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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 6 Chapter 92

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer

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Volume 6 Chapter 92

Adjutant Arthur Nirva’s regret

I was born as the eldest son of the Nirva family, one of the three Marquis families of the Galle Empire.

Galle is a meritocracy, which is relevant even to the three Marquis families.

And when it comes to the royal family, it is all the more so true.

Among the eight members of the Royalty with the right to inherit the throne, I align myself with the innocuous First Prince. My father, the then Marquis, did not disagree with my action. The first prince was ten years older than me, he can use all four magical attributes, and seemed to have the ability to win against his siblings.

The Imperial family stood above all but the Emperor. That said, there is no way the one who rises to the throne will treat his brothers, whom he had fought a bloody battle against, very nicely. After their fight for the throne, those that lost will be driven to a barren land at the edge of the country where no harvest is available, and spend their days waiting for their deaths.

Similarly, the nobles who followed that member of the royal family will also face the same fate.

I practised magic and martial arts at the schools in the empire, and I grew steadily from a young boy to a highly respected young noble.

When I was 11, Prince Ghilane, who had been studying in a neighboring country for a long time, returned to Galle.

And I saw it by chance.

On the way to the Imperial Palace with my Father, the Marquis, to inquire about how the First Prince is doing, in a place a little bit farther away from us were two people whose faces we saw quite a lot of times at ceremonial functions and the like…… The Prime Minister and the top ranking general of the army’s magical division…… They were bowing their heads down to a lad who was just approaching the age of adulthood. The lad was looking down at them with eyes that can even make adults freeze. He suddenly put his arms up and his cloak flutters.

“Father, what is…?”

“I can not believe this……”

My father covered his mouth with the palm of his right hand, his face turned blue, and broke into a cold sweat.

It was only a few days later that I learned, the lad, Prince Ghilane, had a <subjection> contract with the Sacred Bird, the Sacred Beast-sama of the south, the symbol of Galle.

He had the power to use a Sacred Beast, and the existence of the Sacred Beast cannot be denied.

Our Marquis family had made a mistake.

Then, the lad eventually became His Majesty Ghilane, the Emperor.

It was not possible to switch factions from the First Prince to the Ghilane since we would seem too opportunistic. With that option not available, and the fact that I was already the deputy secretary of the First Prince, I tried to dissociate myself from the First Prince as much as possible and make a distance between us. Then, when the two Princes collided, I faked being in a dispute with the First Prince, and returned to our territory to avoid participation in the battle. Naturally, such an action did not excuse me of my association with the First Prince’s faction, but His Majesty Ghilane did not say anything about it.

He seemed to not be interested in it at all.

Taking advantage of His Majesty’s indifferent nature, I could join him as an aide.

I wanted to serve by his side… His unrelenting strength. He enacted merciless treatment of those who were against him. I sometimes wanted to cover my eyes, but every time that happened, I would see the scar on His Majesty’s cheek.

His Majesty had talked about it without a shred of fear or smile on his face, that he had received it from the youngest Prince, who was known to be the closest to him.

It was only natural that His Majesty’s eyes had frozen up.

But as long as I can protect the empire from other countries and have Galle stay together, I won’t mind working for His Majesty.

His Majesty toiled for over two years to obtain Marshe for a single woman.

I had only heard rumors about her, so I was curious about what kind of woman she was, but she ended up being just a little girl with a shabby look and short hair like a nun.

I was mad when I thought that I had repeatedly gone through troublesome negotiations for someone like her, and I poured out my anger and frustration. Nevertheless, she was not a bit scared and even answered calmly. Was she a bit sick in the head? As that thought crept up my mind, the Prime Minister came and immediately got down on his knees.

Seeing the somewhat familiar scene… I wondered, had I made a mistake again?

I was then instantly defeated at arm-wrestling, and His Majesty emitted his killing intent in all seriousness to me, making me almost vomit.


After leaving while holding the girl’s hand with a gentle expression on his face, one that I had never seen on His Majesty’s face before, the Prime Minister, who was on his knees all the while, finally stood back up.

“Your Excellency!”

“Haaa, I thought I would die.”

“What is…?”

“Arthur, you’re 20 years old already, why don’t you watch the situation and read things a little farther ahead? Would His Majesty be so attached to just a simple little girl?”

“You mean to say that Miss Serafiona is also under the protection of the Sacred Bird?”

And here I thought that the contract between Sacred Beasts and their human counterparts were a one-on-one thing, but…

“…It was not only the Southern Beast-sama of the Four Heavens that was besides Miss Serafiona, but also the Divine Beast-sama of the West.”


“In every sense, Miss Serafiona’s standing is similar to His Majesty. Fufu, it’s going to be fun. Arthur, Do you know what it means to have two Sacred Beasts in the empire? It would be such a wonderful sight. Also, Arthur, I recommend training your magic power operation skills a bit more. Sasaki can see the Sacred Beast-samas you know. His Majesty is not particular about one’s status at birth. So it’s plausible that you could always lose your Deputy Lieutenant rank.”

Miss Serafiona lives in a worn-out imperial villa without showing herself much. I would occasionally make a visit to check the results of my special training on magic power processing, and recently, I can faintly see the outline of the Sacred Beast-sama besides her.

Until finally, I saw a mythical sight, Miss Serafiona was shining, combing the fur of the Western Beast-sama while chatting with our Sacred Bird-sama. I can only laugh at my short-sightedness.

Then, at the engagement announcement, it was decided that I would be the one to escort her, and when I went to pick her up, she wore a neat blue dress, and adorned her hair with the blessed feather of the Sacred Bird-sama, but with a sad expression…… She is, from all angles, the Twilight Fairy.

But her black eyes that should be proof of a strong Trundle, seems somewhat lonely…

“I’m just a bit homesick,” she said.

I then remembered that no matter how strong the Princess in front of me is, or whether she is a <contractor>, or who her fiancé is, she is only 16 years old, 4 years younger than me.

I feel so stupid…

Such a young, soft-hearted Princess swore absolute loyalty to His Majesty in front of everyone at the ceremony. In a place like Galle where betrayals and back-stabbings happened as frequently and as simply as breathing, the Princess’ presence is worth every coin we had spent for her, if not more.

Why does His Majesty love, and only love this Princess so much? I can finally understand.

I couldn’t laugh at the little play the Prime Minister did, but I naturally knelt down.

I guided the Princess to the orphanage our Marquis house ran following the direction of His Majesty, and she turned the orphanage, which was something that had only been baggage to us, into a profitable shop at an impossible speed. I was shocked to see how each child learnt their own set of skills under her strict guidance.

I wanted to beat myself up for thinking that she was a typical run-of-the-mill aristocratic daughter. I had heard that she had lived as a commoner in Marshe until she ended up at Galle, but it seems that was only half the story.

“Arthur-sama, can I advertise that there is His Majesty’s adjutant, Arthur-sama, backing these children?”


“Because, it is a definite possibility that there will be people trying to trick them because they are just children, like when they are purchasing ingredients? The brand’s image will also improve with the Marquis’ backing!”

“Not that! What I mean was, why won’t their backer be the Princess instead!?”

“Ah, well, I don’t know how much longer I can live, right?”

I don’t know what she means by that. Why is the fiancée of the strongest Emperor ever thinking that she will just die?

“……Humans are like that. I may die tomorrow for all I know. Arthur-sama, if I die, will you protect Ghilane in my stead?”

The Princess and His Majesty are living much closer to death than I am… and they’re looking out for each other.

“I can’t. I’m weaker than you, Princess. I’ll most probably die before you die, Princess.”

“Oi―! You’re men aren’t you―!? Stick your chests out―! And don’t leave everything to others―!”

She’s not listening to me. But it wasn’t something I should have said in the first place.

But I can’t keep staying as I am right now.

I need to be even stronger.

And hopefully, one day, I will be the shield for His Majesty’s one and only Princess…………

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