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Master of Science and Technology – Chapter 11

Translator: Darling | Editor: Nebosuke

What was he doing?

    A few people waiting to see Ye Zan be made a fool suddenly heard questions from behind. They turned around and saw Liu Qian and Mo Rushi coming.

A young man whose clothes are different from the others was among them. A moon-white robe painted with gold rims, and the sword at his waist was filled with gems, which made him look like a noble playboy. He was not a disciple of the Yu Qing Sect, but a disciple of Liu Qian.

    His name was Li Yuanshan. Upon seeing Liu Qian, he hurriedly saluted him and Mo Rushi, and then replied: “Master, that little brother seems to be imitating the ancients by tasting the herbs.”

    “Little brother? What little brother?! That’s Elder Mo’s brother. You have to call him Uncle.” Liu Qian suddenly glared and said with a serious face. Liu Qian still felt a little choked when he mentioned Ye Zan, so he directly made known the relationship between Mo Rushi and Ye Zan.

Sure enough, these several people, including Li Yuanshan, looked at Mo Rushi with a surprised look.

It was simply unbelievable!

    However, Mo Rushi didn’t show any embarrassment on his face. Instead, he said directly: “Yes, this my brother. You must remember not to be rude to him.”

    Originally, those people were quite shocked, and they didn’t even believe it. They thought Liu Qian and Elder Mo were joking. However, hearing Mo Rushi admitting it solemnly made them so stunned that their jaws were about to hit their feet.

    However, after several seconds, Liu Qian thought of something and immediately asked, “Wait, Yuanshan, what did you just say, what is he doing?”

    “Master… Uncle, he seems to be imitating the ancients by tasting the herbs. We followed him along the way. He has already chewed a lot of herbal stems and leaves.” Li Yuanshan was a little uncomfortable. Indeed, his cultivation was higher than Ye Zan and was older than Ye Zan, but because Ye Zan was the younger brother of Elder Mo, he had to call Ye Zan Uncle, which was naturally unacceptable for him.

And this time, Liu Qian was frightened, and suddenly his face sank as he shouted: “Nonsense! Don’t you know that the herbs cannot be taken so casually?!”

Li Yuanshan showed his frustration and quietly said: “Master, we have tried to persuade him before, but this Uncle did not listen.”

“Brother Mo, look at this…” Liu Qian wanted to explain, but looking around, Elder Mo was gone. Looking at Ye Zan in the distance, Elder Mo was there, and he seemed to be asking something.

     Seeing this, Liu Qian only glared at Li Yuanshan fiercely, and then he quickly walked to Mo Rushi.

     At this time, Elder Mo was approaching Ye Zan, looking at Ye Zan with a worried face, and asked carefully: “Brother, what are you doing?”

     “Bah!” Ye Zan spat out the leaves, glanced at Elder Mo, and shook his head. “It’s nothing. Just tasting the medicinal properties. These herbs are really terrible!”

“Don’t you feel uncomfortable?” Liu Qian asked.

    Ye Zan walked over to the next field. While picking two leaves, he said, “Nothing.” Then he put the two leaves in his mouth again.

    “These herbs are too toxic if they are not prepared. You should be careful.” Liu Qian said lightly, but he could do nothing to stop Ye Zan. Of course, he believed that since he himself was here, it would not be too serious.

    “Bah!” Ye Zan spat again, and said, “Is there anything else?”

    Liu Qian glanced at the residue on the ground. A whiff of clear smoke rose from it, and there was a convulsion in the corner of his eyes. That was fire grass. Even when an ordinary person touches it with their hand, they would get burned like having touched fire, let alone chew it. It seems that this little brother had done something unusual.

    Then, Liu Qian took out the prescription and tried to show an open-minded appearance. He asked: “Brother Ye, there are some theoretical questions about this prescription. I wonder if you can answer one or two of them?”

    However, Ye Zan did not look flattered at all but replied unkindly: “Follow this. Don’t ask too many questions. Why don’t you understand what I said?”

    Ye Zan was not vengeful, but this principle really couldn’t be explained. Say what? What is a displacement reaction, what is a compound reaction, and what is the molecular structure of a substance? Three or two sentences cannot explain it clearly at all! And he was not here to explain about modern science.

    However, Ye Zan’s remarks made Liu Qian dumb for a while. Beside him, Elder Mo knew what was going on, but he didn’t feel anything. The disciples such as Li Yuanshan who followed behind were stunned. What shocked Li Yuanshan and the others more was that although Liu Qian looked very angry, Liu Qian swallowed his anger when they felt it was going to burst.

    Not only did Liu Qian swallow his anger, but he squeezed a stiff smile squeezed on his face, “Yes, it’s a bit of an abrupt question. Brother Ye, don’t be angry.”

    As soon as Liu Qian said this, Mo Rushi and the others were stunned. As a master of alchemy, Liu Qian had always been respected by people. In other words, no one dared to make him angry. Who would have thought that Liu Qian would act so docile when facing Ye Zan?

  Liu Qian was not a person who was willing to say “sorry” easily, but it didn’t mean he would never admit it when beaten, especially when faced with such temptation. This temptation came from Ye Zan’s prescription.

     That’s right, it was just a prescription for the ultimate pills, but the truth behind it made Liu Qian vaguely feel that it was the opportunity to reach a breakthrough. He clearly felt that if he could understand this formula, he could truly grasp the truth.

     An opportunity for promotion to become the greatest Master of Alchemy was a huge temptation, so he would be willing to bow his head down and admit defeat.

     However, Mo Rushi didn’t know Liu Qian’s thoughts. Fearing that the two would quarrel again, he quickly interrupted the conversation and said to Ye Zan, “Brother, what did you say? What happened to this herb?”

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