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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 3 Part 52

Visiting Marcus Firm

At the start of the new year, fourth graders begin to rush towards graduation. Decide their course after graduation, supplement their missing credits by taking extra examinations, and training overnight to get their martial arts proficiency license, which all students are expected to obtain before their graduation.

If they get over all these tough trials… The graduation dance party will be awaiting them. The large auditorium of the School will be turned into a hall. They will bring a partner, dance, and celebrate their graduation with weak alcohol and delicious food.

That’s why,

“Serafi, Alma, please! Help me for the dance party!”

Said Eris-san, while eating vanilla ice cream at the last few possible pajamas parties remaining in our school life. As always, eating ice cream is bliss in a warm room in the middle of winter.

“Oh, aren’t there enough staff? We can work at the reception desk… And also act as waitresses. Right, Alma-chan!?”


Alma-chan has strawberry ice cream!

Sasara-san makes a wry smile while eating a refreshing lemon sorbet.

“Our fellow graders are all just good-for-nothings. They can just invite girls from outside. So dance with us.”

I have no problem with that since I carefully practised at Trundle House,

“Sasara-san, -mogu- -mogu-, why do you want to dance with a junior in your supposedly last big event in this Knight’s School? Aren’t there many pretty girls outside?”

Alma-san tilts her head and said,

“That’s right. If you wear the Knights School uniform, won’t your coolness be about 20% more than the boys? You have a very promising future. -mogu- -mogu-.”

I’m having chocolate.

“But if we miss this moment now, we’ll forever miss the opportunity to dance with the 『Twilight Fairy』 and the 『Lonely White Lily Princess.』”


Alma-chan blew her cocoa.

“Alma-chan, the two of you got very nice names…”

“Who…? Why…?”

“Well, to be honest, we’re both very… Nervous. So please! Come with us for our last memories in this school!”

We’ll attend the party with Eris-san and Sasara-san. Alma-chan and I can’t help but accept the request from these two very loveable seniors.

So that’s why, we went to Marcus Firm in the center of the royal capital to prepare dresses for the graduation party. We have Grandmother contact them in advance, so there should be a reservation for us.

“…Alma, are you going in and out of Marcus Firm?”

“Ah? Are you complaining about what me or Alma-chan are doing?”

“N-no, I’m Serafiona-sama’s servant … I told you already that I’m trying to make up for my past misdeeds.”

WHY IN THE WORLD is Cecil waiting in an ambush in front of the firm.

“Cecil… What is it? You’re being McGregor’s lookout today? Don’t worry. I won’t spend McGregor’s money.”

Alma-chan also received a D-rank in Trundle guild. She had been earning steadily with collection requests that would not hinder her studies. Well, she doesn’t mind spending money at Marcus Firm.

She got her plate in Trundle, not McGregor. It is a sign of her determination. She said she will break her relationship with McGregor. I wonder if Cecil is not fine with that.

“T-that’s not it! Marcus is exceptional! I simply thought that Alma shouldn’t be ashamed…”

“Cecil, I don’t want someone who has only been shopping with credits to be worried about me.”


“Hey, starting a dispute here makes you stand out a lot.”

This is the main street of the royal capital, and it’s exactly as Sasara-san says. We can only go to the store with Cecil tagging along.

“Serafiona-sama! Everyone! We have been waiting!”

Welcoming us is a middle-aged woman with chestnut-coloured hair and flashy dark brown eyes. A simple brown dress is wrapping her plump body, and she has a measuring tape hanging on her neck. There are several women who are waiting with a 90 degrees bent on their waists.

“Madam Marcus, and all the staff, nice to meet you. We’ll be in your care today.”

“Very well, Young Lady. This time, it’s for the graduation dance party. You would like something gorgeous and easy to move in. We’re having a few samples here, so please go to the back.”

Eris-san, Sasara-san, Alma-chan, and Cecil are overwhelmed by the gorgeous space, filled with colorful dresses and ornaments, which they are in for the first time.

And next to the dresses, the pajamas I designed are displayed, more prominently so than the dresses.

“How are the pajama sales?”

“At the start, the fashion leaders, War Princess, and the Twilight Princess, took interest, then they came to seriously love them…… Experiencing their comfort at home, they are impressed and become repeat customers, and recommend them to their acquaintances… I was worried that they would lack in sex appeal, but in actuality, I achieved a neat image like Serafiona-sama. Also, my husband, Viscount Rose, finds it cute. ‘So fluffy’ he said as he hugged and loved me…… And after that, rumor starts to spread, and they become gifts for newlyweds.”

“-fuun-. I am very thankful to Rose-sama. Would you like to receive a couple’s gown as a thank-you-gift?”

“Young Lady, a gown? Please teach me more!”

Madam Marcus’s eyes as a merchant glows.

When I and the Madam wrote the illustrations, we heard a small voice.

“Ah, err…”

“Sasara-san. Have you decided on the base for your dress?”

“Serafi, for me…… The cheapest one.”

Sasara-san is… Modest. She has great virtue. Very lovely!

I look at Madam Marcus. She nods to tell me she understands.

“That would be troublesome, Sasara-sama. We must prepare the best dress for you!”


“First, isn’t there the order from Trundle? And also, Sasara-sama needs to be the model for our advertising.”

“Model for your advertising?”

“That’s right. Sasara-sama, it may be rude, but you don’t know how valuable you are. Sasara-sama and Eris-sama are female knights who graduated from Knights School for the first time in 12 years. How many people will yearn for your looks in your uniforms? And your dignified military uniforms, how much attention will it receive in future! And not only that, both of you are excellent as knights, beautiful as women, and have Trundle as their guardians. Sasara-sama and Eris-sama are very valuable, akin to gemstones.”

“That’s very true…”

Cecil joins in for some reason.

“The dress that Sasara-sama would be wearing, how much effect do you think it will have on the economy? We will embroider Marcus’s insignia ‘M’ on everything that Sasara-sama wears. Sasara-sama, would you like to do business with me?”


“Yes, I won’t trick you. And I’m aware that there’s a very scary person having Sasara-sama’s back. Oh, I’m thinking of making a scented bag and pajamas with fluffy ends. Or do you have a child acquaintance who will want to work as a side job?”

Sasara-san gives a wry smile as if she is in trouble.

“I understand… I’m very thankful for the side job.”

Sasara-san seems to have finally made up her mind, and joined Eris-san and Alma-chan to form a circle. It seems Madam Marcus has received an apprenticeship of some sort.

As my Grandmother said, it’s important to wear the ones that look best, but at graduation parties, it’s better to wear what one likes.

“Young Lady.”

“As expected of Madam Marcus. Thank you for persuading Sasara-senpai.”

“No, I cajole her into it.”

My right brow suddenly twitched.

“Sasara-sama is really… The flower of hope for us commoners. There was no one backing her, no money, becoming a knight with painstaking effort, and despite all that trouble, continued to care for the children of the orphanage… She is very dazzling to merchants like us who can only make money…”

Madam Marcus squints, staring at Sasara-san who is picking up the cloth fabric and smiling gorgeously.

“So, the word you said just now, if they are true, can Marcus Firm help Sasara-senpai when she is under undue pressure and I can’t rush to her?”

“Is that an order?”

“Is it easier to move when it’s an order? Then, it’s an order.”

“I will follow it with my life, The Next Lord of Trundle, Serafiona-sama.”

That title…… I’m used to it now……

Three of my first friends. With just the three of us, we were able to forget our destiny and spend time innocently at the Knights School.

…I may leave the country and never get to meet Sasara-senpai again.

Even if it is just for a little… If I helped Sasara-san… I’m glad.

“How would you like your dress, Young Lady?”

“Is it okay to have a design where the neck of an A-line is narrowed?”

“Will your color be blue as always?”

I always choose Lu’s sky blue eyes, except for monotones.

“Hmm, I’ll look at the colors of the three’s dresses and think. I feel like I’m just an add-on these days.”

“Absolutely not!”

Cecil, you were still here?

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