Chapter 3

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Look, it’s been 1 hour since then.  So bored.


Eyes open

I was starting to get discouraged so I was really surprised. The old man had regained consciousness.

Without making any sounds I silently moved to about 2 meters away from the old man.

Shifting the sword to my other hand, I held it behind my waist so that the old man wouldn’t be able to see it.

“The sky?….hn?”

The old man, instead of waking up, turned to his side as if to go back to sleep, and thus he met my eyes.

“………Who might you be?”

That’s my line, isn’t it?

Moreover, please don’t stare at me like that.

Will I be killed if I’m disliked? My hand that is holding the sword is sweating profusely.

“Haaa…..I am Kitamizato Takeo.”

“Hooo, what a weird name……I am Elliot Henry Elvis.”

When the old man introduced himself, it seemed like his eyes became very sharp for a moment? Everything is so confusing so even if it did happen, what can I really do.

“Um… it alright if I call you Mr. Elvis?”

“Hmmm……that’s alright. By the way, why am I covered in leaves?

“What is the last thing you remember?”

“……I was riding my horse through the forest when suddenly my horse jumped and I was off onto the slope……”

From his expression, it seems like he doesn’t remember anything after that. 

That means when he came out of the bushes he was unconscious!? Dangerous!!!

“I see. I was standing right here when Mr. Elvis came out of those bushes and collapsed.”

As I looked towards the bushes through which he came out, Mr. Elvis followed my line of sight.

“And the reason for these leaves?”

“Yes, I covered you with those so that you wouldn’t be too cold. There is a cold breeze blowing.”

“I see. Actually these are quite warm.”

Rustle The old seems to be enjoying the warmth.

What is this old man doing? He looks like a huge beetle from the side.

After the weird old man enjoyed the warmth of the leaves for another 10 minutes he said.

“The warmth from these leaves feels very good but I think it’s about time for me to go home. By now, my family is probably worried about me.”

“Then I’ll return the sword that I was taking care of.”

I returned the sword that I was holding behind my back to the old man with the handle facing him.

“Hmm. I gave you quite a bit of trouble…….Ahhh.”

It seems it’s painful for him to get up.

How should I explain this? The old man is on all fours and trembling.

It really isn’t cute when an old man is doing this.

“Somehow I’ve twisted my foot. I cannot stand up.”

Please don’t look at me with those watery eyes.

As I said, it isn’t cute.

“Won’t someone help me back home?”

Won’t it be good if there was such a kind man out there?

Even if you make such a direct request, it still isn’t cute.

Meanwhile, Takeo was standing on one knee listening with a straight face.

“Haaaa……..Understood. I’ll take you back home.”

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