The villainess that got pregnant with the crown prince’s child decided to run away – Chapter 53

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“I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I don’t know anything concerning that matter. I believe the crown prince, or perhaps Makoto may know something about it.”

“I see. Ok, thank you.”

As I thought, a maid wouldn’t really know anything about the current situation.

So, either Makoto or Lord Edward would know something about this, but am I even allowed to see them?

“May I see Lord Edward?”

“I apologize, but the crown prince is not in today.”

I asked if I could meet Lord Edward today, but unfortunately, I was told no.

Lord Edward was badly injured and had lost a lot of blood. Just where could he have gone in that condition?

“Do you know where he went?”

I asked.

“Those aren’t details that they would tell someone like me.”

She answers without a change in expression.

I don’t know if it’s because they really didn’t tell her, or if it’s because she’s unsure whether she should tell me or not. But either way, it seemed like it would be impossible to meet him today.

“I see. In that case, can I see Makoto?”

“Let me check for you.”

She politely bowed and left the room.

It seemed like Makoto wasn’t with Lord Edward but just somewhere in the royal palace.

Shortly after, I heard a knock on the door.

“I have brought Makoto.”

“Let her in please.”

The maid announces, she then opened the door for Makoto to enter.

Compared to the last time I saw her, Makoto seemed a bit more tired than usual.

“Please, sit.”

Looking closely, Makoto had bags under her eyes.

I asked her to sit on the sofa, and I sat on the one across her.

As soon as she sat on the sofa, she started staring at me intensely.

“Thank you very much for saving Lord Edward.”

“I don’t really know what happened. When Lord Edward looked like he was about to be struck down, everything just suddenly went blank. When I woke up, I was in this room.”

“I see. So, you used teleportation magic. That’s an ancient kind of magic that’s been lost for some time now. How come you can use it?

“You’re telling me I used teleportation magic? But I can barely use magic.”

Makoto was looking at me with doubt in her eyes.

I don’t really remember using something like ancient magic or anything.

Rather, the spells I have used up until now were spells that I haven’t used before. The only spell I have been able to cast was when I first used a healing spell when I met Lord Edward and that’s about it.

So, for her to say that I used ancient magic… I can’t even believe it myself.

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