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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 6 Chapter 90

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 6 Chapter 90

Announcing the Engagement

“Sasaki-san, can you tie my hair?”

“…Fio, spies don’t have training for hairdressing.”


「Sera… I’ve lived for a long time, but this is the first time a Sacred Beast has been asked for hairdressing.」

“I’m stumped!”

「Sera! Why aren’t you asking me to do it?」

“Because of your paws.”


“Hey, Fio, that’s being disrespectful to Sacred Beast-sama…”

Sasaki-san still calls me Fio when Ghilane isn’t there. After desperately learning how to operate magic power, after he felt that his life in this imperial villa is uncomfortable without it, he is now able to see Lu and Ash.

I have to be dressed up as best possible in this engagement announcement so as to not embarrass Ghilane. I unfortunately don’t have time to make a dress, but I fortunately have dresses in my <magic room>, long-sleeved ones, which I had received from Grandmother.

The dresses were meant to be combat dresses, those meant to be used in case of emergencies. I only recently understand what Grandmother truly meant when she said such things back then. Anyway, I’m very thankful. The hem is made in such a way that I would be able to easily rework them in anticipation of my growth. This design may not be what’s trendy here, I’m in a different country after all, and I might stick out like a sore thumb, but I really couldn’t care less. I’m going to wear it anyway.

I had training on how to do my makeup and hairdressing, but I currently only have short hair. It only reaches my shoulders. It’s neither long enough to tie nor knit. I thought I would be able to ask someone for it… but there’s no one that can do that here.

「How about calling Eris?」

“I can’t call a saintess to do my hairdressing. Also, Eris-san is a knight in the first place, so it would be awkward of me to ask her for that.”

「But aren’t you friends?」

“We’re friends.”

「It cannot be helped then.」

The mofu-sized Ash grew big and bright, then it pulled out a feather from its rainbow-coloured tail.

「Wrap this around that messy hair of yours.」


“The feather of Sacred Beast-sama is at the level of a national treasure!”

「Really? But they shed and regrow every day?」

“Ash… I’m grateful but… most people won’t even see it, right?”

「That’s right… In that case… Here. Fixed! It can now be see be those with <no magic> as well.」

With both my hands stretched out, I received the offered fantasy-item-like feather of this world, and as I made eye contact with Sasaki-san,

“Fio… You don’t have to feel reluctant after having gone this far. You should definitely wear it! It would definitely stand out!”

「It would also signify that Sera is under my protection. So, two birds with one stone.」

「Sera, use my fur too!」

Where? Like Ash’s? Lu is having a strange sense of rivalry.

Haaa, to wear such amazing items on my plain black hair… I feel uneasy somehow…

I stood at the door leading to the audience hall of the Imperial Palace erected at the center of Galle’s capital, Galea, and waited there. The venue will be filled with the influential nobles of Galle. I will be entering last. To think I will be jumping into a place like that. Ghilane is also waiting on his throne.

「Sera, will you be doing well? Will you be fine?」

Normally, a male relative of mine would escort me, lead me in, and head to Ghilane. It should’ve been my father.

But anyway, this engagement, albeit the irregular one it is, is done in all seriousness. It will be the first and last engagement of my life. If this engagement is gone… Then so will I.

Not having my family members with me today is… painful. But I am well aware that there is not much else I can do about it.

Will Father allow this engagement? Does Grandmother give Ghilane a passing grade?

-kon- -kon- I heard a knocking sound and Arthur came near me. Arthur will now be escorting me in place of my relatives. Regarding Arthur, he is a Marquis, and there is no issue with the fact that he is the one escorting me.

Arthur takes a quick glance at me and gasps. Then, he just stood there while his eyes wandered about me, never coming closer. He eventually said,

“You somehow don’t seem to be doing fine. What happened?”

Where did his rude attitude from last time go? Does losing so devastatingly at arm-wrestling cause this?

“It’s nothing. I’m just a bit homesick.”

I made a weak smile as I just kept thinking about my family.

“…Is it uncomfortable at the imperial villa?”

“That’s not it! I’m very grateful to everyone. And, thank you for being my escort today. I’ll be troubling you this time, but please take care of me.”


I gently place a hand on Arthur’s offered arm.

“Arthur-sama, perchance, is there anything wrong with my dress? I haven’t had the opportunity to learn how to make a Galle-styled one.”

“No… There’s no problem. There will be no one imposing on you today. Truly, especially in Marshe, as you are now… haaa…”


“It’s nothing. His Majesty is waiting.”

Arthur’s military uniform is dark blue, a ceremonial one, with golden moldings, and shiny medals on his chest.

On the other hand, the dress I’m wearing is light-blue, like Lu’s eyes. The skirt part does not bulge out, so it is neatly lined. The delicate embroideries of Madam Marcus on the wrists, neck, and the hem, which were navy-blue in color, are changed to a brilliant light-blue to my liking, giving a soothing feeling to the onlookers. I am 16 years old now, so I think I have to wear such dresses more.

“Arthur-sama, it seems like our clothes today just matched each other.”

“…That… could be bad… I think…”

Grandmother had given me some ornaments too, but in the end, I only wore the platinum chain of the plates, the golden ring from Alma-chan, and Ghilane’s engagement ring.
(T/N: The golden ring mentioned in Chapter 56)

My short hair is tied to the back, and my neckline is carefully hidden with Ash’s tail feather. It glows red, blue, or green depending on the angle.

I even feel like I’m just an add-on to this feather…

Lu is next to me on the side opposite Arthur, and Sasaki-san is behind us.

“Are you ready? Shall we go?”


“Hailing from the Judor Kingdom, Young Lady Serafiona, Countess of Granzeus!”

The place immediately starts buzzing.

“…the Twilight Fairy from the rumors…”

“…the ultimate weapon of Trundle’s Demon…”

“…why is a little girl from Judor and His Majesty…!”

“…Kyuu! Arthur-sama! You shouldn’t be escorting something so low-classed like that!”

“…Oh, oii, her hair! No way, our Sacred Bird-sama’s…!”

Ah, I am recalling old memories.

I was the only one here in the previous life, I was made a spectacle, kneeling in front of His Majesty, and making an oath to go under him. Meanwhile, all sorts of curses and swears were pouring down on me from the gallery.

But compared to that time… how much better I feel right now?

After all, Lu is beside me. Sasaki-san is also accompanying me with an easy-going look on his face. Arthur is also helping me go through the event.

We stopped right before the throne. Ghilane has one elbow on the throne with the brilliantly shining Ash on his shoulder.

Since my father isn’t with me, I have to greet and speak on my own, so I’m a bit worried that I won’t act befitting of a noble’s daughter. But it’s alright. In my previous life, I respect myself for working hard all on my own, and I’ll imitate that once again.

Having walked me to Ghilane, Arthur stopped and tried to get down on his knees, but I didn’t stop. Arthur had a look of astonishment in his eyes and stepped back. The surroundings are noisy. Ghilane’s brows are raised.

Then, I knelt at Ghilane’s foot, following the etiquette of a knight.

“I am Serafiona Granzeus. I promise to remain loyal to His Majesty Ghilane and to be His Majesty’s shield until my life ends. And ever should this body decay, my soul shall be by your side to serve you. I greet His Majesty the Emperor.”

I said what I wanted to say. The place is completely silent, but that’s probably because what I said wasn’t something a woman should be saying, so they are surprised.

But that is my true feeling from the bottom of my heart. I will never betray Ghilane. I expressed my resolve in front of the audience.

Just as Ghilane protects me, I will protect Ghilane!


All of a sudden, ten flaming knives flew from behind the throne. I instantly acted and pulled out the daggers from the sleeves of both my wrists, stood in front of Ghilane and parried everything, individually putting out the fire. Just shooting them with water will flood the venue.

-clap- -clap- -clap- -clap-

“Well done!”

Prime Minister Richard, dressed in ceremonial clothes, came out from the side with applause.

So it was him!? My shoulder instantly loses tension.

“Such bad taste.”

「Good grief.」

As I kept staring at him, Richard smiles and kneels in front of me!

I swallow the words I was about to say.

“Welcome to Galle, Twilight Princess-sama, for the engagement. One again, I renewed my pledge of loyalty to His Majesty The Emperor and this unparalleled Princess.”

After Richard… for some reason, Sasaki-san next to me kneels and hangs his head down. Soon, Arthur followed suit. Following Richard, one after another, military personnel who are clearly high ranked, civilians, and nobles who have no idea what is going on, are also kneeling.

We are dancing in the palm of Richard’s hands. He is using this chance to flip Galle’s nobility over. I sighed and returned the daggers.

Suddenly, both of Ghilane’s hands wrapped around me from behind.

“…Richard, I will kill you if I point your blade at Serafiona.”

“As you wish.”

“I declare Serafiona Granzeus as my fiancée. In future, anyone who harms Serafiona is harming me. I will not forgive such acts. If there is anyone who is more fitted to be my Princess, step forward.”

Everything seems calm as the still waters.

Ash spreads its wings and jumps from Ghilane shoulder to mine.


Everyone here should be able to see and notice that Ash’s tail and the ornament on my hair are the same. They froze.

「Sera, I’m handsome too. Would you like to leave Ghilane and come with me instead?」

“Fluffy, you’re just throwing a fit now aren’t you?”

「Oi, you’re attracting too much attention. You’re doing it on purpose aren’t you?」



Music starts to play.

Ghilane takes my hand and we move to the center of the hall.

It is customary for the Emperor to dance first.

This is my second dance with Ghilane. After seeing that we were dancing to the song, one after another, nobles started to join us to dance.

“Ghilane, your steps are very loud… Are you mad at something?”

Ghilane’s eyes sparkled like he is having fun. It’s quite the unusual look for him.

“No at all. Sera simply goes way above my expectations. My heart feels like it is floating because of Sera. Sera is truly a treasure.”

He whispered close to my face, took my plate out, and kissed it. My face turns red.

“…Oh, oi… That plate…”

“…What absurdity…”

“…The strength shown earlier was genuine…”

“…No…… it doesn’t add up…”

The gallery around us is quite loud, but I can only hear my heartbeats.

「They’re so cute.」

「…I’m hungry.」

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