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Chapter 91: The registration

Zhi Ling City, the Xi He street.

The sun had just risen and there were many people on the street. There were no street vendors today. Residents near Xi He Street had become accustomed to this day: once a year, Zhi Ling city was having a Great Soul Convention.

The Zhi Ling City’s Great Soul Convention had only one conditional restriction on the applicants: they should be School students. Although the Schools did not have mandatory rules for the age of students, most of them were young men and women under the age of 20.

A lot of people had come over last night, waiting for a whole night. For too many people, the Great Soul Convention could change their life path. Those who were obscured might become famous in the mainland; those who were despised might attract the attention. Become an official, make a fortune, become stronger… it all could be accomplished after the Great Soul Convention.

Only thing you needed to do was to win.

Competition would be terrific.

According to the Great Soul Convention, there could be only 50 participants, but there were thousands of people want to register!

There was no threshold, only identity. This easy registration condition allowed many junior college students to come and join in. But they should be aware that they could easily die!

Everything had been prepared. There was a basket with cards on the stage.

Each card had a unique number. After getting card, you could officially become a member of the Great Soul Conference. It would be a blast. Countdown had started. People were ready to fight, ready to rush, and ready to compete!

The registration team was on the stage as well. The time was still ticking, but someone said, “Let`s begin.”

The voice was not loud, but all the people could hear that.

The chaos had begun.

This was just the registration time, but students were outraging already! Many people started colliding and falling down. Someone was fighting, someone was pushing, but the people on the stage were calm and had no plan to maintain order.

Soon, an agile teenager leaped to the registration desk. He was the first one.

“I will sign up!” he said proudly.

He was waiting for one day and one night in front of the registration stage.

“Name, School, Faculty(is it even needed when it is not being used below),” one of the registration team members said.

“BANG!”-and the first guy flew away the stage. The other person had kicked him off. This guy was not tall, and was wearing a kung-fu wristbands. “Cang Kong School, Name is Zhao Gang” He answered the questions that were not directed to him.

“Okay, Cang Kong School, Zhao Gang,” one of the registration team member stated. The fact that the first student had been kicked away by this Zhao Gang was not bothering him at all.

“Two thousand nine hundred and twenty-one,” He said while writing down the numbers next to Zhao Gang`s name.

Zhao Gang took the card, flipped it back and saw the number 2921. “Why am I not the first number!?” He screamed.

“Who told you that you will be the first!? The registration person asked Zhao Gang. He gave him a really grimy look, but after a second, he looked at the person behind him and asked, “Name, School?”

“I CAME FIRST! I SHOULD BE THE FIRST NUMBER!” Zhao Gang screamed again. He was the most talented student in the whole Cang Kong School, the hope of the School. People knew him, and admired him. He should be number one. He should. . .


Cang Kong flew away from the stage. He was still thinking about how cool and great he was. He got his mind back only when he smashed the ground.

“The hell, are you?!” He screamed at the person that knocked him out.

And the person was the girl in a red dress.

“Zhai Feng School. Su Tang”.

While she was taking the card from the registration team member, she asked, “Can I register another person?”

“NO!” All of the members stated.

Su Tang smirked and walks down the stage.

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