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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 6 Chapter 93

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 6 Chapter 93

Becoming a Business Manager

The madeleine cakes of the Nirva Orphanage tickled the tender hearts of the women of Galle and became an explosive hit. They have a shelf life at room temperature of about two months, so they can also be bought as gifts to be delivered at distant places.

So therefore, the second brand of the Nirva Orphanage Sweets, Matcha Madeleine Cakes is in the process of development! I just reduced the amount of flour used and add in matcha. By using Marshe’s matcha, we can also simultaneously show off the friendship between the two countries to everyone!

Aside from that, we also made adjustments on the amount produced. I can’t afford to let the children keep on working like fools. It is important that I let the children not overdo things. Also, every morning, there is a long line of patrons at the orphanage.

Once a week, Arthur and I would walk around the kitchen, backyard, and storefront to check the children’s work and their progress, and to give them a feeling of tension. This also puts pressure on the customers, suppliers and business enemies they might have. This way, even if there are people who are complaining, they will only do it in our backs.

“Business Manager Serafi, President Arthur, how do they taste today?”

Looking up at us and inquiring in an uneasy tone is a little girl from the kitchen.

“It’s very delicious.”

President Arthur says so with a smile on his face, which made the little girl’s face bright red! But the Business Manager has something else to say!

“Tanya, the flavour is fine. But the burnt color at the edges are too uneven. Isn’t the oven temperature adjusted well?”

“Nils caught a cold today and Collins is the one on the oven in his stead, and Collins is not as good at fire magic as Nils…”

“Tell Collins to come to me when he is done. I’ll check his magic skills.”

“Princess, shouldn’t that much unevenness not matter? Were you not too harsh?”

“Arthur, people will get tired of doing charity eventually… If they don’t have a really solid product, the boon here will really only be a temporary thing.”

“…………I see.”

I went to the courtyard of the orphanage with a madeleine cake that was out of shape and could not be sold. There are two children in charge of the orphanage’s maintenance washing laundry and playing with the smaller kids.

“Business Manager!”

I got surrounded by the little kids. The two children who were looking after them came in a hurry but I signaled them to continue their work with my eyes.

“Everyone~ Have you eaten your share of madeleine cakes~?”

“””We have!”””

That’s right… everyday too. I went here weekly with Lu and sat down with them. Personally, I like those that are a little burnt.

I then gave the kids summer oranges from the forest, which they cheerfully received. I also collected agar from the sea of ​​Galle, thinking, “It’s probably from Miyu-tan.” There is not much nutrition in them, but plenty of the kindness of the Eastern Best-sama of the Four Heavens!

Everyone here is growing healthily too.

One of the children came to me with a rope. I had taught them about jumping ropes earlier when I came here. I sat on the bench and swung the rope with the boy, while the other children were jumping about.

“Okay, it’s 3 minutes from now. Let’s aim for a new record! The goal is 200 times! Start!”

「Why…? The kids are going so far in this rope jumping.」

“It’s because they are children?”

The children who have exhausted their strength came and sat around me.

“Business Manager, show us your magic.”

“Yes! I want to see it!”


When I got to the main stage here in Galle, I stopped concealing that I have magic. I was afraid that His Highness Schneider may be able to trace my location, but it is unlikely for him to directly come to Galle. Moreover, there is no reason to be recruited by the Magic School anymore. I’m in a completely different stage now.

I don’t find anything wrong with showing them to the children. So that’s why, I took a palm-sized mud and temper it with earth magic, let it down on the ground, and made it move – albeit sluggishly. I made an imitation of a monster from my previous world’s RPG game! So then, what do you think of it?


“Business Manager……”

“Wa, waaaw!”

-kuh-! It looks like the quality was too low. Now let’s try to make another one.

「Sera, I think you should stop with that! No one seems to be getting what they are!」


“Make it cuter―!”

“I would like a small bird―”

“I would like a butterfly―”

Although it was quite difficult with earth magic… I can still use butterfly-shaped <messenger magic>!

I impart my magic to several pieces of paper and turn them into butterflies, fluttering out from my hand. It’s usually light blue, but this time I added white, pink, and yellow to make them cuter.


This time, the children’s reaction is genuine. That’s good. Looks like it was the right thing to do.

The children then chased after the butterflies.

“Lu, it’s very peaceful here, isn’t it?”


Lu is facing towards the northern skies.

I take out the glass ball out of my pocket and hold it up towards the sun.

It’s very sparkly today too, Nick……


The re-nourished children now each worked hard to improve their rope jumping skills. Mmmm, just don’t try to do any fancy moves…

Suddenly, the sky flashed? Or am I seeing things? I blinked and focused once again. In the blue sky, there is one point that’s glistening. And it is getting closer. No way… An UFO?

I thought this was a fantasy world, but it was actually an SF world? Is it something to be weary of? I’ve heard that if one is taken away by an UFO, they will have their blood drained! They will also be performing human body experiments, right? Should I let the children escape?

I raise my magic power to max.

「Sera, calm down!」

No way!! It’s really coming here!

“Everyone! Get down!!”

I use defensive magic on all the children! Sh*t! I should have learnt how to make a barrier from Ghilane!

The dazzling light bulb-like object falls right in front of me. As soon as it lands on the ground, the light dies out instantly.


“Serafiona taught me a long time ago about the speed of light. That nothing is faster than light. I am now traveling as light particles.”

The familiar big chest envelops me. His embrace fills me with magic, and I detect the nostalgic fragrance from the old days back in Granzeus.

“Older Brother…”

“Serafiona… You’ve gotten a lot bigger.”

Older Brother says so with a smile. His green eyes are moist. I take a careful look at his face… my eyes are teary too.

“Older brother, Older, Brother… ah, aaaaah……”

I wrap my hands around Older Brother’s back and grab him tight. My Older Brother, who knows me well, hugged me back and put one hand on my head. He knew that I had been craving it…

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