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Master of Science and Technology – Chapter 14

Translator: Darling | Editor: Nebosuke

After listening to Elder Mo, Ye Zan turned back and asked curiously, “Do we have such talented disciples in Yuqing Zong?”

    “Well, come with me.” He went to the side, pushed open the door, and walked out.

    No matter how magnificent the Yuqing Sect was ten thousand years ago, the Yu Qing Sect was now so dismal. Countless Yu Qing disciples wanted to regain the glory from the past. However, whether the Yu Qing Sect could regain glory depended not only on the efforts of the disciples but also on the attitude of the other Sects.

Although the war led to the decline of the Yu Qing Sect, the attacks on the Yu Qing Sect from the other Sects also accelerated the fall of the Yu Qing Sect.

Once there was a genius in Yu Qing Sect, the other Sects made all their efforts to destroy these geniuses. Although the Yu Qing Sect had now fallen into third-rate ranks, the other Sects did not dare to take it lightly. However, any rising signs would be nipped in the bud. This was a disciple who had been ruined by other Sects.

“It’s him?”

Ye Zan saw a miserable person with no legs, no arms, and no eyes. It was said that his ears were also deaf. Who else could be more miserable than this man? Even the dead were probably happier than him.

  “Alas,” Elder Mo sighed, looking at the man with a complex expression, and said sadly, “Yes, he is my disciple, and he was once the hope of the Yu Qing Sect. But my master is useless, and I wasn’t able to protect him…… “

    This man was called Qi Qianjun, and he joined the Yu Qing Sect thirty years ago. A first-class Buddhist a disciple was rare, even for one century. At that time, the old masters of the Yu Qing Sect were so excited, and Elder Mo made an exception to receive him as an apprentice, and the entire Sect protected him like a baby.

    Qi Qianjun also lived up to the expectations, perfecting the foundation and achieving flawless Taoism, which could be regarded as the pride of heaven. Although qualifications could not determine everything, having good qualifications undoubtedly meant that the path of monasticism was much smoother than others. It was a pity that no matter how much Yu Qing Sect cared about this disciple, Qi Qianjun would always go down the mountain to practice. So, Qi Qianjun was carried back with a very ordinary experience.

    Nobody knew who attacked Qi Qianjun. The Yu Qing Sect had too many enemies and they all didn’t want to see the glory of Yu Qing Sect.

     Now Qi Qianjun was just a poor man living in a remote bamboo forest, and he was taken care of by only two man-made grassmen with magic. Out of the entire Yu Qing Sect, except for Mo Rushi and the other old masters, few people remembered his name.

   Mo Rushi brought Ye Zan here. One reason was that Qi Qianjun’s condition met Ye Zan’s requirements, but another reason was for Qi Qianjun himself.

    “Grand Uncle, please help me rescue Qianjun. If he can get the help of the Great Master of Xuanyuan…” When it came to this, Mo Rushi’s face was sad and extremely solemn. He knelt down to Ye Zan.

   Even if Qi Qianjun lost his qualities after that, it would be better to live than to die now.

 He usually did not care about his age when he spoke and did things, but seeing the old man of such an age kneeling down, he still got shocked. Ye Zan certainly sympathized with Qi Qianjun, but he didn’t feel that much. After all, he was not Qi Qianjun himself.

    “Old Mo, what are you doing? Get up quickly.” Ye Zan quickly jumped aside.

    “Grand Uncle, do you agree?” Mo Rushi showed a trace of joy and expectation.

    But who would’ve thought that as he just stood up, he would hear Ye Zan lightly say: “This little thing is not worth disturbing the Great Master.”

    As soon as Mo Rushi heard this, he immediately knelt down again, and even begged, “Grand Uncle, Qianjun is my disciple, but he ended up like this……”

    “Hey, get up, it’s just a small case. I don’t need the Great Master to help.” Thinking that he was misunderstood by Mo Rushi again, Ye Zan was really annoyed.

    “Okay, I don’t have time to explain too much to you. Give him to me, and you will get a lively genius disciple a month later. If you believe me, tell him to listen to my arrangements. If you don’t believe it, I’ll leave after taking his blood,” Ye Zan said straightforwardly. It was a piece of cake to clone a brand-new body with the power of technology. As for whether Elder Mo believed it or not, Ye Zan was too lazy to explain it.

    “You mean, you can save Qianjun?” Elder Mo looked at Ye Zan incredulously. Although he made the ultimate pills before, the medicine field of Alchemy Tang also changed significantly recently. After all, it was completely different from reshaping the body. Reshaping the flesh was already close to creation. Ye Zan was just a practitioner who just started to practice Qi. It was impossible for him to save Qianjun.

   However, Mo Rushi still hoped that Ye Zan could save Qi Qianjun’s life. Thinking of this, Mo Rushi dared not hesitate, and walked straight to Qi Qianjun’s bed and touched his forehead gently.

    After a while, Mo Rushi withdrew his hand and sighed again. He turned to Ye Zan and said, “Grand Uncle, please take a look at my disciple. I don’t want to let him suffer too much torture.”

    Ye Zan said expressionly: “It has nothing to do with you. Go out and wait for a while, and don’t peep.”

    Elder Mo walked out of the bamboo house slowly, while Ye Zan directly opened the door of the other dimension, and the two robots ran out to carry Qi Qianjun in.

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