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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 5 Chapter 88

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 5 Chapter 88

Confronting His Majesty Ghilane ― part 2

Ghilane’s black horse stopped when we arrived at a rectangular building on a hill.

We entered a room that abundantly uses woods, giving it a cozy atmosphere. Ghilane sends the servants out, leaving only me and Mofumofu inside with him and Ash. I can see the overview of Tokyun city from the window.

“This place is?”

“Galle’s officials’ residential building. There are no decorations in the building since it was originally a fort.”

Hmm… I guess it might have been one of the places they were going to get rid of when Tokyun was going -bang- -boom- and all that…

“Ghilane, would you want some tea?”

“Can you please serve it?”

“They always make me feel a little calmer.”

I took out the tea utensils from my <magic room>, as usual, and used the best tea leaves.

…They are all things I had chosen carefully.

I used both <water magic> and <heating magic> to quickly boil the water, and I put in the tea leaves in the same manner Grandmother did.

Ghilane is sitting with his legs crossed on the sofa and watching me in amusement.

The tea will be served with apple cakes this time. This is made from the apple I picked most recently this year. I and Ghilane got 1/8ths each, while 3/8ths each are for Lu and Ash.

“Please, help yourselves!”

「Sera! You don’t have to serve these guys too, okay?」

「Sera, your skills have improved. So delicious. This would be the first time for Ghilane, right? Sera’s home-made cooking are delicious you know.」

Ghilane grabs a small slice of the cake and eats it.

Seeing the three of them vigorously stuffing their mouths, I felt relieved, held my cup up, and looked outside.

It’s getting dark, and the stars are twinkling.

“It’s not my first time.”


“I had eaten Sera’s home-made cooking before.”

When? I can’t think of when that might have happened.

“I ate the green cake. It looked scary, like it was a medicine, but when I ate it, it was bittersweet and delicious.”

“…The matcha cake!? It should be from Sasaki-san, right!?”

Well, he had already been working for Ghilane even earlier…

“He brought it to me since I had been neglecting my meals for a while. And I can’t not eat it since it was from you.”

Sasaki-san is a person who cares for Ghilane. That’s great.

“Then… why didn’t you let me know that the two of you have a connection sooner?”

“I can’t move. Ash hasn’t returned yet. And I couldn’t do anything. I don’t want you to have only a short-lived elation.”

“I would’ve been relieved simply being able to say in contact with Ghilane.”

“That would just be a short-lived elation as well. So what if we had been in contact? I can’t take you with me anyway, and you would’ve had to spend your days with just expectations.”

“That may be so…”

“I am an emperor. I do not make uncertain and irresponsible promises.”

But I was lonely, no, I had already decided to not say that out loud. Also, Ghilane was alone too at that time.

“…Is the cake today delicious?”

So I changed the topic.

“It’s delicious. I would’ve put them in my mouth anytime without even tasting for poison first.”

Here starts the formation of the Poisoning Victims Alliance…

“I want to eat a Sera’s cake every day.”

“I will make as much as you want, so don’t skip meals in future.”

「No way――!」


「This idiot! Read the mood!」

The mood relaxed thanks to the idiotic Mofumofu.

“Gillen, I’m sorry you have to declare that we are engaged just to get me out of Marshe.”

“……Do you dislike the thought of this engagement?”

“It’s not that I dislike it… I just felt sorry…”

“Sera, I had stated my thoughts during the day already.”


“If you can’t believe my feelings, that’s okay. You can just think of it this way, that you are using me to break out of the current predicament you are in.”

I believe in Ghilane’s feelings. They have been transmitted to me more than enough already. I have been aware of it since he entrusted me with his plate. But I can only shake my head.

“The issue lies with Sera’s feelings. If Sera is uncomfortable with this engagement, I will withdraw it immediately.”

“I would hate you to death if you do that!”

“If Sera would hate me, then I will protect Sera in ways other than the engagement getting involved in it.”

Do I hate Ghilane? Not really.

“I can wait 10 more years. Or if you dislike the idea, just tell me. I’ll give you up.”

He had already waited for me, and wanted me for 10 years. I find it hard to look at him in the eyes.

“Only Sera’s happiness matters to me. I’m not going to force Sera on anything. I’ll even disappear from your sight forever. I will let Ash be by Sera’s side.”

Ghilane never said words he didn’t mean.

…………Do I want Ghilane to disappear? From my sight forever? He is the only one who never lied to me from the previous life, so can I not believe in him?

“…No! No, no! Don’t go away! Don’t forsake me………”

I couldn’t help but run into Ghilane, and clung to his leg.

Ghilane had an unusually panicked look as his eyes opened wide. He put his hand on my head.

“Sera? You’re the only one for me. How could I ever forsake you?”

“You should’ve heard about me from Ash, right? When I was 17 years old, I was betrayed by everyone! Everyone I loved came to hate me!”

“I’ve heard, but I wasn’t one of those, right?”

“You weren’t, you weren’t, that’s why, if you are gone, I would not want to live anymore…”

My chest suddenly felt stuffy… Hyperventilation? Or something else? I put my hand on my chest.

“Uuu, fuuu, uu…”



Ghilane leans forward while seated on the sofa, he puts both his hands on both my sides and holds me tight.

I buried my face in his chest, and grabbed his clothes while breathing hard. Meanwhile, he gently stroked my back like he was handling a brittle object.

The room is completely dark by now, and I’m feeling more comfortable being in Ghilane’s embrace, and my breathing gradually got normal once again. The room is filled with the warm magic power coming from Ash, and as I kept inhaling it, I became even better.

Then Ghilane whispers in her ear.

“…Sera, it’s bad for my heart right now. It is I who can’t live without Sera. You are the only one who sees me as a human being. Only you felt the same pain I felt, and see the same scenery I do. Since Sera is willing to reveal this much to me, I guess you don’t hate me……? I believe in that.”

The trust from Ghilane feels painful because I’m such a coward… But I can no longer live with the misery that had always been there in my heart.

“Ghilane… My allegiance lies with you, both in the past life and the future now. But… I’m scared…”

Will he still love me as much in the future?

“I understand. I will never betray you. Time will settle your doubts. I’ll just wait till that time comes.”

I want to believe and stand next to Ghilane, and keep supporting him in future so that he would not be lonely. I wished to be there for Ghilane, no one else but me.

“Scaredy Cat Sera, will you be engaged with me?”

…I can’t stand it anymore, living a life where I could only stare at those I truly want to be with. I turned away from it before… saying that it was just a hopeless dream

Lu and Ash enter my sight.

Ludarilfina, like me, is staring right back at me with his sky-blue eyes. He is watching as I am gathering my courage to make a step forward.

I want to believe……

My eyes aligned with Ghilane’s, and I nodded a little.

I…… I love Ghilane.

Friendship love? Romantic love? Familial love? It doesn’t matter what kind of love I have for him.

I want to make this person even a little bit happier, that’s it.

Ghilane took out two rings with a stone that is deep-blue, like his eyes, from his pocket… I guess they are tanzanite…? He put one on my left ring finger. I can feel Ghilane’s magic power on the ring. Proof of marriage. I had been told about it a long time ago.

We each kissed the other’s ring.

“I love you.”

I confessed, just like in the previous life. I have no regrets, just like in the previous life.

I have been gnawing at my heart for a long time… But I’ve made my decision… I felt weak, so I’m leaning on Ghilane’s chest, and looking up at the sky. Ghilane wraps his arms around my lean body.

The stars filled the night sky.

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