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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 6 Chapter 89

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 6 Chapter 89

Arrived at Galle

The day following the signing ceremony, Lu and I left Marshe in a hurry, following Ghilane’s return to Galle.

I didn’t have the time to spare to talk to Tabuchi-san, Yamada-kun, and Yoko-san, but I’m sure Tabuchi-san will explain it to them. Once things calmed down a bit, I will have to write a letter.

We set sail from the harbor of Marshe to the Selt continent with Galle’s huge military ships.

Is stormy weather coming up? Spending many days in such condition will cause seasickness en masse!

「Sera, you should make a request to Miyu in cases like these!」

“Miyu-tan―! Please! Calm the sea! The sails are going to break!”


The sea instantly turned calm despie black clouds still hovering over us.

「It’s definitely Miyu.」

“As expected of the East Sea’s Ruler!”

“Hohou, Serafiona-sama can even control the weather! Yes, It’s a pleasant surprise.”

Turning around, I saw Richard with a huge grin on his face, and behind him are a couple of Galle’s ministers looking at me with a blue face.

“The monster’s bride is also a monster?”

My ears picked up such words amidst the murmurs.

Monster. I was called that in the previous life as well.

Lu grunts and tries to hop off my shoulder.

“Lu, it’s fine. Being able to leave together with Ghilane is good enough already.”

“Oi! Fio! Ah! I mean, Princess! His Majesty is calling!”

Sasaki-san is waving from the cabin.

I went there making long strides.

The Galle Empire is located towards the south of the Selt continent. We arrived at a huge port-city located around the southeastern part of the continent after about two weeks since leaving Marshe. The Judor Kingdom is located in the central western part of this continent as well. They are border countries.

I returned for the first time in about two years.

Welcome back, dear me.

Eventually, I decided to stay in Galle until I receive more concrete information about Judor.

I was a mercenary of Ghilane in the previous life, and the fiancée of Ghilane in the present.

Is this another divergence form the scenario? Or it won’t affect the scenario much?

In the previous life, Lu had already left, and I was alone in a tiny barrack. Other than when I participated in the war, I just sat on the bed, staring at the wall, but my heart was already numb to everything so I didn’t even feel lonely.

I only talked to Ghilane, and such talks will only be about information on Judor and the state of the war.

In this world, I am at a villa located a little farther away from the Imperial Palace where Ghilane lives. Ghilane prepared a room for me in the Imperial Palace, but I declined since I felt that it was just troublesome. The place I settled down in had been deserted for a while, but the air felt clearer than other places thanks to Lu’s presence.

Being the old and damaged place it is, I would also not receive the jealousy of Galle’s nobles. Ghilane appoints Sasaki-san as my escort, and Ash would also come every day to receive snacks. Prime Minister Richard suggests that I have a female officer by my side, but I couldn’t accept it since she would be a stranger, so I adamantly refused. The prime minister laughed lightly and left.

Galle has a warmer climate than Judor. It quite easily happened that time passed by quickly without me knowing. The cool air blowing through the window is really nice. It’s the hot summer season right now by the way!

At the seemingly deserted imperial villa, Lu and I would hide ourselves and collect materials. I also receive lessons on <fire magic> from Ash, cook with the ingredients bought by Sasaki-san, and at night, Ghilane will join us too.

“…Sera, what is this blue muddy-looking liquid?”

“It is a nutritious tonic made from the <morimori grass> I picked from the forest, and mushroom and banana that can help fight against poison. It’s called a smoothie. If you drink this, your panda eyes will surely get better! I made it carefully. Though, I haven’t tasted it yet!”


「Ghilane, it’s your dear fiancée’s love. Good luck!」

「Ghilane, you have a liability as the fiancé. Do not leave a drop!」

“Hmm? Lu and Ash want it too? Here! Go ahead!”


“Oh, Sasaki-san too? Here!”


Anyway, if Ghilane’s panda eyes won’t get better with this, I can use the <kiss> to suck it away, like I did with Papa. I tried to do it by touching it with my fingers, but maybe the magic was already completed with a kiss? I couldn’t change it……

I’m, I’m a little embarrassed, but I can’t back down here. I can’t let Ghilane die from overwork!

“How is it? Are the straining feelings in your eyes gone?”

“…Umm. Here’s a return gift.”

Saying that, he gave me a strong hug and Ghilane’s magic power filled my entire body. I feel like I’m getting addicted to this coffee-like taste.
(T/N: Sera said Ghilane’s magic feel like coffee in chapter 22)

「Hmm, it’s a <marking>.」


「If Sera have this, Ghilane will be able to know where you are how you’re doing even when Ghilane can’t reach you.」

“Hmm, I can also be attacked in the forest?”

「I’m sorry, Galle is wide. There are also idiots who are beyond saving here.」

Frequently receiving magic power from Ghilane and Ash, I can feel the level of my magic power rising.

I feel that I am protected as much as I had been in Judor, I’m a bit embarrassed.

“An engagement party you say?”

“Yes, the engagement of His Majesty the Emperor is a great event for the country. If we don’t have this, we will be made fun of by other countries. What I mean is that if we don’t do anything special, they will wonder if you really are Serafiona-sama, the Countess. Do you understand?”

Richard, who came to visit the Imperial Villa, has a wide smile while drinking tea. He doesn’t seem to worry that it might be poisoned.

“Ghilane’s reforms of Galle are still underway. Won’t it be better to not divert the country’s treasury on matters like this?”

“Please don’t worry about money matters. If we do it well, economic activity will increase, leading to a huge profit.”

“Isn’t Ghilane not keen on formality in the first place? He hates currying up others too? What are the chances he won’t hurt the guests instead?”

“It rests on the skills of Serafiona-sama who stood next to His Majesty. Both the rise and fall of His Majesty’s reputation rests on your shoulders.”

-guh-! This guy!

“Ghilane! What’s your opinion on this, Ghilane?”

I called out to Ghilane who is looking at papers by my side.

“It doesn’t need to be done if my Sera doesn’t want it.”

“Your Majesty, Serafiona-sama is still just a phantom Princess among many of the retainers. If the Princess’ grandeur isn’t shown off, won’t the insects start to show up once again, Your Majesty? The reverse is also true. I wonder if it would be better to show off Serafiona-sama value in an official event? They won’t be able to say anything more after witnessing the Princess’ abilities.”

“Hey, Richard, haven’t I already told you about that before?”


He really smells fishy.

I guess he thinks that I’m only an add-on to Lu.

“Or, Your Majesty can get married right away and skip the engagement announcement altogether? Shall I make an announcement for the wedding?”

“Put off topics on marriage for the moment. You can’t just force a woman into something like that. Don’t do it.”

Ghilane had said that he would wait until I’m 17-year-old, when I was condemned…… and probably till I’m 18-year-old, when I passed away. Or until my fight with His Highness Schneider and Maribelle are over. He wants me to see that he won’t betray me no matter what.


I want to become stronger.

And regarding the engagement announcement, it would have to be done eventually.

I’m a bona fide hikikomori with little to no social life, and Ghilane doesn’t seem to be doing very good on that topic either.

What a couple we are…… And should the need arise…… We can just force them down with our power, right!? Ohoho!

I’m muscle-brained indeed!!!

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