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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 4

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

The class was in an uproar.

I mean, it’s understandable.

I too would be flustered if I were one of the students. Especially since the entry age of this academy is 15.

Besides, I am here as their 12-year-old homeroom teacher, and their swordsmanship teacher as well.

(It’s quite strange that leader would do something like this…)

That’s definitely what she must be thinking of.

And even though I came here for work, they didn’t even listen to me when I said that I didn’t need a bodyguard this time around.

When suddenly-

“Just stop this nonsense already!” – she said while looking at me and Oz.

It was a girl with long blonde hair and a grown-up demeanor.

It was none other than Iris Reinfell, the princess herself.

“Iris, calm down.”

“Is this something that I should calm down?!”

Though it was Oz who had asked her to calm down, she took on a resolute demeanor.

It was quite something to behold. Though she would definitely lose in terms of physique, she had all the vigor to beat him down.

“I didn’t come to this academy to play with kids. Is this institute that short-handed on staff now?”

“No.. that’s not the case. Mr. Alta here is-“

“Really? So this BOY here is going to be our homeroom teacher? Don’t make me laugh!”

Though Oz was going to explain the situation, his voice got canceled out by the student’s voices.

At least for now, I am supposed to be a knight.

But it seems that if Iris knew that a knight would be arriving as a teacher, she would have come to directly talk about stopping her duty as an escort.

So I think it might have been better that she wasn’t my escort after all.

Well, when I’m thought of how I had trained in his swordsmanship in a faraway country and also being a super talent at it, it almost seems like the setting of a book.

Especially when you looked at the fact that I am lending money from a relative who also happens to be the school principal.

But I didn’t have the time to explain that.

“So this small child will be our swordsmanship teacher and homeroom teacher you say…”

“Yea, if its gonna be like this, I’d rather have Mr. Wol back.

Was that last comment supposed to debunk Mr. Wol? Anyway, I understand that the students had a hard time comprehending what is happening right now.

I too would protest against it, and not comprehend the situation, that, I’m sure.

However, right now I am in a rather uncommon situation.

I had to move for this job and then also convince them that I am their teacher. What a joke.

I should ask for a raise. 

Well, let that be as what it is for now.

“Alright, everyone. I too understand what your uproar is about.”

Alta said, as he hit the table, making sure all the students were focused on him.

Smiling all the way through, he knew that he was going to be their homeroom teacher no matter what.

“Is it that laid-back for being a homeroom teacher? I feel like there are a few troubles along the way too…

Well, for now – “

“Maybe, that’s why we should do a test?”

“A test?” Iris said with a puzzled face.

I nodded to that request. 

There is always one simple trick to convince those who deem themselves inconvincible.

“I’ll challenge all of you to a mock-battle. If I lose, I will stop being your homeroom teacher.”

The quickest way to convince the inconvincible is by showing them his power.

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