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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 2 Female Assassin arc Chapter 45

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“Well, it’s quite something to actually show up on the day that you’ve been summoned.

I expected nothing less from my entrusted knight, Alta Schweiss. If you’d like we could also have a little date per-“

“Captain, your knights have been looking for you in regards to their paperwork…”

“Ahahah, yes that’s why I am hiding like this”

[The Black Wolves Knight Order]’s 7th storage – A place where very few people pass by. This is where Knight Captain Remyl Ein hid herself.

Though it is a Knight Captain’s job to go over the paperwork of their respective knight order, I immediately went over to the storage center, since this is her usual hiding place.

As I walked in she was kneeling and casually greeted me with a “Heyhey” as I approached, which is somewhat concerning with regards to a knight captain.

“Just show yourself to the people looking for you…”

“Why, you actually found me here, didn’t you?”

“Yes, because I know where you usually hide”

“I am proud to have such an amazing subordinate like you”

“Do you mean that aside from me you really don’t have that many excelling subordinates? 

Anyway, why did you call me over?” – I asked Remyl.

She went out of her way to actually summon me, so obviously it was going to be about work.

“Well. Can we just have some small talk first? How is your life at the academy going lately?”

“Life at the academy? Well, not that much is happening. The tests start soon, so the students are getting kind of nervous”

“Oh… Tests eh? Yes, that does require some concentration. How is lady Iris? She doesn’t need to worry that much I suppose?”

“Yes, she is quite a prodigy, really. Not just in the blade, but also in magic so tha- Wait, is this talk going to be about Iris again?”

“A-haha-ha. No… Would I do that? I mean, you’re still her escort, aren’t you?”

“I am… But… Wait, is someone hunting down Iris again?”

“No, that’s not the case”

“Oh, really?”

That put me at ease.

I was certain that I was called here to talk about something related to Iris again.

But now I am called here for something that doesn’t have to do with her, then?

“Originally it had something to do with the princess. Well, I should say that it is still relevant to her”

“Relevant to her?”

“Well, we shouldn’t talk about her yet though. But she is bound to be part of what will happen. You see, some people from the “Empire” will come here shortly”

“! The Empire you say?”

[The Falmea Empire] – A country that lies next to the kingdom, which we were at war with just 10 years ago. 

We are now at a truce and are supposed to have a good relationship… But that’s not really the case.

“It was planned a long time ago. The Kingdom and The Empire – We were actually supposed to have a good relationship as boarding countries… So that’s why a plan was made.

The plan was to have a festival together with the empire, and they’re now coming to see and check in regards to that… And we need someone to actually lead them around for that occasion”

“So if they send an aristocrat, we too have to let one guide them, you mean??”

“As expected, you caught on quickly. The Empire sent their Army’s Top – Rugal Bodel’s daughter, lady Eina Bodel to come and see. She might be accompanied by other aristocrats, but she’s the most important one”

“And the one that must be her guide is supposed to be Iris then?”

“There are others withing the [Four great houses], but Iris seems the most capable. The other one considered was the 2nd candidate, Lady Marshia Forman. We could also send both of them…”

“Anyway, if Iris is supposed to go to this event, then I have to be there too – That’s what this talk is about, right?”

“That’s correct”

As Iris’s escort – If anything, I have to be there to make sure that Iris is safe in case the people of the Empire are planning something it seems.

If Iris wouldn’t take this on herself, then I too would have no hands in this matter it seems.

(She might actually do it though…)

– Is all that I could think of.

It is very important for the future and relationship of both the kingdom and the empire that this actually takes place.

Aside from the fact that Iris is going to be the next King, she is also an aristocrat, and a knight of the kingdom, so strengthening the ties between the kingdom and the empire is actually an important feat.

As her escort I would definitely not let her go on a dangerous path as this one – But that is merely the thought pattern of a sole bodyguard.

“Well, since Iris is most likely going to do this, let’s talk about what we should do – What is wisdom in this situation?”

“Ah-haha, you too are a bit troubled, eh?”

“Well, if you realized that, maybe you could give me a raise?”

“You’re already getting paid more than plenty as the first knight in my order. Isn’t that enough? Or are you just obsessed with money?”

“The only thing that doesn’t bother me is money”

“Oh, is that so? There is nothing more important in the world for you than that?”

“.. what do you mean?”


“Captain! Is that really necessary right now?”

Then we heard a hard knock on the door.

Remyl started shaking heavily.

It seems she’s been found by her squadron.

“R-really, you only needed this little time to find me this time? You guys have grown”

“We understand it’s hard, but please do your job”

“Of course, after this. But then it still depends on when this ends”

“You might say so, but I don’t think you’ll be able to run away this time. After all, I am here too”

“Wha – Did you tell them I was hiding here…!?”

“Captain, I too know about something more important than money” – I said while laughing at Remyl.

“I am still one of your subordinates, so I too want a reliable captain at our top”

“A-ha-ha… I really found myself already quite the reliable captain though”

As Remyl said so, she kicked the ground. 

She managed to get up on the lockers within the storage room and carelessly made a hole in the roof.

“That being said, I leave Iris in your hands, once more!”

Remyl said, as she fled via the hole she just created.

I just don’t think that this structure links to the outside if you were to leave that way…

“I really don’t want to go after her though… Still, all the entrances and exits have been sealed, right?”

“First Knight, Alta Schweiss, thank you for your cooperation. By closing up the hole in the ceiling, we will have caught her like a mouse in a bag, right?”

Said a young girl that came through the front door of the storage room.

She really should be able to do her job, but she keeps running away like this a lot it seems.

Sure, being a knight captain is a busy job, I understand that very well, but this, in turn, seems also rather tiring.

But I am sure Remyl actually enjoys this. 

So our next job is with the Empire – I will return for now, and talk with Iris about what is about to happen.

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