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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 3 Part 53

Cecil is being helpful

All four of us finished choosing a base for our dresses, have them measured, and are now having the tea and sweets served by Madam Marcus. As expected, the tea and sweets are superb, with exquisite taste and aroma.

Lu is taking a nap near my feet, occasionally jerking his ears and listening to our conversations.

The table gradually became noisier as we are getting more and more excited at our girl’s talk.

“Pardon the intrusion.”

Madan Marcus stood up to answer the new guest. She readily and swiftly does so.

We are a little interested in the customer that entered this luxury clothing store when there already is a ‘closed’ sign before the store, and we all look towards the entrance.

There stood a maiden with a blond ringlet-curls, with a luxurious looking dress, and three women accompanying her, asking the Madam for something.

“Awesome… The drills…”

“Serafi, her drills are the first thing you noticed?”

Sasara-san asked in surprise.

“The Drill Noble Lady? Alma, who is that?”

Eris-san asks Alma, who replied,

“I’m sorry. I don’t know. I am not acquainted with her.”

“Then she is the Daughter of an aristocrat higher in rank than a Marquis?”

“I may be a Noble Young Lady, but I’ve never done anything fitting of that…”

Then we unexpectedly received a cold gaze from the ‘at least Marquis’ Daughter’s’ elegant eyes as we were enjoying our sweets!

“H-hiii, p-paron me!”

Cecil hurriedly turned to us and looked into our eyes.

“She is…”

“Do you know her?”

“She is the fiancée of Prince Gardner, the Daughter of the Marquis, Isabella Barth.”

……The replacement for me …… That good-for-nothing Prince’s fiancée……

“Cecil, the ‘Royal Family Fanatic,’ explicate.”

Alma-chan gave her comment in a low voice.

Cecil seems happy that she finally talked to him after a long time.

“Isabella is 14 years younger than His Majesty Gardner, the same age as me and Alma. She is currently a first year at the Magic School.”

“Why was Isabella chosen as his fiancée?”

“I’ve heard that the Queen recommends her.”

I guess Marquis Barth is a central figure in the reformist faction.

“She may be the queen in future. Is she that excellent?”

“I’ve heard that her magic is <ordinary> level, and that she’s good at wind magic.”

“How is her relationship with His Highness? Do you know?”



“A high-class magician enters the school with a scholarship… And His Highness seems to be very interested in that female student… He doesn’t seem to be with Isabella recently……”

Ma-Maribel is here!

No way! A day when Cecil is helpful actually came!

“Have you ever met the scholarship student?”

“Se-Serafiona-sama, I can’t just talk… Yes. At a tea party organised by His Highness!”

“Eh, His Highness was with his fiancée, but he invited another girl? That’s not fitting of his noble position!”

Eris-san body is trembling just a little bit.

“A commoner being invited to the palace is already amazing… I’m content enough that I went to Elsa-sama’s house.”

Sasara-san’s body also trembled just slightly.

Cecil is one of the capture targets. The chances of him already under the influence of Maribelle is high.

“Tell me your impression, Cecil. What do you think of the other girl?”

“Well, wasn’t she just a commoner.”


“It’s here. Cecil’s ‘noble supremacist’ ideas!”

“Alma! It’s not that! What I meant to say was that I didn’t particularly have any impression of her! I’ve already met my Goddesses, whom I had always longed for… Anyway, I will be at most a knight or a commander in future. I understand that I am not strong, and the house will be succeeded by Eldest Brother. But that will not affect my heart at all…”

“That is to say?”

“I want to be trampled down by you all. I want you all to mess me up. Such feelings do not arise with the other girl! Sasara-sama, I don’t belittle the commoners! If you are angry, please please punish me! Kick me! Hit me on my head!”


Why does he especially remember that?

Is that possible? After he was in direct contact with Maribelle?

This may be…

「Because of your heel drop?」

Lu is stunned. When our eyes meet, he desperately hides his head behind the legs of the chair I’m sitting on!

Did the heel drop damage his brain and <forced compulsion> no longer worked?

This is something that needs to be verified at once, right?

「Sera, wait, please wait. WAIT! STOP! Let’s talk with Isaac first! If your heel drop damaged my brain too much, who’s going to protect you in the meantime!?」

“Lu, it isn’t all that bad to be an M!”

「No… But…」

-patan- Madam Marcus is back.

“How was it?”

“Oh, she’s a Marquis’ Daughter, And she wanted a new dress for her school party. ‘There’s someone I can’t afford to lose to, even if you say your reservations are completely booked out and can’t accept it,’ she said. That’s some really terrifying determination…”


“His Highness… Is sinful.”

Eris-san shakes her head.

“I’m glad to be a <no magic>. I’m grateful to my grandfather for kicking me out of the nobility.”

That’s right, Alma is also a Marquis’ daughter. She could as well be the fiancée.

To Isabella-san, who indirectly saved many people… I wonder if I can return the favour somehow.

“Madam Marcus, can you leave this to me?”

“Nice to meet you, my name is Fio, the lead designer here. Ojou-sama, I’m sorry, this time, I can’t accept your request.”

(TN: I will use Ojou-sama for Isabella and Young Lady for sera)

“But please, accept it! I’ll pay twice or even three times more! I have to wear something better than that woman and get His Highness back!”

“It’s not a matter of money. The seamstresses are overwhelmingly few. I know that is inexcusable. I apologise. However, I will prepare an original design for you here, it will be a dress just for you. Won’t it be the only dress of it’s kind in the world then? How about it?”

“An original design?”

“Yes. I also designed the monotone series.”

“Oh dear……”

“An original design just for you, Ojou-sama.”

“Oh dear……”

“Ojou-sama, don’t compete with pinks and frills! Ojou-sama has a gorgeous face, we’ll reduce the prominence of your dress so that your face stands out! The puffed sleeves are of no use! Let’s go with a dark-blue clear line!”

“But, isn’t that seedy-looking?”

“It’s not seedy, it’s neat. It will already be good just because Ojou-sama is the one wearing it! And boldly slit the skirt here…!”


“Madam Marcus, please cover the slit with laces. It’s called chirarizumu.”

(TN: chirari – fleeting / a glimpse of. Chirarizumu is like when one can see a flash/glimpse of the sensual parts of a woman.)

“Chirarizumu! Great! Ojou-sama, this will definitely start a new trend once again! Ojou-sama is at the forefront of the era! Oh, Fio-sama is great…”


“Pearl is the best jewelry. Do you have a good one?”

“Eh, yes……”

“For your makeup, the foundation should be light, and your eyes should be a soft beige.”

“Oh dear……”



“Thank you very much, Serafiona-sama! We are very satisfied today. Please return home safely.”

“Serafi is amazing, you’re just like a Magical Grandmother.”

“Aah… Serafiona-sama is not only strong, but also very versatile… Such broad-mindedness to show such affection for Isabella-sama… Haa! It must be reported to the SerAl General Assembly! Noted! Noted!”

“Well, even if she changed her dress, His Majesty’s favourite may not change, but… Being the Prince’s fiancée comes with a great loneliness… I guess. So that’s why, at the very least, by wearing a beautiful dress, I want her to walk dignifiedly without any to compare to her.”

Isabella-san with a decent make-up and her drills will be a very good-looking Ojou-sama. Her magic isn’t too powerful and wouldn’t be brought to war. She won’t be called a “murderer” like me… I want to believe that.

The resulting pressure as the Prince’s fiancée, the helplessness and loneliness due to the uncooperative Prince, I didn’t mean to let anyone else experience that.

I… am trying to be happy at the expense of someone’s misery.

Forgive me… Isabella-san…

TN: Man, I have a good impression of Isabella. Hope she have her happy end.

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