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The villainess that got pregnant with the crown prince’s child decided to run away – Chapter 6

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

“Oh, my name is Makoto. The people in this world called me a wanderer from another dimension.”

She laughs with a friendly and charming smile.

Ah, so this is the person that the prince was talking about then.

“Oh? I heard that you would be working here one month from now…”

I had heard from the prince that the wanderer would be coming in here one month from now. The timing for this seemed strange, so I started to get a little suspicious.

“That’s right. But before that, it was decided that I should at least visit and talk to the prince once. I was told that if I didn’t like this place then I didn’t have to work here. So, this is like a business tour of sorts.”

“…I see. It’s this way. May I ask you to follow me?”

It didn’t seem like the person in front of me was lying.

And if that’s the case, then it stands to reason that I should guide her to the royal office.

“Thank you very much.”

She seems like a respectful and good person.

But then, why did I do such a thing such as tormenting Ms. Makoto in my dreams?


I suddenly felt nauseous and fell down to my knees right then. Even though Ms. Makoto was watching.

“Are you ok?!”

Naturally, Ms. Makoto was worried. She approaches me and starts to gently rub my back. Having my back rubbed in such a way felt really pleasant. It seemed like my nausea was clearing away.

“In this game you see. There are two heroines. They are called Yuki and Makoto. You can choose either one and play with them.”

“A game where you can choose a heroine is kind of unusual isn’t it?”

“Yes. You see, these heroines have some peculiar traits…”

Suddenly, I heard a conversation from someone, and after some time, I came back to my senses. Just who is having a conversation with me? And when?

What did they mean by games and heroines?

“Are you ok?! If you’re feeling ill, please use this. This is Mr. Pukey Pukey #1”

As Makoto said that, she hands me a mysterious paper bag.

I was taught that it was very shameful for a lady to vomit in front of other people but… I couldn’t withstand that intense feeling of nausea.

So, I took upon Ms. Makoto’s words and I borrowed Mr. Pukey Pukey #1. After a while, my nausea has mostly subsided and I am in the debt of Mr. Pukey Pukey #1.  It feels like I should be able to move again in a bit.

“Thank you, Makoto.”

“You’re welcome. I made this Mr. Pukey Pukey #1 you know. I get motion-sick easily so I tried making it myself. If you vomit inside of it, Mr. Pukey Pukey #1 will absorb and digest it, so it doesn’t smell either. It seems like it’s called a magical item.”

Ms. Makoto was happily telling me about how Mr. Pukey Pukey #1 worked. Her eyes had a sparkle in them, and it seemed like she liked making magical items. Although, considering the name Mr. Pukey Pukey #1, I had to wonder about her naming senses.

“To be able to make magical items, that’s amazing.”

“Oh no, I still have ways to go…”

I wonder if she feels a bit bashful from being complimented. Her cheeks are tinted slightly red, and she scratches her cheeks slightly while looking downwards. Her appearance is kind like a small animal and it’s just adorable.

“It’s gotten a bit late. I hope you are not late for your appointment with the prince. I’ll guide you to the office right now.”

“Oh, no. I’ll go alone. Even if you no longer feel nauseous, you probably still don’t feel too well, right? I’ll be fine.”

“But… Didn’t you say that you were lost?”

“Oh uh…”

As I pointed that out, she completely went quiet from embarrassment. It seems like she was just saying that she’ll be fine for my sake.

In my mind, my impression of Ms. Makoto immediately improves.

“Don’t worry. I’m not sick after all.”

I guided Ms. Makoto to the prince’s royal office.

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