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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 7

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

It wasn’t my first time. I was a teacher though.

So it isn’t that strange that I was assigned as this class’ homeroom and sword training class.

There weren’t any students that opposed me teaching their class anymore.

Especially since I also had to take care of other classes and it was somewhat necessary that all students saw what I am capable of as a swordsman.

That is to say, the same ordeal might occur again.

Well, I did win against their “Swordsman Princess”, so I expect that there is plenty of talk about that going around.

“So, on the very day of being enlisted at this school, you kicked the kaboodle out of your students?”

“Well, I am here as a teacher, so I am not really enlisted at this school, you see. And it’s not like I really kicked the scadoodle out of them.”

I just proved what I’m capable of.

At the academy’s entrance hall, it was Remyl I first met.

As he is the knight’s captain, he probably left his duties with a subordinate of his.

This guy is one busy bee.

“You came all the way here to hear this story from me? If you’d have asked I would’ve come to you, you know.”

“Hahahhaha. Checking up on my subordinates is also my job, you know.

“I had to skip class to be here.”

“Well, I still need to check up on you. So, did you fight with Princess Iris too, then?”

“Yea, she was the one who’s most opposed to my position after all.”

Iris Reinfell, I know she doesn’t think much of little ol’ me.

It must be quite hard for her to comprehend that someone who’s several years younger than her will be the one teaching her.

She has been taught by the 4 great aristocrats after all, so it must feel like an insult to her.

“Hmmm, well, how was she? The “Swordmaster Princess”?

“Well, it didn’t last long, but she really seems to surpass all the other students. It also seemed like she wouldn’t lose to anyone in the Knight’s order”

So, to be short, it doesn’t seem like she’d need a bodyguard. She is clearly the best amongst the students.”

“Well, if you say so, that should be enough. But you really think that she doesn’t need it?”

Remyl asked the same question, again.

Either way, he got what I wanted to say about the girl.

“Well, it all depends on what level you’re aiming for, captain.

It doesn’t just depend on what I have to say. Though if it were, I would say it is necessary.”

With this answer, it seemed that Remyl understood what I meant.

“I see. Seems like it was the right choice to leave it to you.”

“..Well, now that we are on the topic, you did say there was some suspicious stuff going about. Was your first question related to this?”

“Aah, yes, it was actually. To be frank, it seems like someone or something is after the princess.”

Remyl’s expression stiffened.

It seems like this conversation did have a serious turn after all.

“So she’s being sought after now? Is it because of her validity to be a candidate to the throne?

“That’s most likely it. There are other candidates for the succession, but as it seems now she is by far the best.

And because of that others are seeing her as a liability.”

“But if even the current king has deemed her the best successor, isn’t this treason?”

“Aa, yes, quite so. We’re still in the middle of inspection right now. But we are relaying all the information as it comes in.”

As he said that, Remyl stood up from his seat.

To be the princess’ bodyguard – It seems like an easy job for me, though it seems like there is more to the eye.


Though she was in the middle of a class, Iris couldn’t keep her concentration on the class very well.

She had her fist balled firmly.

Losing to him – To someone who’s not only smaller but also younger.

Though she knows it was because the time ran out. But it’s all because Alta was just biding out his time. 

But even when she and Alia would attack Alta at the same time, she didn’t get a vision of striking him. 

(There being someone that strong… )

Though she is called the “Swordmaster Princess”, Iris never stopped training to become stronger.

Ever since people started calling her that, she hadn’t lost once – Today was the very first day she met someone who’s stronger than herself.

(No, it’s not like I was going all out myself.)

You could say that the mock test wasn’t really where Alta and Iris went all out.

That being said, the next thing she’d want to know is his actual full power.

Completely obsessed with what his actual powers could be, Iris wasn’t really able to focus on any school-related stuff at hand.

And it was only the beginning of the year!

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