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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 5 Chapter 84

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 5 Chapter 84

Midnight Boys Association in Marshe

-clamouring- -murmurs-

“Be quiet, everyone! Let’s start the 3rd meeting of 『Watching over the worried Fio-chan of Yoko-san’s restaurant』!”

-clap- -clap- -clap- -clap-

-piii- -piii-!

“The moderator is the same one from last time, self-proclaimed Fio-chan’s number 1 bodyguard, previously, staff of Tokyun’s 3rd Adventurers Guild ― Yashiro!”

“This is Fio-chan’s number 1 bodyguard!”

“You quit being an adventurer and became a guild staff in order to stay in the same boarding house as Fio-chan, right?!”

“Hey, quietly now. And everything is first come first served. Anyway, here is the agenda this time: 『How should we take the fact that Fio-chan had stopped dressing as a boy?』 Please raise your hands if you have any opinions to share.”

“Hey, what do you mean ‘stopped dressing as a boy’?”

“Did you think that Fio-chan was a boy?”

“Anyway, it happened! But has anyone heard of the reason why she stopped dressing as a cute boy!?”

“Hmm, Fio-chan was always with the Silver Snake, right? And just as that snake disappeared, she stopped dressing as a boy.”

“Does it have something to do with the disappearance of that beautiful snake? Where did that snake go?”

“I am an outsider, but can I have a bit of your time?”

“Isn’t this, isn’t this Gan-san, Reagan Island’s Guild Master who came here to attend the training program for the new guild masters? Is there something you know?”

“First of all, the beautiful Silver Snake is a benefactor of our island. She devours the terrible octopus monster called 『Reagan’s Devil』. And after that, she became the Ruler of the East Sea.”

“Oh my god! That Snake-chan is the guardian deity of the sea around here, the legendary 『East Sea’s Ruler』?”

“That’s how things are indeed, Yoko Guild’s Guild Master, Gold-nee-san also told me that Snake-nee-san had gone on a training journey, so I think it is quite likely that she had stepped up to take over the ocean.”

“How grand!”

“A true man!”

“A man among men!”

“And, Gold-nee-san’s dressing up as a boy is due to the advice of my predecessor Guild Master. He advised her to do something because she is too cute, so she cut her black hair that reached all the way down to her waist on the spot, but she only became even cuter because of that… My predecessor Guild Master was so nervous, but he dared not tell her about it.”

“It’s a shame about Fio-chan, right? But she is cute no matter what.”

“I cut my hair short because Fio-chan’s hair is short too.”

“Are you going to be bob-haired like Fio-chan next?”

“Hmm, maybe she started growing her hair out once again because she stopped dressing as a boy.”

“But why?”

“Yea, why?”

“Can I have a bit of your time?”


“Serafi, no no, Fio-san’s reassuring relative has returned recently, and that’s why she doesn’t have to work so hard until she’s so worn out anymore. That should be why she is back to being an adorable girl once again.”

“A reassuring relative? Who’s that?”

“Is it the Snake?”


“That can’t be――”

“You mean Saintess-sama?”

“Yamada! Why are you talking about Saintess-sama so suddenly?”

“Saintess-sama who arrived at Marshe the other day is an alumni from the same school Fio went to…… The sight of the two standing side by side was truly a sight for sore eyes…”

“Why!? Why is it always you!?”

“So unfair―!”

“Former Prime Minister―! Why do you always have this idiotic Yamada by you side―?”

“This is favouritism―!”

“Oi oi, it was a chance that arrived due to his help from before. If you are gonna be jealous of Yamada, you should have actively cooperated with me during the Onigiri Revolution!”

“It is because, of something like that?!”

“I’ll cooperate with you from now on―!”

“””””Me too―!”””””

“Anyway, here’s how things are, Fio-chan didn’t stop dressing up as a boy because of something bad, and everyone will continue to show the same level of affection we had shown her prior, and stealing a march is absolutely forbidden.”

“””””No objection!”””””

“And as usual, only those who participated in the previous weekend’s lottery will be served. No change on this.”

“””””No objection!”””””

“Then, next topic. Tabuchi-sama is one one that will introduce the next agenda tonight. Please go ahead.”

“Ehem. This is something I heard directly from Fio-san the other day, Sasaki, Fio-san apparently made matcha cake for everyone to raise their morale. But how come I never even saw it?”


“I don’t eat it either!”

“Same here!”

“Oiiii! Sasaki! What’s going on here? Explain yourself!!”

“N-no way, a monopoly? How could you?!”

“I was wrong about you! Sasaki!”

“T-there’s a reason for this! L-l-let’s talk! Gyaaaa――!”






“Then, there’s free discussion from here. If you have any topic, please.”


“You are the Butcher-san? Please go ahead.”

“Um, Fio-san had always returned with a huge and ferocious preys frozen whole to sell to my store, and a while ago, the one from Reagan called her Gold-san…… Perhaps?”

“Eh, you haven’t heard from Tabuchi-sama?”

“……The thing is, Fio-san is an A-ranked adventurer.”


“Did I really let a Gold ranker look for a lost cat…?”

“The request I made, I asked her to harvest peas…”

“Cute, strong, but grieving… How moe…”

“W-wow, that shocked me! The next will be the last, so if you have any topic, please!”


“Akimoto-san from the bookstore, please go ahead.”

“Ah, I made a book with some of my colleagues at the bookstore at my own expense. So now, I just published a novel based on Fio-chan! The title is, 『The Wish of the Cross-dressing Maiden』. A girl works hard wile cross-dressing as a boy, but at night, she would take off her disguise and wished upon the stars that she reunite with the family she had separated from. It is about how she fulfilled her dreams to become happy. The illustration is soft watercolor painting done by my friend Noda-san……”

“Oh, oii!!”

“Oh my, Sasaki-san? I thought you were long gone, so that means you resurrected?”

“Of, course, not…… And if put it like that, you will be branded as a murderer… Hey, how many copies did you print? How much does it cost?”

“Eh, 200 copies, 1,000 gold per book.”

“I’ll buy everything!!”

“Huh? Sasaki, you still haven’t had enough yet?”

“Are you planning to have a monopoly once again? I won’t forgive you!!”

“Divine punishment!!”






「It seems to have been peaceful even during my absence…… Hasn’t it?」

Shaking his head, Lu returns to Serafiona’s bed.

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