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Isekai Torippu Shita Sono Bade Taberarechaimashita – Chapter 1

01: Without Noticing, I Suddenly Ended Up On Top Of a Bed Inside an Unfamiliar Room

Without noticing, I suddenly ended up on top of a bed inside an unfamiliar room.


Eh? Hold on a second, what on earth is going on? What’s the meaning of this?

No matter how many times I looked around me while I was still in confusion, as I thought this room is still unfamiliar to me.

Because the room was dimly light I couldn’t see clearly, but I understand that in comparison to my room, this room was much larger than mine.

The bed was springy and so comfortable. I’m jealous.  

I bounced on the bed several times before coming back to my senses.

Nono, this is not the time to do this, dear ME.

Where is this place? Why am I here?

Even if I’m dim-witted, I need to think.

First, let’s recall the last thing I could remember.

If I’m not mistaken, that’s right, I was in the bath.

Even though it’s spring, but I felt today was quite chilly; so, I put in my favorite bath salt, then leisurely take my time bathing.

After all, taking a long bath is my favorite thing to do.

But sometimes I don’t have the time to do it though, so all that’s left is to go to sleep.

Because I have completed my assignment that was due tomorrow morning, I don’t have to stay up late today.

Then, from the core of my body to my head, I felt like I was in paradise.

Because I’ve been carried away with things like this before, I decided to go bold by going out of the bath in my birthday suit.  

To avoid the dressing room from getting wet, I properly wiped my body while I was in the bathroom.

And then…

I didn’t know from where it was but, I heard child laughter.

I thought “Eh?”, then I turned around. Of course, nobody was there.

I suddenly got scared. This kind of situation, it could be one of those ghost phenomenon things.

That’s why I decided to go out of the bathroom even when I haven’t completely wipe off the water of my body.

On my haste, I accidentally tripped on a bump.

The moment I fell down head first, the thing that I fell onto was this bed.

Okay, end of the retrospective.

And the mystery hasn’t been solved yet!

I tripped on a bump located between my bathroom and my dressing room, so I am supposed to be somewhere inside or at least, near the dressing room.  

Then, why am I on the bed inside of an unfamiliar room?

Not to mention, my body is currently covered by a bath towel only.

The remaining water droplets on my body had all been dried up by the sheets.  

I……What should I do?

Before I could come up with an answer, the door room made a sound indicating that it has just been opened by someone.

When I look over it, I saw a light coming through the gap from the opening door.  

The amount of light coming through it was just enough to make one person shadow.

I immediately understood that someone was entering this room.

「Who is it?」

That voice caused my surprised body to tremble.

It was a very low and cold voice.

Is it possible that this person is the owner of this room?

Then, I wonder if I’ve just become a trespasser by entering this room?

I wonder in what way should I explain so that he could understand?

But then, even I don’t understand how on earth I ended up in here in the first place!

「Ummm……Good evening」

I decided to say my greeting first.

Greeting is important you know!

「……A woman?」

I could hear from his voice that this person is definitely a man; as he said that, he came closer to the bed.

Ah, I wonder why, I really want to run away.

I wonder if this was the feeling of the frog when it being stared intensely by the snake.

I couldn’t see well because of the dim light, but I think this man is quite buff.

If he decided to throw me out of this room by using physical force, it will surely going to be hurt.  

Before the man comes in front of me, the room was lit by a light.

Was it controlled by remote control? But, I didn’t hear any switching action though.

Then, I am honestly astonished.

Hits the bullseye of my taste……!!

It was the so-called (1) ikemen-san.

His hair was short, and it was brown. Under this light, his hair seems to sparkle. Hmmm, maybe it was blondish-brown.

I wonder if the impressive pair of long slits eyes was grey-colored? Maybe it was better if I said it was dark blue, instead?

You see, I think men that fall under the category of “ikemen”  were usually associated with a gentle prince type though.

But it was different for me, men with delicate features definitely were not my type.

I wonder if an ikemen with overwhelming testosterone looked anything like this man.

He had moderate muscles, his arms and shoulders were solid, and his face was profoundly chiseled to perfection.

He was an ikemen that will be forgiven even if he reeks of the smell of sweat.

A knight type……no, maybe he’s the army type?

「So handsome……」

When I accidentally said what was on my mind, the man frowned.

「…… I see, it’s for that reason」

After that, that’s right, he murmured those words in a low voice.

Eh? What do you mean by “for that reason”?

The me who could not understand his meaning could only tilt my head in confusion.

The man had a scary face, but he’s an ikemen; his face is a feast for my eyes, so I did not look away.

I mean I had a feeling that it will be game over immediately if I were to avert my eyes. Though I don’t know how I reached to that conclusion.

I think in just a breath the man reached out his hand to me.

That hand grabbed on the bath towel that was covering my body, pulling it vigorously.

……then, what’s going to happen?

Naturally, I’m going to be naked.


After being frozen to the spot out of shock, within seconds, I scrambled around to look for something that could cover up my body.

That’s right, this was on top of the bed! The bedding!

Even though I was confused I could still think at least that much. Then, I buried myself into the bed.

What are you doing so suddenly!

Just because you’re an ikemen, that doesn’t mean you can get away with everything!

Well……If I wasn’t bothered being seen, I would have left immediately, but it wasn’t that case. Sobsob.

「It doesn’t seem like she’s hiding weapons. Then as I thought, it was for that reason」

Like I said, for what reason?!

(2) Prey? Prey, what prey? Rabbit? Bird? Or maybe pig?

Aaahh, in the first place I was already dim-witted; and, in addition to that, I was confused with what’s happening right now. I can’t understand a thing!

The man tried to get rid of the bedding. There’s no way I’m letting him do that, so I used all of my strength to hold on to the bedding. Suddenly, we were in a tug of war situation.

Maybe because I gave up, my strength quickly leaves my body. The moment my strength left me, the man pulled the bedding off stronger than before causing it to end up in the hands of that man……。

Because I am not a dirty woman who can get shamelessly naked in front of someone from the opposite sex, this time I tried to pull up the sheets……But.

The man quickly came onto me and restrained both of my hands.

Umm, this posture we’re in, kinda had a dangerous smell to it.

Let’s ask him what business does he has with me?


「You can let out your voice, but don’t talk about unnecessary things. I’ll let you realize your dreams just this one night」

Anyway, I wanted to say something to him, but he kept on refusing to listen to me.

Yeah, I wasn’t able to decide on what to talk about. He might have thought that it’s unnecessary to talk in this situation.

But, at this point, if I leave things as it is, I’ll be eaten alive in a totally different kind of meaning of cannibalism!

The man touched my skin with one hand while the other hand still restraining both of my hands.

I was pushed down on the bed while his hand was touching on my bare skin. I wasn’t a child to be ignorant about the meaning behind his actions.

It’s unclear in what way I turned his switch on, but it seems like I’m about to experience a nightmare.

By reflex, I thought I have to escape. However, it’s kinda impossible to think clearly in this kind of situation that I’m currently in?

I mean, the other party I’m currently struggling against with is someone with a strong build. I don’t even know where this place is, what’s more, a place to run to.


While my head was spinning around trying to think of nothing and everything, I felt the nape of my neck being licked. Reflexively, I let out a voice.

When someone does something like licking your neck, of course, you’ll be reacting like that plus, his every touch was erotic!

This person, I kinda have a feeling that I’m getting used to it.

Maybe because he’s an ikemen? Maybe because of this situation where I’m being “eaten”? As expected from an ikemen.

In actuality, I don’t know what’s going on, but I have decided.

Ah, thinking had become bothersome.

I think it’s okay if I were to get carried away with this.

It’s not like I have someone I exclusively dating right now. I broke up with someone like that half a year ago.

Up until now, I only do this kind of thing with my boyfriend. Well, it did happen on the day we decided to go out.

It’s not like my sense of virtue was that low. Isn’t this kind of thing is normal for modern people? At least, that’s what I thought.

No, it’s pretty low. I think my friend would have put some  “tsukkomi” to my statement just now.

No matter how hard I think, I can’t run or whatever.

In addition to that, my opponent was completely an ikemen that I prefer.

Maybe I should think that it was a good thing that I came here.

Yes, let’s do that, let’s do that.

Now that I’ve made the decision, I’m going to surrender my body that is currently burning with heat, to this man. 


Translator corner:

  1. The meaning of ikemen can be found here.
  2. This is a wordplay. The word weapon has the same sound as the word prey.
  3. Tsukkomi definition.


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