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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 5 Chapter 83

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 5 Chapter 83

Guild Staff Audition

T/N: First of all, apologies. I was sick and ended up being lazy after that. I will be back to tanslating in full force. I look forward to your continued suport m(_ _)m

One afternoon, when the cold winter weather started to cease, Lu and I were called by Tabuchi-san and we went to the old castle.

“I am sorry for the troubling you despite the busy state you might have been in.”

“Good Afternoon!”

“Western Beast-sama of the Four Heavens, I am extremely delighted to be in your presence.”

(T/N: Lu is just nodding his head, probably.)

“I requested your presence here today because there is something I wanted to consult you about. As a matter of fact, Marshe has finally seen the way to implement a new administration system.”

“Wow! Congratulations!”

“But before that, I’m trying to revive the Adventurers Guild.”

That’s right. They would have to gather a lot of people to properly recover. And Adventurers Guilds are indispensable to operate fairly and honestly.

“I want you to give me advice on that topic.”

“Umm, aren’t the former guild staffs still here?”

Marshe’s Adventurers Guild was disbanded because of the Royal family, not the Guilds’ staffs.

“Of course, most of the staffs would have been doing their tasks seriously, but even so, the Guild here in Tokyun, the head of Marshe’s Adventurers Guild, in order to get on the good side of the royal family, had leaked the information about Serafiona-sama.”

I see, the Guild here was the one involved in that incident.

“In that case, how about we do it in 3 steps? Call for applicants, then first, they will have a written test on general knowledge and arithmetics, then they will face an interview from me, the Sacred Beast and Tabuchi-san. Then finally, a general election to choose the Guild Master!”

Then they can buy a CD.

(T/N: In Japanese promo events, like in Idol groups’ meetings and such, they would be selling CD’s after such events. I think Sera is pointing out how they only have to sell CDs now to make it be like one of such events. Thank you very much to Draakon from NU for your help)

“Compared to the practise from before…… it’s quite strict. And I don’t know if people will gather or not…”

“I think this idea is fine. And if you are being this strict, you’ll be able to proudly proclaim that Marshe Guild has been reborn.”

“I see.”

“Whether people will gather or not, I think it depends on whether there is money to be gained from this or not. So what I’m saying is, if they would be able to receive stable incomes, people would gather!”

“Yeah, that’s painfully-true. But of course we don’t have that much money to spare. So I just have to work hard to provide them lunch and help them with the reconstruction for now… Or that may just be my idealistic thoughts.”

Idealistic thoughts he said! He does seem like the type who works for his idealistic thoughts till there are bags under his eyes.


I chanted in my heart, Tabuchi-san glows blue.

「Hou, Sera, that’s a useful new magic. Tell me about it more later.」

Tabuchi (Supporter of the New Government, Former Minister of Marshe Kingdom)

Condition: Chronic fatigue, lack of sleep, on the verge of death from overwork

Skills: <Earth magic>, <Fire magic>, One who experienced many hardships

Hmmm … He had ‘One who experienced many hardships’ in his skills list… It makes me wanna cry.

“In that case, let me pitch in and help!”

I took out a brown spherical object from my <magic box>.


“This is a fossil of about 10,000 years old that Older Brother, Lalouza Granzeus, who has been gaining popularity recently as an explorer and rare-books collector, dug out of an iceberg. It’s the only one of its kind! The only one in the world!”

「That’s not…」

“It is in a very good condition. You can even smell the scent of the prehistoric era from it by simply sniffing it lightly!”

「That’s wrong… I don’t smell anything!」

“Let’s put this up for auction and use the proceeds to fund the Guild for the time being!”

「Huh? Would it even sell!?」

“Lu? There are always some enthusiastic fellows in the world at any time. Just wait and see!”

Later, it sold for 200 million gold coins!

Adventurers Guild staff recruitment! Applicants accepted from throughout the country! One year salary guaranteed! We will continue to do our best even in the years following it! Come out, rookies! Aim for the title of a Hero!

Such fraudulent advertisements spread throughout the country. About 4000 applicants gathered.

As per my suggestion, written tests were conducted first and the number reduced to about 100 people.

And today, they will be narrowed down to about 50 people once again after the interview. For the time being, they will be divided into groups of 10 spread out over 5 places across the country of Marshe. Then they will select 5 Guild Masters through a general election.

(T/N: There will be 5 Adventurers Guild in Marshe apparently)

The applicants will be coming in front of us― Me and (Lu and) Tabuchi-san, the judges, in order to appeal themselves.

I suddenly recall the auditions of some Tv programmes from my previous life.

There was an awesome obaa-san from the countryside who sang with a Goddess-like voice, right?

“Entry number one, please come in!”

The presenter is, of course, Tabachi-san’s eternal aide ― Yamada-kun.

A middle-aged man, who seems to be quite a brilliant person, starts talking about how he had been a guild staff before, and that he has experience.

「Sera, this guy, he has a black heart. He’s trying to eat up fledgling adventurers.」


I immediately put an end to it by ringing a bell once!

“Yes, thank you for your hard work. Next, entry number 2, please come in―!”

“How…!? We can proceed quickly thanks to you!”

Tabuchi-san is delighted!

No. 2 is a young man with his hair parted to one side, in the prime of his life. He was once a civilian in the kingdom and is good at arithmetic.

「This guy had killed people before. And only for trivial reasons at that.」


“Haa, such bad luck. Are there only people like this left in this country?”

“It’s probably because… those with sincerity had already left the country…”

Tabuchi-san is about to cry!

“S-sorry! There’s still a lot more to come! Yamada-kun! N-next, let’s carry on!”

“Yes, next, entry number 3, please come in.”

They got sorted out quickly based on the interviews, Lu’s suggestions, and my <appraisal>. The applicants are mostly put in consideration of hiring them as long as their personality does not have problems.

“Next, entry number 74, please come in!”

Yamada-kun hurriedly rushed to the entrance as a grandmother with her back bend came in, and he offered her a hand.

「Hmm. Her body is ragged but her will-power remains.」

Lu doesn’t seem to have any problem with her in particular.

But she is… already too old.


She glows blue.

Gengorou (Former A-ranked adventurer, Francis of Purgatory)

Condition: Physical health declining due to aging, transvestite, Seasoned Older Sister

Skills: <Fire magic>, acupuncture, economising

Economising skill… HE can’t get that without some serious hard work…

「…So many places to tsukkomi.」

-ding- -ding- -ding-!

Three dings!

“Yes, Francis-san, please wait there!”

Just as Yamada-kun is guiding Francis-san,

“Wait a minute!”

A man I am unfamiliar with rudely came towards the judges’ seat.

“Oi oi, what’s up with this? Why is such an old hag accepted but we were rejected?”

It is not only this man who is making a fuss, many applicants that had been rejected are nodding their heads and glaring at us, me in particular.

“I don’t know what kind of relationship you have with the Prime Minister, but I am not convinced that you can decide what went on here!”

“That’s right!”

“Did you do that with the Prime Minister? Cutie-chan?”

“Lu! They are calling me Cutie-chan!”

「Sera, that makes you delighted? My condolences!」

Although, I am indeed irritated to be continuously treated as a little girl.

Also, I can disqualify them from the seat of a guild staff because of that. Hehehe.

And so, I approached Tabuchi-san,

“Haa… Please cause as little damage to the venue as possible.”

Don’t treat me like I’m Godzi○!

I lightly poked on the forehead of the man leaning forward in a threatening manner.


He flew to the wall behind him.

“I’m like this. Putting aside the fact that I am your superior here, I am way stronger than you all.”


“Everyone, have you perhaps heard of a story like this― A country once collapsed because it despised a single 14-year-old female adventurer.”

“T-that’s the legend of the 『Twilight Princess of Destruction』!!”


“Umm, how about, a man who was living a ruffian lifestyle was ruined because he despised a 15 year-old adventurer who had visited the small island he was in, and later, the city had to start from scratch.”

“T-that’s the legend of the 『Twilight Storm Princess』!!!!”

“Eh!? What the? What? This is the first time I’ve heard of that! Tell me more!”

When Tabuchi-san leans forward and asked that, one of the rejected people speaks while trembling,

“Reagan Island in the north was dominated by a low-life adventurer named Bacchus. There was no one stronger than Bacchus there, so he enacted violence towards the adults and children alike, and the entire city was then under Bacchus’ tyranny. That was when an adventurer dropped in out of nowhere and defeated Bacchus, then disappeared just as swiftly as she arrived, and the city was finally freed from the tyrant. They called the adventurer 『Twilight Storm Princess』 based on her appearance! She looks like the female personification of a storm! How terrifying does that sound…”


Both of you, I don’t look terrifying at all!!

But that was pretty much what actually happened at Reagan Island.

“-Go- -gohon-! What I meant to say was, a person who judged you based on your appearance alone is the one that is least suitable as a guild staff! Is there any other person who wants to have their forehead poked by me?”

Haaa, it’s finally quiet.

“Yamada-kun, let’s resume”

“Now then, take care, entry number 75, please go ahead!”

“Hello! I ran a boarding house in Tokyun, I am Yoko!”

“…Yoko-san, why?”

“Because, I had always reviewed Fio-chan’s requests. It would just be an extension of that, right?”

That’s true.

-ding- -ding- -ding-!

The general election was held among the 50 chosen members, and five new Guild Masters were selected. Yoko-san was also elected as the leader for the guilds’ restaurants. The boarding house I lived in became the third guild of Tokyun.

Well, it’s convenient so it’s all good.

「Hey! 『Storm Princess』!」

……I have my limits too you know! Lu.

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