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The villainess that got pregnant with the crown prince’s child decided to run away – Chapter 4

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

In the center of a gorgeous room, there was a crowd of people.

Wondering what was going on, I step towards the crowd. In the center of the crowd I see a certain person and I was taken aback.

“I misjudged you, Rachel. To think that you would be tormenting Makoto, our guest from another dimension behind their back…”

Proclaimed crown prince Edward, seemingly troubled. Not with his usual gentle face, but with an emotionless face that he shows when he’s really angry.

“I have done no such thing.”

“Are you trying to play innocent? Even though we have both evidence and witnesses?”

Is that… Me?

Surrounding the prince were 4 of his aides along with a person that looked exactly like me. For some reason, I was seeing this scene from a distance.

Exactly what’s going on here?

The scene continues on mercilessly despite how I felt about all of this.

“Lord Edward. Why do you refuse to believe me? Am I not your lordship’s bride?”

“Someone who pretends to be a good person is not fit to be my queen.”

“But…! This is all Makoto’s fault! Makoto was getting too close with the prince, more than it was necessary!”

The Rachel that I am seeing shouts while rustling her hair.

“I don’t want to hear your excuses. Especially from someone who was about to be my bride. You should just honorably admit your crimes.”

He replies with a cold voice, his eyes looking straight at me with a resentful glare. The surrounding 4 aides looked at me in the same way.

“Rachel, my engagement with you has been annulled. For your crimes of tormenting a wanderer from another dimension, you will be executed one month from now. Until then, I will have you in the underground prison.”

“That’s ridiculous! Why am I..?”

“It’s because you committed that heavy of a crime. Don’t think that you will die painlessly either.” 

“…Take her away.”

I fell down to my knees and started crying and shouting, completely forgetting my posture as a lady. Lord Edward signals the knights around him to take me to the prison with cold eyes. While sobbing, the knights forcefully lifted me up and dragged me to the prison.

“…What was that? Just who is this Makoto?”

I know about the wanderers from other dimensions. They are people that suddenly come to this country and bring prosperity to the country. Every once a while in a few decades, a wanderer from another dimension would come and bring many different kinds of prosperity to the country. As a result, the country would warmly receive and protect the wanderers from other dimensions.

And for me to oppress that kind of wanderer?

What does this mean?

And even though this should be the first time I should be seeing this kind of scene; I feel like I’ve seen this before…

But when…? Where…?

“….y …. Ray!”

Someone was calling out my name while tapping my shoulders lightly.

“Ray, wake up!”

I slowly opened my eyes and the person in front of me was Lord Edward.


I unconsciously let out a scared voice. I remembered the cold glare that lord Edward had just a while ago.

“Are you ok, Ray?”

Lord Edward looks at me with a worried expression. He takes my hands and gently kisses it.

“It seems like you were having a really bad nightmare. Did you have a scary dream?”

The Edward that is here right now is looking at me very kindly. His eyes were very warm. Who was that lord Edward from earlier…?

“Perhaps… I was dreaming?”

For a dream, it felt incredibly realistic… Just what was that…

“You were making noises all night. You must have seen a very scary dream. It’s all right Ray, I’m by your side after all.”

He says that while gently embracing me.

His warm body feels comforting. My body that stiffened from fear gradually relaxes.

“I saw a horrifying dream. It was a dream where you were leaving me and you took the hands of Makoto the wanderer from another dimension.”

That was a dream.

It was an incredibly realistic dream.

As I say that to lord Edward, his body stiffened a bit as if he was taken aback.

“Did I ever tell you the name of the wanderer from the other dimension?”


Does it mean that the wanderer from the other dimension that came this time is named Makoto?

Was that… Really a dream?

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