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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 5 Chapter 87

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 5 Chapter 87

Galle’s Chief Vasal is a peculiar person

I can’t escape because Ghilane keeps hugging my waist, so I continuously have to have a smile befitting a Countess.

“My, Your Majesty has a very cute fiancée. But isn’t she… a bit too young?”

Oh, well said! Rival County’s Retainer A-san. That’s right, I’m 10 years younger that Ghilane.

“There’s nothing to be worried about in that matter. Serafiona is certainly young, but… having her life been targeted so many times already, I can’t help but feel restless if she isn’t by my side. I was also feeling lonely without her. But anyway, there would no longer be anyone that has thoughts of hurting her.”

Ghilane’s eyes have a strange glint in it.

And my saviour left.

“Congratulations on your engagement, Your Majesty! But having the daughter of another country’s Earl for… umm, Your Majesty’s… is a little… She is definitely cute but, aren’t there princesses in our kingdom that would help bring more, stability…?”

Oh, well said! Rival County’s Retainer B-san. I will gladly receive your low evaluation as you appraised me from top to the bottom. That’s right, the bride of the head of a kingdom or empire must be a Princess or at the very least from a Duke or Marquis household. And it definitely can’t be one who is short and wearing casual clothes like I’m currently―!

“There’s nothing to be worried about in that matter. Serafiona is a Countess, but I believe she is the best in terms of lineage. Her maternal grandmother is the current head of Trundle, she is also very well-educated. Do you have anything else to say?”

“Hii! The guardian deity ofJudor!”

What’s with this ‘guardian deity’ thingy? And my saviour left once again.

“Congratulations on this occasion, Your Majesty. However… she is a very fickle-looking young lady… I wonder if a young lady from Galle might fit the position of the queen better? Let’s say that Your Majesty has left for the frontlines of a battle, will she be able to bring the country together?”

Oh, well said! Rival County’s Retainer C-san. Being a little girl from another country, the retainers won’t simply follow me.

“There’s nothing to be worried about in that matter. My Serafiona has no need to bother about matters like this. And if cases like you said really do come up, the ones responsible for the internal affairs of the empire can take care of things themselves. Also, why should I let the love of my life be annoyed by the affairs of Galle? And in the first place, I have no intention of letting others get close to her. She is only just for me.”

And my saviour left once again.

After going through the public humiliation for a while longer, Ghilane was called by Tabuchi-san and left. I could finally take a breather and went out on the balcony with a drink. Of course, Lu and Ash followed suit.

“Please explain the state of things a little bit, Ash.”

「You probably knew about this already, right? With the title of Ghilane’s fiancée, you can safely reveal your identity. Attacking Sera is the same as attacking Ghilane, and in turn Galle. You don’t have to hide as long as you’re by Ghilane’s side. You can also contact Granzeus. Although, it’s probably better to refrain from returning to Judor.」

「If the event here reached Judor, how will Schneider act? Will he send assassins to Galle too?」

「Galle is on high alert because of the state of unrest it was in recently. So there can’t be unfamiliar faces hidden there so easily.」

There will now be a transition from the static state we had been in to a dynamic one, me and my enemy.

“Nevertheless… Such an open announcement of engagement, won’t it cause quite a nuisance for Ghilane?”

「Sera, you are not a nuisance or anything of that sort to Ghilane. Ghilane made this declaration so he can openly welcome Sera. Cleaning up all the annoyances that came with it is our job. Don’t make such a face.」

“You’re right, Serafiona-sama. You probably won’t know how much of a trouble you caused for the empire.”

Suddenly, a man in Galle’s uniform, a little taller and older looking than me, declared thus.

“Eh, gokigen’you?”

“Good grief! Does His Majesty really go through such great pains just for someone like you?”

The handsome-looking guy stared down at me from above. Isn’t the number of good-looking men in Galle too high? Haaaa.


I asked Ash in a whisper.

「Ghilane’s adjutant.」


He glows blue.

Arthur (Deputy Lieutenant of Galle, Former Deputy of the First Prince, One Term Marquis, S-rank Adventurer)

Condition: fatigue, irritation

Skills: <Wind magic>, one-handed sword, axe

Well, he doesn’t seem like a bad guy, for now at least. But what is Ghilane thinking using the former deputy of the First Prince?

「Sera, I don’t think Ghilane gave any thoughts about it. Or rather, Ghilane isn’t interested in such trivial matters.」

“Nice to meet you, Arthur-sama. My name is Serafiona Granzeus. I am inexperienced and caused a lot of trouble for His Majesty Ghilane. I am truly sorry.”

“Such a detached land isn’t even necessary for Galle in the first place. What does His Majesty see in you that his eyes are so clouded?”

Hmm. So he is not Ghilane’s enemy, but neither is he an ally.

“Pardon me but, do you ever think that Ghilane’s eyes can be clouded in the first place?”

“Hah, how insolent of you to call His Majesty like that, little girl!”

He is not an ally, but he admires Ghilane as the head of the empire he is in?

“Ash, what’s the right way to react to this in a Galle-like way? Ignore him? Apologize? Or cry?”

「Knock him down!」

“Lu, be quiet!”

Suddenly, a middle-aged man with a stylish beard and gray hair came from behind Arthur.

「Sera, he is the Prime Minister of Galle. Don’t let your guard down around him.」

Indeed, he wears a good-looking suit instead of a military uniform, but on top of that, I can sense magic power from him.

“Huh, isn’t this the Western Beast-sama? My Majesty is truly amazing! There is nothing he overlooks. Arthur, get down on your knees!”

The man is kneeling. Not to me, probably to Lu and Ash. It seems this guy can see them.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Richard, Prime Minister of Galle. A very warm welcome to you Princess Serafiona, and congratulations on your engagement to His Majesty Ghilane.”


He glows blue.

Richard (Galle’s Prime Minister, Marquis, Military Officer, S-rank Adventurer)

Condition: good

Skills: <Fire magic>, <water magic>, <wind magic>, <earth magic>, tactics

His magical skills are perfect? He also has the tactician skills. Grandmother would be able to leave such matters to him were he by her side.

I lightly bend my waist. I’m not in a dress so it should be fine.

“Likewise. I look forward to working with you.”

“You Excellency! Please stand up! Why are you―?”

“This greenhorn! You can’t even detect the strength of the Princess when you won’t even be able to reach her feet!”

Well, my A rank is equivalent to the S rank of Arthur-kun. Or rather, is his evaluation based on Lu’s strength?

“There are a dime a dozen of someone with the same rank as the daughter of Earl Granzeus. And without the backing of Trundle, there is no point in this.”

Umm, Granzeus has their backing though!

「Fufu, Sera, go ahead and teach him him a lesson.」

「Ash, I think you have to be taught some disciplined as well!」

“That’s right… Princess, can you please show this hard-headed fool of a man?”


He brought a small table over.

<Classic hidden art ― tablecloth pull>?

Probably not.

Haaa… This again?

“Ready, GO――!”


Instant kill!!!

“No way……”

Mr. Arthur, who lost for the second time, cried and sank down on the floor, while still holding onto my hand.

“…………Hey, let go.”

Ghilane, who appeared so unexpectedly, slapped Arthur’s hand away.

“My my, Your Majesty, your wisdom is excellent as usual. When Your Majesty suddenly tried to get engaged with a young girl right after Your Majesty’s study abroad, I wondered what actually could have been going on… And now, with this, the empire will become a place where 2 of the Heavenly Divine Beast-samas will be residing in. It’s wonderful!”

It’s actually 3, with Miyu.

But I don’t feel comfortable being so explicitly given the treatment of one who is a weapon.

Lu instantly moved in front of me, aiming his killing intent towards Richard.


Richard kneels, being unable to bear the pressure pushing down on his body. But his eyes seemed to shine even then.


“Prime Minister, the Western Beast won’t be so lenient on any matters that could put Serafiona in danger. It would be best for you to remember that.”

“Yes, I understand.”

He smiles a huge grin.

I can’t take this.

“Sera, it’s done here. Let’s go back.”

I was held by Ghilane and we left the old castle with Lu and Ash in tow.

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