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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 47

Extra 1 Villainess Young Lady DLC (2)

“It’s a surprise that you knew of the Holy Festival Day.”

It seems the class that was just over is the last one today.

I go down the school hallway with Charlotte Oliver (inside Eileen), who jumps on my back as soon as I’m done packing my (her) bag.

Speaking of this world’s Christmas ― “Holy Festival Day,”

“Do you have it in Japan too? The Holy Festival Day?”


I gave a light groan. Is it okay to answer that Christmas is the original one?

But today is this world’s Holy Festival Day, and it may not signify the birth of Jesus Christ as in our world.

After thinking for a bit, I answered,

“We have something similar in Japan, but I don’t know if it would have the exact same cultural practice as in this country.”

“What do you do on your Holy Festival Day?”

“In Japan, we have a gathering with family, lovers, and friends… It was just yesterday actually. And I was eating an unsold cake until a while ago.”

“Hmm. So it was yesterday, a day difference with our country.”


“…Well, that’s about it.”

“What was with the pause just now?”

Rather than it being about a day difference, I started the game on the 26th, so maybe, the difference came into place.

If the story my Kouhai says is true, the Game Developers distributed this content on the 25th.

However, it is troublesome to explain such things, and it would not be easy for Eileen to understand.

I lightly waved my hand and said, “it’s nothing,” to dismiss her.

“But this time, I’m sorry I’m late, Eileen.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Eileen’s eyes are opened wide, her brows are raised, and she scratches her head in confusion.

But, of course, I thought that would be the reaction I received from her.

“I mean, for the people in this country, isn’t the Holy Festival Day an important day?”

Christmas, as it is called in Japan, is a day when, even if you are not Christians, you will make a fuss with friends and lovers anyway.

Yesterday, I was doing so with my circle of friends throughout the day.

“Don’t I get inside Eileen’s body once again? Even Eileen should be having a schedule with someone on a special day like today, right…?”


“Pardon me.”

“I wonder how you can make up for it!?”

I received a low snarling-like reply.

Nevertheless, the Holy Festival Day seems to be a major event for the people of this country.

Many students we passed by in the hallway are discussing their plans for the day.

It is a school with many children from quite well-off families, so although there are no plans that are too gaudy, I heard discussions about having a small party with friends, confessing the love that has been kept in their hearts for a long time, and such.


“Speaking of which, Konomi,”


“This is my order.”

Eileen is no exception.

She gave a rough -mufun- and gave me an “order.”

“Prepare me a present for the Holy Festival Day!”

“No, I can’t.”

She looked like a pigeon shot with a peashooter.

(TN: Wide eyed in shock)


What do you mean, why?

“I don’t have the money for it.”

That’s it.

As per my Kouhai, the concept of this content is, 『Get a gift for Christmas』

―in other words, 『A scenario where the main character receives a gift from someone』 

So, Eileen’s request, as the main character, is not wrong in light of the progress of the scenario.

But the state I am in right now, except for the consciousness, belongs to Eileen. And of course, the contents of the wallet are also hers. So if I give Eileen a present, she will simply be giving herself a present with her own funds.

“That would be a bit disappointing for a Holy Festival Day, right?”

“Uh… ummm.”

She seems to understand, so she crossed her arms and grunted――

However, would the Villainess Young Lady just give up?

In order to fulfill her wishes, she had been struggling hard to have them done since her birth.

“But you’re my servant in the end. So you have the obligation to fulfill my order!”


I don’t know how many times I had retorted that I’m not her servant already.

However, I do not think that my feelings and thoughts would be transmitted even if I kept repeating this particular exchange over and over again.

So I gave up on persuading her and thought about something else.

――So that’s why, I’ll try to get a present for her.

Now then, what should I do to fulfill the wishes of our Young Lady?

This world is not without a “short-term work” system, but I am currently the noble daughter Eileen, so I can’t simply afford to do a part-time job.

Is there a safe, legitimate, and quick way of making money somewhere?


“What happened? …Uwa.”

Following my gaze, Eileen also saw the sight I’m looking at ― and, in a similar way, groaned in surprise.

What we saw in the courtyard is a mysterious crowd of female students who doesn’t even try to hide their aura that says, “the story will progress if you come here.”

Considering that it is the Holy Festival Day, there will be a person in the middle of the crowd, which should be a Capture Target.

And knowing the purpose of this game if we take the Heroine there, the scenario will progress on someone’s route.


“I’m not good with crowds.”

“Neither am I.”

We unanimously decided to turn away with just a look.

And as expected, I spotted a male student in the center. The crowd, however, hid most of his figure, but the boy suddenly turned this way.

――But why does the student in the center look so moody?

And the moment he turned to us,

For some reason, the student called my name which he would not have known just based on my appearance alone.


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