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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 46

* Promised Fortune ・ EXTRA mode

Extra 1 Villainess Young Lady DLC (1)

One day, I was sitting in a classroom, when my Kouhai suddenly screams,

“New download-able content has been added for Christmas! Yaaaayyyy!”

Which was the trigger for the following events.

It was almost the end of Christmas, December 26th, when Kodamatsu (New Year’s pine decoration) can be found placed in front of shops here and there.

I am in the clubroom in university.

There is a whole cake and a disposable chopstick, poking a note from Senpai, that reads,

『I’ve bought an unsold item from my part-time job. Feel free to have it. Raiju can go explode.』

My Kouhai is at the door and loudly exclaims her honest thoughts at the previously mentioned sight in the room.

“No, no, no. That had me super startled.”

“I am more startled at your voice.”

“Oh, we can have the cake.”

She is a Kouhai that never listens to other people.

I sat down opposite to her, split the chopsticks on the table, and carried the cake and cream into my mouth.

I encouraged My Kouhai, who is holding her cheeks while exclaiming, “delicious,” to talk.

“So, DLC (Download-able contents) it is, right?”


She swallowed the cake in her mouth to respond to my question.

She then shouted once again, no less louder than when we entered the clubroom.

“Anyhow! ProFo’s new Christmas download-able content is out!”


“………………Quieten down.”

ProFo is short for the game series “Promised Fortune.”

As my Kouhai’s favorite Otome Game, I have a strange connection to it. Tripping into the world and devastate the game world as the Villainess Young Lady――

Running through the scenario to reach the True End is still fresh in my memory.

That wasn’t boring, but I really want to relax as the year is almost going by already.

So, I gave a very clear, “I don’t want to be involved,” aura, but my Kouhai is awfully good at failing to read the mood.

With a smile on her smile, she will keep on talking about the new content that was out on Christmas.

“What was out this time is a content called 『Get a gift for Christmas』”

“That world has the concept of Christmas?”

“Hmm. To be exact, 『Holy Day Festival』 it was called, 『A day spent with people important to you, like your friends, family, and lovers』 that’s what it says.”

I see.

“This is a game that makes you feel like you’re spending a day on the Holy Day Festival. The content is shorter than the main game, but the price is affordable.”

“Are you a company spy or something?”

“There wasn’t any prior notice, so all the fans went crazy. No way, Santa-san doesn’t actually exist, right?”

Her enthusiasm isn’t dampened by my remarks.

Well, it’s good to have something you like.


“So anyway, here.”

She said but, what does she mean, “So anyway”?

The game console she handed me is definitely the one that belongs to her.

It is pastel pink and decorated with Swarovski Crystals and ribbons. Before, when I complained, “Doesn’t this sticker or something on it delay the emergency avoidance actions in case they actually happened?”

I remember her replying, “I don’t play games in those for a second time.”

While reflexively receiving the game console, I asked,

“Yes, and what’s this?”

“Senpai, you also wanted to play the new ProFo, right? I’ll lend you that.”

“Well, no, not especially.”

I would rather refuse because I have a bad feeling about it.

But my Kouhai does not take my heart into consideration at all.

“No need to be shy! It’s not surprising that one wants to tell others what you like!”

“No, I’m not being shy, rather―”

“I have been taken care of by Senpai throughout the year, so think of this as a thank-you gift from me. I’m going to work part-time, so please enjoy yourself!”

So she said, doing whatever she wanted and swiftly left the clubroom, the game console stayed pressed against me.

――Now then.

What’s left in the room are the cake and me, and the game console left by my Kouhai.

I took another bite out of the cake left by our Senpai. Just me alone cannot so reduce its size so easily.

Finally, I realized that yellow peach, not strawberry, is in the centre.

Strawberries are expensive after all…… That thought briefly crept into my mind, but remembering that this is Senpai’s grace in the first place, I felt that I am not in a position to say such things.

Chewing the cake in my mouth, I took the pen that lay on the table and wrote,

『I’ve eaten the cake. I hope to have Montblanc next year, Konomi.』

And on the corner of the notepad ― 『With love』

I wash away the sweetness of fresh cream with the green tea in the plastic bottles.

I take a deep breath. Or rather, a sigh.

What will I be doing anyway? I thought, and decided.

……Well, there’s nothing else, so I’ll have to just play it.

I mean,

If I have an unplayed game at hand and just leave alone――

But in the end, aren’t the datas of the gamers all refreshed?

Then what?

I move the cursor and select an icon on the screen of a portable game console that is much smaller than the TV.

I checked if the game title is properly displayed on the screen.

And then,

I pressed the OK button.

“――Yes, that’s all for today’s lesson.”

-koron- -koron- rings the chime of the bell at the end of the class.

We stood up, said our greetings to the teacher, and I looked around.

The scenery around me is the same classroom, the same uniform, the same desk that I saw some time ago.

My figure reflected on the window glass is the same as the one I’m already used to seeing at this point.

No, it’s actually a bug though.

At that moment, when I’m having mixed emotions welling up inside me,

“Konomi――! It’s the Holy Festival Day――!”

I feel a shock from my back.

Right after, the face of the “Heroine” peers right at my face.

……Well, if this no longer happens, I might not be liking this game anymore.

I simply give up and laugh.

“Hello there, Eileen… I heard of the Holy Festival Day. Yes.”

AN: This is the extras for Auto Assigned Villainess.

This is not expert mode. It will be leisurely.

Although it is the end of the year and New Year holidays are coming up, I would like to write something Christmasy.

Suipara’s sweets have arrived. I am very thankful.

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