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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 2 Female Assassin arc Chapter 44

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It’s been about a month since I moved to work at the [Fiore Academy].

I’ve gotten quite used to my lifestyle here too, where I move out of the Teacher’s Dormitory to do some exercise.

After that, I move towards the school building and confirm what my homeroom tasks are in the meeting prior.

And I would always announce the same in the homeroom class – 

(…Iris and Alia aren’t in class again, huh)

Alia isn’t so surprising, but Iris is an honor student. Still, she’s late rather often.

As the bell announcing that homeroom class had started was done ringing, you could hear footsteps of people running around in the hallways. 


“Just in time, huh”

Alia came in signing that she made it in time towards me, but I made her clear she was not.

Behind her was Iris, straightening her clothes and catching her breath.

“Oh.. sorry… We’re late”

“Training is important, but do be sure not to be late for homeroom either”

“Ah… Yes, we’re really sorry”

Iris seemed to be actually sorry about what she had done. She made her way to her chair. 

Alia was also moving to her chair, but with her ever so emotionless expression.

Just looking at them, they are truly polar opposites, but since they are always together they make a pretty good team.

– The class’ atmosphere turned normal again.

The fact that Iris was hunted down by assassins of course raised many eyebrows and had quite an impact too.

But on the other hand, Iris is as one of the [Big four arristocrats] always in such a danger.

How her classmates take in and act upon this information is up to them though.

“Today’s topic is going to be on the test. Magic and swordsmanship will also be part of that so please everyone, prepare for this well…

And also, don’t forget to actually attend class. Don’t slack off on your attendance”

“If we ask Alta, will he explain?”

“Don’t say Alta, it’s Mr. Schweiss, you know.”

This class – no, this whole academy has started calling me Alta, rather than Mr. Schweiss.

I don’t mind that they call out to me as if we’re all close with each other, but I am not really planning to let my students take a walk with me either (figurative speech).

It is often a topic that is spoken off within meetings.

Simply said, I don’t mind, but the academic board of executives does. 

If that’s all it should be fine you might think… But the grown-ups seem to have a different opinion about it.

“Well, if you come to my office after school then…”

But as I uttered these words I could feel Iris’ stare burning on to me.

Our training after school still takes place with a tight schedule.

And Iris isn’t about to have that time taken away from her. So she’s not really planning to have other students impede in that either.

Her expression made that very obvious.

Seems like she really wants to say something – But refrains from it, and that makes me want to laugh out loud.

(You really don’t change)

“And what I mean by that is that you can always come to me during homeroom, or after class to ask me anything”

“Yes, I will come to talk for sure!”

“Me too-“

“I’ll go too”

“Alright, I will wait for all of you”

Whereas most female students want to talk about personal matters, most of the male students seem to want to ask me about swordsmanship.

Though I am close with many of the female students, there doesn’t really seem to be any form of jealousy directed towards that behavior.

(Who would really be jealous of a child though…)

I looked outside.

From the classroom window, I noticed a large tree. The tree was blooming with pink colored leaves, which would soon fall. 

The next time we would see those leaves again was for when the new students of next year were entering the academy. On that very tree, I spotted a bird sitting on a branch.

It had blue feathers and had a scarf around its neck.

…It’s no doubt someone’s pet bird. It is a small magical creature called an [Ojiro].

They have the tendency to become attached to people quickly, so that’s why many people keep them as pets – And this Ojiro I knew all too well.

It is used by the [Black Wolves Knight Order] When they want to relay messages.

As I talked a bunch with my students during homeclass, a message from the knighthood soon came in for me.

(I have a bad feeling about this…)

When sudden messages like this arrive it gives me a very bad feeling because I have yet to receive a message like this with good news in it.

With that in mind, I have no choice but to answer the call of work.

As the creature came flying in as it did it could only mean that I would have to report to the headquarters as soon as school has ended.

“…But, I too have an errand when school ends today, so please, let us continue tomorrow”

“Whaaa—t. I thought I could ask you real quick today…”

Said the student that asked for my audience just now.

Iris too seemed flustered, but I really hope she isn’t being thrown about with her emotions right now.

Alia, who was sitting next to Iris, too looked outside and knew exactly what I saw.

It was Ojiro. She doesn’t seem like the type to care for this stuff, but did she understand that Ojiro is very rarely seen in the wild?

She then looked back at me and nodded slightly.

(…yea, yea, I know)

As I tried to not let anyone else notice I soon ended the homeroom class.

I soon made my way to Remyl, as soon as I got out of the academy.

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