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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 6 Chapter 91

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 6 Chapter 91

Sympathy Call to the Orphanage

After the engagement was announced, I had received many reports and visits. The gifts I received arrived by carts or wagons. I wonder if this is what idols feel like in Valentine Days in my previous life.

Most of them seemed to be jewelry, and I gave quick glances at them. I will carefully look through them later, it would be troublesome if there is poison in them. I would always confirm with Sasaki-san and his colleagues on whether to accept them or reject them, and if they cannot be returned, they will be donated to an orphanage.

I don’t go out of my way to meet anyone. It’s bothersome after all. And Ghilane said that it was okay as well.


“Trundle’s influence is great after all.”

Grandmother’s legend as the strongest can also be heard everywhere in Galle.

「Well, I guess it’s fine since it means there would be no one trying to approach Sera so easily.」

We are at the forest near the Imperial Villa, I sat on a rock to take a break from my training with Lu.

3 butterflies are fluttering around me.

「Is Sera not going to accept them?」

These light blue butterflies are <messenger magic>. As soon as I receive them, a signal will be sent to Father, Older Brother, and Grandmother.


“What if they were intercepted by His Highness Schneider…?”

「Don’t worry about that. They should at least know that Sera is in Galle. So it should be safe to just accept them at least?」

That’s true. But what if I wrote a return letter, and the three of them then find themselves in a terrible situation because of it? What if an enemy got here because of the letter, and caused a disturbance in Galle?

I used my magic power, received the butterflies on my open palm, and they turned into letters. Then, I tore them to pieces and had them fly away in the wind and disappear.

「…I can go, but I don’t want to leave Sera’s side and regret it later.」

“I’m scared to have Lu leave me as well.”

What can I do to tell them that I’m safe?

If I could just enter Judor in secret, unnoticed, meet Father, and return again…

“If Sera is going to Judor, let me go as well.”

I thought he would say that.

“Ghilane, you absolutely can not. You’re busy, right?”

“The last time with Ash and Lu, Sera ended up being full of injuries. And now that I do not know the current status of the first prince, I cannot feel reassured about your safety unless there is someone just as strong besides you.”

“I bet they can’t find me, I’ll be going secretly with Lu…”



“They cannot be taken lightly.”

I know. I know. I know……

“I will make time in the near future. Wait for a while longer.”

I shake my head.

“Ghilane, it’s fine, it’s fine. I had already received a lot of favour from Galle, I shouldn’t be a hindrance to it’s official business anymore.”

“………How about, Sera, you help me in fields where I’m bad at. And we can have a barter exchange between us.”

“Are there any fields you are weak at?”

「Sera, Ghilane is bad at many fields!」

「As for you, you would probably break the contract if you aren’t provided cakes anymore.」

“Yes, yes, thanks for the casual reminder.”

I distributed sliced ​​summer oranges with cheesecake.

“Aren’t these, Galle’s summer oranges?”

“Sasaki-san, you’re right! They are a bit sour since they grew in an unexplored area deep in the forest, but they’re safe!”

“Galle’s summer oranges… There were such seasonal fruits here?”

Ghilane carefully examines the fruit that glows a pale yellow, and eats it.

Today will forever be marked as – 『Ghilane’s summer orange eating anniversary』. I’m just having a life that’s easy and comfortable here…

「It’s very refreshing! four stars!」

Five stars are reserved for Matsuki’s cakes. The wall known as Matsuki is too high. I don’t see myself going over it anytime soon.

“Everyone~! Have you cleaned and washed everything~?”


The job Ghilane gave me was to comfort an orphanage. I’m convinced that he definitely can’t do this.

Since I had already given presents here and there, the staff, including the director of the hospital, are very friendly to me.

But even so, I may love to take care of these kids since I’m a woman, but it doesn’t mean that I’m good at treating them well. Not everyone can be an angel like Sasara-san.

I am an arafo if I add my age from my previous life, and I’ve long forgotten the feelings I had of my childhood.

And I never really had a childhood here because I have a previous life, and being the youngest daughter, I never played with anyone younger than me.

Also, during my age as a little girl here, I was someone who trained all the time rather than socialise…

So, I gave up treating them as a child from the start. After all, in a way, them and I… we’re comrades.

Being born in situations where we can’t help but fight for ourselves, struggling all the time.

“Everyone~! Do you want to eat a lot of delicious things~?”


“Do you want to make lots of money~?”


“After all, you don’t want to end up becoming worthless adults, right~!”


I don’t look like an adult, and I don’t want to pretend to be one either, it would also help gain their trust. I will be recognized as a comrade.


A virtuous looking sister looks flustered, but the kids seem to understand me. The eyes are filled with passion.

“That’s why~, we’re going to work together to find a way to make stable profit to not end up being worthless adults!! Are you willing to cooperate~?”


“Those who want to learn cooking, raise your hands!”


“I will impart onto you how to make Matsuki’s madeleine cake. I will provide the materials for now. Let’s start with breaking the eggs!”

I remember that madeleine cake was very popular in a convent in my past life. If it tastes good most of all, people who buy it will even feel like they have done good, and their purse strings will loosen. I will use the fruits I got from the forest to make the texture, and by using glutinous fruits, the growth of bacteria will also be suppressed and they will last longer. They can also be sold to the army when stable production is possible in future. Even if these children do not end up making a brand carrying the orphanage’s name, they will be able to acquire the skills to become salesman and even live as cooks.

“All those who want to study, raise your hands~!”


These children will be taught about accounting quite thoroughly. I will make two balance sheets and have them submit it alternately once a week.

When they are done, they will have enough skills to work for a merchant.

“Children who like detailed works, raise your hands~!”


These children will be responsible for the wrapping, store maintenance and inventory management. That’s right, let’s make a brand logo seal and have them stamp it carefully. We don’t want fakes to be out there. The face of Ash is the insignia of the orphanage… Ash has granted permission for this, right? Anyways, I want these children to be ready to start up a store immediately.

“All those who think they are cute, or can lie, raise your hands~!”


They will be the salesgirls. They will learn to say, “Thank you very much!” “Please come again!” “Is it delicious?” “Won’t you want to buy another one?” and things like that in a cute way. They will learn the killer technique of complementing and making simple calculations to aim for the position of merchants or actors.

“So, so sly…”

Arthur, who came with me as a guardian, is shocked. Oh! He’s just a little boy in this respect!? Also, the orphanage is under the jurisdiction of Arthur, the Marquis or Nirva.

“And finally, raise your hands, those who want to live a quiet life as before!”


“You have to protect your home when your companions are struggling to do business. Keep your home clean, take care of the little ones and look after them. And finally, you will acquire the skills to become servants of nobles.”


“That’s everyone? There are none who are higher or lower ranked in work! When everyone does their best, the best result will be obtained! Repeat after me! One for all! All for one!”

“””‘”One for all! All for one!”””””

What a rip-off this is! It was called, 『The Three Sacred Beasts』? Lu, Ash, and Miyu. Or not!

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