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The villainess that got pregnant with the crown prince’s child decided to run away – Chapter 5

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

“The wanderer that came from the other dimension this time around is a person called Makoto. Originally, Makoto went to a neighboring country but since two wanderers went there at the same time, one of them decided to come to our country instead.”

“I see… What kind of person is this Makoto?”

It’s the same as that dream. A person named Makoto who came from a different dimension. Perhaps that dream wasn’t just an ordinary dream?

“We haven’t met yet, but it seems the person is very intelligent. I’m looking forward to seeing how Makoto will help in developing our country.”


Lord Edward laughed happily as he spoke. I smile in response to his laugh but I still felt a bit uneasy.

“I wish I could stay here holding you like this forever Ray, but we should go and have our breakfast. Should I have our meals sent to our room today?”

“No, I’ll head to the dining hall.”

The crown prince gently asks. I’m sure the prince was just being considerate since I was having a nightmare. But there wasn’t anything wrong with me physically. I’m just a little anxious. But even then, it would be a burden to the maids to have our meals delivered to our rooms, so I decided to just tell him that I will go to the dining hall.

The prince laughed with a smile on his face after hearing the response.

“You don’t have to overdo it you know? Well then, let’s get changed and go to the dining hall then. May I help you get changed, my princess?”

“Eddie! Stop playing around! H-hey, don’t put your hands under my gown…”

Being called a princess all of a sudden made me feel a little bit ticklish inside and I couldn’t help but smile, shortly after he placed his hands under my gown to undress me.

Feeling flustered, I grab onto the prince’s hands.

“Ray… “

The prince’s longing glare combined with his heavy voice, I found myself unable to say anything.


As I found myself looking at the prince in the same way, he brings his face closer to mine. As if to match his timing, I slowly closed my eyes. I felt the moment his breath hit my lips.


He gave me a soft melting kiss and embraced me once again. The kiss gradually became more and more intense, I struggled a little bit and tapped the prince’s back with my hands and he finally separated his lips from mine.

“You’re so beautiful, Ray. I want to make love to you…”

“…We mustn’t.”

I pushed away from the prince with both of my hands as he tries to kiss me again. The prince lets go with a disappointed smile on his face.

“I guess I have to restrain myself until the kid is born. I wonder if I will be able to control myself… I mean my lovely Ray is right in front of me… But I guess you won’t mind a kiss, right?”

Hearing his sweet whispers, I could do nothing but just nod.

As soon as our meal was finished, the prince and I went on our separate ways. The crown prince had his royal duties after all. He asked me whether I would go to the royal office with him, but since I shouldn’t bother his duties, I turned down his offer and returned to our room.

“Uhm excuse me, I got lost, would you mind to point me in the right direction?”

The prince had offered to accompany me to our room, but I declined. While walking back towards the room, a voice reached out to me.

It was from a person that I have never seen before. She had black color hair and a small build. Her face was nicely featured, but for a girl, her hair was rather short. But it’s not impossible to mistaken her for a male either…

“Where would you like to go?”

The person responded with a happy smile.

“I was summoned to the royal prince’s office but… I’m a little lost.”

The person laughed while being slightly embarrassed, but the laughing face was very cute.

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