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Master of Science and Technology – Chapter 10

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In the alchemy room, Mo Rushi stared blankly at the door, and it took him a while to react, turning his gaze back to his own hands. This was a stack of paper with a strange feel, very stiff, very smooth, and ordinary pen and ink could not write on the papers at all. The content on the papers were also very strange. The small and square characters were very regular and there are some strange graphics.

This was the kind of preparation method for making the best pill? Mo Ru understood the words in the pictures above, but to understand what they meant, he was confused.

  Despite this, Mo Rushi believed that was not fake. After all, no matter whether Ye Zan could be trusted or not, there was still the Great Master behind Ye Zan.

    “Brother Liu, you really misunderstood. My little brother just got a method of dispensing medicine, so let me take it and verify it. You see, we have been friends for many years. What kind of person am I? Are you still unaware of that?” Mo Rushi finally had a reason to explain, shaking the stack of papers in front of Liu Qian.

    Liu Qian was actually just angry that his authority was offended, and did not really want to end his relationship with the Yu Qing Sect. Hearing Mo Rushi’s explanation, although he didn’t believe it completely, it really eased his bad emotions, especially in the absence of Ye Zan.

    Liu Qian walked close to Mo Rushi, reached for the stack of papers, and looked at it casually. However, just having scanned several pages, Liu Qian’s expression changed, frowning as he began to think about something. He turned back from time to time to read the first few pages.

    “How is it, brother Liu? My brother’s method of preparation — can you still see it?” In fact, from Liu Qian’s expression, Mo Rushi had already gotten the answer, but he still asked with a complacent squint.

    Liu Qian seemed to have just woken up from a big dream when he saw Mo Rushi’s face, and he quickly hid the confusion in his eyes. Looking at Mo Rushi, Liu Qian’s face displayed a wry smile and he said, “Brother Mo, this time I was really tricked by you.”

    Mo Rushi was surprised, “Why do you say that?”

   Liu Qian put down the paper in his hand, gestured to Mo Rushi, and said, “I’m afraid I will be tied to the Yu Qing Sect because of you.”

    Although Liu Qian’s words seemed like he was complaining, he was obviously soft. He saw the method of dispensing medicine. If he wanted to leave the Yu Qing Sect again, then Mo Rushi wouldn’t say anything to save him again.

    Besides, this method of dispensing medicine was incredible. It was one hundred percent the best pill — even the greatest master might not be able to do this. And those who could really do it wouldn’t spend their time and energy on refining the best pill, which made the best pill very rare.

For a sect, although the practitioners of the Qi practicing Realm were inconspicuous, they could not be ignored and could even be said to be the most important group of people. In a Sect, inheritance was very important. It was important to have masters, but masters also grew up from the realm of Qi, and inheritance also required disciples to pass it on.

The ultimate pill not only meant more efficient cultivation, but because there were almost no impurities, the success rate of foundation construction would be higher in the future, and the quality of foundation construction would be better. Undoubtedly, if the Yu Qing Sect could do it, all disciples in the Qi practicing Realm could practice with the ultimate pill, which would surely wipe out the current decline.

Such an important thing was noticed by Liu Qian, an outsider, and Mo Rushi not killing him at this moment was mainly due to their friendship.

Mo Rushi smiled faintly and said, “You think too much.”

“Alas,” Liu Qian sighed helplessly, as if admitting his fate: “I’ve nothing to say, I will leave my soul lamp in the Yu Qing Sect.”

However, all the families in the Sect had such “welfare”, that is, the disciples could leave a soul lamp. One could know their life and death, and the other could know where they are. For example, Xuan Yuan left the soul lamp in the Yu Qing Sect. A soul lamp does not go out for thousands of years, and the people of the Yu Qing Sect knew that he was still alive.

But for outsiders, this was not a “welfare”.

Once Liu Qian left his soul lamp in Yu Qing Sect, it would be equivalent to binding himself to the Yu Qing Sect, and he wouldn’t be able to escape the Yu Qing Sect’s tracking anywhere. Moreover, he could not be sheltered by other ancestors. Leaving the soul lamp was equivalent to becoming a person of the Yu Qing sect.

Mo Rushi heard the secret and rejoiced in his heart. They got the best pills today and Liu Qian would stay here forever. These were two pieces of good news for today.

Of course, Mo Rushi couldn’t show too much happiness on the surface. He just said with a smile: “That’s very good. Then we will be a family in the future, and my Sect will certainly not let my brother Liu suffer.”

Outside the alchemy hall, there were vast medicine fields all around, which extended like a ladder to the bottom of the mountain.

Ye Zan, who came out of the alchemy room, walked slowly along the trail among the medicine fields, stopping from time to time to pick two leaves and chew them. Of course, he was not hungry or greedy, but only through this way could he obtain information about plants.

However, the people who followed Ye Zan were dumbfounded.

The herbal medicine was used for alchemy, and it could produce a lot of magical medicines with extraordinary effects. However, it did not mean that it could be chewed like this. Many herbs were originally toxic and needed to be processed to remove the toxicity before they could be used for alchemy.

And Ye Zan chewed many herbs along the way, many of which were highly toxic. Ordinary people might lose their life if they did so, and mixing so many herbs together did not mean that the toxicity would cancel out. On the contrary, it might be difficult to detoxify.

People who followed Ye Zan started to persuade him not to chew the herb, but they also wanted to wait and see the joke. They were people from the Alchemy Hall, disciples of Master Liu Qian, and because of Master Liu’s status in the Yu Qing Sect, his disciples always felt that they were superior to the other disciples in the Sect.

Of course, they were not afraid of the death of Ye Zan. After all, practitioners were not as vulnerable as ordinary people, and this was the alchemy hall. There was Liu Gan, the master of alchemy. People would not be poisoned by some herbs, which is why they always followed Ye Zan.

However, what they couldn’t see was that when the herbs entered Ye Zan’s mouth, they were immediately surrounded and decomposed by a large number of nano worms. While feeding the information back to the intelligent brain, they also prevented the penetration of harmful substances in the body. In fact, nothing toxic really entered his body.

At this time, Mo Rushi and Liu Qian quickly walked over to Ye Zan.

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