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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 48

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He doesn’t seem to care that I’m frowning.

The moment he saw me, he called me by my name, shook the crowd away and ran to me.


―In less than a minute, the schoolboy reached the hallway we are in.

“Fuu. To meet on the day of the Holy Festival, the Goddess of fate sure likes to play mischief――”

“It’s just a coincidence.”

“Let me say it to the end at the very least!”

I want to skip as many events as possible.

However, I don’t want to leave without saying hello to the acquaintances I met.

I bowed down.

“Long time no see, Gonneau-senpai.”

Dominique Gonneau, a third-year student at Fitzgerald Private school.

He is supposed to be the ill-natured “Ore-sama” character in this game, “Promised fortune.”

And also, he is currently making rough breaths and his shoulder-length hair are disheveled.

He also has the ability to see the character “me” through, although the reason is still unknown.

He tried to catch his breath while I said my greetings.

He combed his hair with a comb he took out from somewhere and regained his calm.

“Fuun. You seemed to have been doing well. And most of all, we met once again―― Today, let’s play with cards.”



He exclaimed and took out a small box and some sort, rectangular in shape, from his pocket.

There are many blue checkered cards in a small business card-sized box. Surely those are playing cards.

When it comes to a two-player card game, the famous ones are blackjack and speed.

And with Eileen joining us, we can do something like old maid―― no no.

It’s okay to do it, but since he said, “game” instead of, “play,” the winner would have to receive something good.

My thoughts seemed to be right on point as he continued,

“If you win, I’ll give you a planetarium ticket, a special Holy Festival Day ticket― It’s a couples ticket that will allow another person in. You can’t not want that, right?”

He said with a huge smile on his face, and a particular rectangular paper fluttering.

If I look closely, there are some letters on it.

It’s not readable from here, but it’s probably the “ticket.”

So that’s it. I thought to myself. But not that I accept the conditions he offered.

I can somehow tell the “original” scenario of Dominique’s route.

Probably, in his original route, after this game, if I win, I can go to the planetarium with him. And also, if I lose, I become his, and ultimately follow the same route whether I win or lose. I think.

I’m not interested in dating Dominique. And I’m not interested in this.

However― A planetarium ticket.

This might be worth it. “Umm, Eileen,” I called her, who was standing right next to me.

“What is it?”

“We talked earlier, about the gift.”

I pointed to him,

“If we share the ticket, we can go right away.”

“I don’t even want to feed it to Aldo.”

So, I bowed to Dominique.

“I’ll be waiting for your application another day.”

“Wait wait wait wait.”

He really killed my appetite as he swiftly get right before my eyes and said from a spit’s distance away,

“Don’t just immediately shove aside the person who is inviting you to a date, right in front of him no less!”

“But I can’t even sell the couples ticket whose use is limited to just today to a pawn shop.”

“It’s not about whether it can be pawned off or not!”

I thought there might be a fancy game in the flea Market, but unfortunately there are no PCs, smartphones, or the Internet in this world.

When I turned my eyes back to him again, he tried to say something and opened his mouth―― But he closed them again without saying anything.

He looks regretful as he smacked his lips and said,

“Aah, fine. I’ll let it be like this for today.”

“Eh! You’re giving me the ticket?”

“Do you think I would!?”

He hides the ticket close to his chest as if he’s protecting it.

How stingy.

He glared at me with the eyes of a savage beast, and put his playing cards and ticket back to his pocket.

Anyway, his business with us seems to be done.

“Well then, Eileen. Let’s―”


I was interrupted by Dominique when I’m about to say, ‘let’s go’ to Eileen.

“What is it?”

Is there something more?

He goes, “Ah, uh,” for a while, and hides his face halfway with one hand.

“…again, next year.”

Next year, what?

It seems that his pride does not allow him to complete his words to the end.

But what he wanted to say is transmitted to me.

His face is covered with his hand, but his red ears cannot be hidden. I smiled and shouted, “What’s wrong?”

But my teasing doesn’t mean much to him.

He simply shakes his head with a bitter smile.

“I mean, likewise. I’ll be in your care too next year. Unless Senpai lost his popularity and lost his fan members.”

“…Why does that sound so ominous?”

Dominique didn’t know about the situation “outside”, but he seemed to have felt instinctively horrible at my words.

He holds his arms around his body and rubs his back, listening to me with a blue face

But well. If it’s Dominique, it will be fine. As I said, I think it’s needless to worry for him. After all――

“There seemed to be a lot of people in the world who did not find Senpai’s attitude irritating. ―Though, you can’t afford to show other people your weakness, and have to always have your back and shoulders straight. You yourself will face a lot more hardships.”


Did he never think that his stance would be evaluated like that?

He opened his mouth wide, like a fool.


And I gave a nice smile so that we can truly wish each other a good new year―

“Best regards for the coming year. I hope we can play a good game again.”


“Yo… Yo y-you!”

Dominique started to open and close his mouth like a goldfish. Perhaps, due to lack of oxygen? He points his finger at me, but no more words follow.

And all of a sudden, everything from his ears to the entirety of his face and neck turns red.

“Senpai? Your complexion is strange.”

If he’s sick, he should probably go to the hospital. No, this is a school, so if he’s going, the health room should be the place. When I started to worry――

“…Re, re r-r-remember me!”

He looked like he’s weeping, and faced back, running all the way down the hallway.

“What is it, throwing a small-fry-like tantrum and leaving like that.”

He’s still as weird a person as ever.

I could not understand his actions and tilted my head.

Then Eileen, who is also looking at the direction of Dominique’s departure, whispered,

“What was that, Konami?”

“What was?”

“He’s such a hopeless child, isn’t he?”


I am puzzled at what led her to give such a remark, but she answered, “it’s nothing,” and said nothing more.

I do not understand. Is it related to this country’s unique culture or something?

I thought about such a thing―― 

When suddenly, the thought of “cultural differences” this place might have with Japan came to my mind.

“Um, Eileen.”

“What is it?”

“Does the ozoni of this country come with round mochi? Or a square mochi?”

(TN: Ozoni – New year’s soup containing mochi and vegetables

Mochi – sticky rice cake)


Apparently, it seems to be a culture not found in this country.

In my house, soy sauce flavored soup with mochi has been around for a long time.

AN: By the way, how are the ozoni of your house prepared?

Round mochi 37%

Square mochi 56%

Others 6%

TN: That last bit is a poll in the original website.

By the way, we don’t have ozoni in our place but we have mochi. I like plain frozen mochi. They are pretty much tasteless, but I can never get tired of eating them. And they are rectangular in shape. (^o^;)

The others I like are banana flavoured and coconut flavoured mochi. These 2 are sweet by the way.

Stay save everyone.

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