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I am the Precious Daughter of the Greatest Villain in the Fantasy World – Chapter 1

Translator: Darling | Editor: Nebosuke

Somebody entered the room unexpectedly without notice.

It was a man with long red hair who appeared to be 190cm tall.


It was the first man who looked the most handsome in both the past life and current life.

He wasn’t only handsome.

He was voluptuous if he didn’t have cold and scary energy emanating from his body.

I was attracted to his face and once I regained consciousness, I saw the existence standing behind him.

Black hair, red lips, and white skin with a punctum on the right eye which gave off a mysterious feeling.

It was a kid whom one would call beautiful despite being young.

I opened my mouth like a fool as two handsome men appeared unexpectedly. 

‘Excuse me for saying this, but you are good-looking. Thanks to you, I feel refreshed.’

Ah, I wish I could speak.

I’m sorry, I just have been born for 100 days.


I was laughing and reached my hand out to the man.

At that moment, Nanny Seoryeong lowered her head too late.

“I’m encountering the leader who is the best of all creation and the upcoming leader who is the future of the Magyo.”

……Huh? What is this vocabulary that are normally used in Cults? What is Magyo?

The man observed my face and opened his mouth.


His chilly, deep voice continued to spill out from his red lips.

“I will name the child Cheonrihwa.”

Wait, who are you to name me without permission……

Hold on, Cheonrihwa?

“Ryeon, say hello to the child.”

“Yes, master.”

As the man gave an order, the kid behind him held my hand. Unlike the warm temperature, his facial expression was cold.

“Nice to…… meet you. I’m Akwuryeon.”

Hey man, if you are going to act out, do it properly.

I totally sense that you are superficially saying that……

Huh? Hold on. Who are you?

Akwuryeon? Did you just say Akwuryeon?

Then that man must be……

I saw the man with a fearing eye. Seoryeong hugged me and whispered quietly.

“Mistress, Cheonma finally gave you a name. Congratulations.”


Cheonrihwa, Akwuryeon, Cheonma.

At the next moment, there was only one thing I could do.


Until recently, I thought I was reincarnated to a rich family.

I thought I was born under a rich family from overseas because the clothing and the house interior looked unfamiliar. I never imagined to born inside a Chivalrous Novel.

Out of all, Magyo….. Cheonma’s daughter!


“Why are you constantly crying?”

It’s all because of you! You!

Don’t you see that I cry heavily when you come near? Even an animal can sense that.

Seoryeong hesitated as she couldn’t say it was due to Cheonma.


Cheonma’s voice became deeper.

“I asked you why the child is crying every day.”

So, don’t visit me every day! You are Cheonma! The final boss of Chivalrous Novel and leader of Magyo!

I’m sure you are busy being a villain and why are you coming so often!


As I cry more, Cheonma’s expression faded. He didn’t have a facial expression from the beginning.

Seoryeong mumbled while looking pale.

“I, I don’t know why…..”

“You are not sure? Aren’t you the nanny? And you are telling me you don’t know why…..”

As Cheonma’s silence lasted longer, Seoryeong’s body trembled.

She hit her forehead to the ground as she couldn’t stand the pressure.


“Please forgive me, leader! Please kill me!”

“I shall do so.”

Cheonma’s speech was plain but the message in his words was cruel.

‘It’s all because of you, and why are you killing the nanny?’

I was dumbfounded and stopped crying for a bit.

At that moment, Akwuryeon who was standing like a shadow stopped Cheonma. 

“Master, the Mistress may be surprised so I will handle her in a hidden space.”

What is wrong with him?…….

Actually, another reason I was crying was due to Akwuryeon.

That’s because he will be killing me by cutting my limbs off.


Cheonma raised his eyebrows and quietly accepted as he didn’t think of it.

“You have a point. Then, get her out of here…..”

“Waaah! Waah! Waaa.. Hiccup.”

Why are you killing Seoryeong! If you are going to kill, go and kill yourself! You common enemy in the Martial Arts world!

As I was annoyed, a hiccup came out at the same time.

Cheonma slightly tilted his head while looking at me as I was crying endlessly with my body moving up and down.

“It’s noisy.”

It was a soulless voice stating the mere fact.

That’s why I don’t understand why you are coming every day to observe a crying kid.

He wasn’t irritated or angry.

He just looked like a doll and I was confused if he was a human or a machine.

‘That’s why you are named as the heartless monster(senseless monster).’

Cheonma wasn’t a normal monster.

He had no morals, ethics and didn’t have standards on what was right or wrong.

He didn’t like or hate wicked acts.

He just did things because he had to and if necessary, he sometimes performed good deeds.

If he was a villain, he should consistently perform wicked acts.

The reason why he was chosen as a common enemy in the world of martial arts is that he is crazy person who goes back and forth!


Regardless if the kid cries as if his breath is running out, the bloody eyes which appeared bored stayed the same.

Seoryeong, who looked at me while feeling insecure, asked cautiously.

“If you allow me, may I comfort the mistress?

“Didn’t you fail to do so?”

It’s a problem which can be solved if you don’t visit me.

“I can stop the tears…. So, please allow me to comfort the mistress.”

Cheonma stepped back after staring at Seoryeong’s crown.

“I allow you.”

“Thank you!”

Seoryeong bowed many times and swiftly stood up to hug me.

“Beautiful mistress, what’s making you so sad? Don’t cry. When you cry, I feel very sad. My beautiful mistress, you will get your eyes swollen. Stop crying please.”

She comforted me with a calm and warm voice. 

She continued to kiss my forehead and wiped my tears.

Why wouldn’t I cry if the father is the common enemy in martial arts and the person next to him is a murderer who will kill me?

However, I stopped crying while burying my face in Seoryeong’s arms. I thought because if I cry more, it will be risky for Seoryeong.

“Go outside and wait for your order.”

Cheonma’s icy voice made me open my eyes big. Are you going to kill Seoryeong although I stopped crying?

It seems that Cheonma gave a chance to Seoryeong as he didn’t speak at all while watching me cry for ten days.

“Existence in life.”

Seoryeong seemed calm, although she was waiting for death.

She didn’t glare at me with a grudge but instead she was merely rubbing my back.

She was smiling and she gently moved her lips.

‘I wish you the best, Mistress.’

Even at the last moment, she wished for my happiness like a fool.

I firmly held her clothes with my small hands.


Seoryeong looked at Cheonma’s face while putting me on a mattress. 

“Mistress, let me go. I must leave.”

I strongly held onto her clothes. 


‘I know you will die if you leave here.’

Seoryeong, who was feeling awkward, couldn’t firmly let go of my hands and gently moved my hands. She is willing to get herself killed.

‘Gosh sis, are you stupid? You should use me as an excuse to survive!’

I had no choice but to shed my tears. 


“….. He’s crying again.”

Cheonma narrowed his eyebrows. Being stared at with red eyes, I felt goosebumps like a victim in front of a predator. 

Still, I couldn’t stop crying because that was the only weapon I had right now.

While I was crying, I approached my arm towards Seoryeong.

I cried so much that I have a hoarse throat and my voice sounded very pitiful. 


Seoryeong, who was regretfully shaking her legs, at last, put her fingers inside my fist.

“Ah, mistress! I’m sorry! I won’t do it again! Please hold on to it! Your tender skin may get hurt by rough clothing! Here, hold my fingers.”

I stopped crying as I held her thin fingers tightly.

Cheonma raised his crooked eyebrows.

“It seems like she doesn’t want to be separated with you.”

“I apologize…..”

Cheonma closely looked at my hand holding Seoryeong’s finger and looked at his hand all of sudden.

When the martial arts ability reaches the max, one transforms completely. It was a white hand without any scars which didn’t seem like someone who is doing martial arts. 

‘What is he doing?’

His sights looking at his own hand seemed to sink to the bottom.

‘I hope he is not thinking about who he should kill with that hand.’

I felt nervous to the extent that I wanted to poop. At that moment, Cheonma lowered his arm and turned his body. 

“Find why the child is crying.”

“….Existence in life.”

What? Why was he making such atmosphere? I was nervous!

If you are coming, I will continue to cry. So, don’t come here! 

Get away! Damn it!

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