stable climate and good harvest.

“Ah? What if something horrible happens if I get the territory…..”

It’s not surprising to think that a person without blessings like me would bring something like a drought, a huge tornado, or a demon invasion. She wouldn’t like that but she cannot leave things as they are either.

She suddenly thought of a good idea.

“I’ll borrow some land from father!”

By doing so, the land will still be blessed because it is owned by him. 

That’s a good idea she thought as she clapped her hand.

She didn’t want to bring inconvenience to the people of the territory anyway.

Selesina just wanted to live to her old age happily.

“It will be meaningless if I’m exiled though…….”

Well, even if we’re to be exiled, as long she had knowledge it should be fine. 

Hereafter she should try and learn various things that will be useful to her.

Even so, there was no way that her father would immediately agree to her borrowing some territory.

First, let’s sneak into his territory, Selesina thought.

She decided to go to the territory with her maid, Anna, in a carriage.

Selesina didn’t often leave her house as she was despised for not having blessings.

She would hate it if she were told something by another noble when she goes out……..

She would also hate it if her family was humiliated because she went out.

That’s why Anna was really shocked that she wanted to go out.

When she looked out of her window she saw several couples who seemed to be happily shopping.

‘ That’s right, going on a date would certainly bring them closer.’

As a noble, you really cannot freely visit the town. Even more so for the heroine……..who was supposed to have a weak constitution and therefore was taking treatment in the countryside. It wasn’t a grave illness so she was out shopping in the village.

In other words, they were supposed to have an incognito date.

The prince and the heroine, disguised with just a pair of glasses went to town.

It would be impossible normally but since this was a game, he was not found out.

‘Well, this is not the game so there is no way that something like that would………they’re there!!”

She saw the two of them (in a pair of glasses) leaving an ornament store.

Even if she could possibly mistake the heroine, there was no way that she wouldn’t be able to recognize Soratek.

It’s shocking to see that they’re on a date in such a poor disguise.

The heroine who was the Earl’s daughter has lovely peach-pink hair and yellow-green eyes.

In order to disguise, she was just wearing a simple yet elegant one piece and boots instead of a grand dress.

She was smiling happily next to Soratek, she really seems to like him.


What kind of reaction should I have here?

  1. Call out to them and ask what they’re doing.
  2. Ignoring Soratek’s disguise, enter the shop herself.
  3. Act as if she didn’t see them.

‘I’ll go with 3.’

Selesina acted as if she didn’t see them.

If she were to interfere with her and it leads to a bad ending with Soratek’s death then she wouldn’t be able to forgive herself.

“Isn’t that………Prince Soratek?”

Following Selesina’s line of sight, Anna recognized Soratek.

As expected, it’s a poor disguise. Selesina let out a sigh.

“Let’s not bother with it and go.”

She gave Anna a wry smile.

But Anna would not let this go so easily.

The lady was being neglected by her fiancé, even if she doesn’t call out to him here, she should quickly inform her father –the Marquis.

“It’s fine, so please don’t tell father.”

“But Lord Soratek’s fiancé is……….ah that was the reason for the bio data……”


It was a mistake to ask her for the bio data. I was the only one who knew that the engagement would be broken and the progression of this game. I once again requested her not to reveal anything to father.

Well, what she said is not wrong so I don’t affirm or deny it and just give a wry smile.

“I’m sure you’ve thought of something Lady Selesina so I won’t say anything. But please don’t keep things to yourself and discuss it. Master is also always worried about you……”

“Yes, thank you. I’ll certainly discuss it if something happens.”

For now, there will be many visits to the city and many preparations. She will also need more help, that’s when she should probably discuss it.

‘Even so, it’s not fun to see my fiancé with another.’

The possibility of Soratek being the heroine’s partner was high from the beginning. He is the main capture target of the game and the other 3 are considered to be sub-targets.

As I look ahead, I see the flower shop. It seems that Soratek wants to give her flowers and the clerk is making a bouquet. I also received several flowers from Soraktek. 

The clerk was earnestly making the bouquet.

Various colored Tulips, Gerbera, and some small white flowers. It was turning into a lovely bouquet.

She suddenly remembered that she only received bouquets with 1 flower – roses.

‘As expected, the bouquet that the heroine receives is special.’

Selesina also loved flowers and plants, that’s why she wanted various flowers and not only roses.

“I don’t really want to spy on their date. Please close the curtain.”


In addition, the Marquis’s carriage is extravagantly decorated so Soratek may possibly notice Selesina as well.

He hasn’t looked at her even once so it’s probably fine but it best to avoid being noticed by them.

“It will take a few hours to reach father’s territory so I want to rest.”

“I’ll make the preparations.”

“Thank you.”

Using a soft rug and a cushion, she hugged the cushion and adjusted it so that she doesn’t hit the carriage wall.

“Once we leave the city I may not be able to sleep due to the bumpy roads.”

“That true, since you don’t go out often you are not accustomed to the wobbling of the carriage.”

She added another pillow after saying that.

With this, it should be alright, Selesina thought as he closed her eyes.

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