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Master of Science and Technology – Chapter 9

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However, Ye Zan thought it was too troublesome to take all this himself, so the ancients said, “It is better to teach people to fish than to fish for them.” Of course, it was impossible to give them the machine.

Fortunately, the alchemy pill was only the lowest pill, and the requirements were not strict. Therefore, after the intelligent brain’s calculation, a quite original configuration scheme was soon given. There was no automation and no need for electricity. It was completely hand-made. Even ordinary people could make the best pill as long as they operated according to the process.

Taking out the prepared pill and printing the preparation plan, Ye Zan left this space dimension and went back to the room.

Outside the room, the two old men were staring at each other. Mo Rushi felt embarrassed, but Liu Qian was cold…

Mo Rushi wanted to explain, but he didn’t know what to say. After all, it was himself who brought Liu Qian here.

Just then, the door opened, but it was only ten minutes later when Ye Zan came out of it.

At the sight of this situation, Liu Qian had a sneer on his face, but his heart sank. What could he do in ten minutes? Although the alchemy pill was the lowest level pill, it would take half a day to make. What could he make within ten minutes?

“What, do you need anything else?” Liu Qian asked coldly. In his mind, Ye Zan was probably going to play some tricks again. As long as the boy dared to say something, he couldn’t stand him!

Don’t belittle the importance of the master of alchemy in a Sect, especially the third class sect such as the Yu Qing Sect. Mo Rushi immediately lowered his head and said to Liu Qian with a smile, “Don’t be angry, brother Liu. My younger brother is just curious about the pills. If there’s something that makes brother Liu unhappy, I hope you can understand.”

Actually, Mo Rushi wanted to say that this “young brother” was ignorant for his youth. However, no matter how bold Mo Rushi was, he dared not use “ignorant” to describe Ye Zan. After all, this young master was not really his junior brother.

Ye Zan heard it, but he was not angry. Instead, he sympathized with the old man. This was the cruel reality. No matter which world it was, it was all the same. No matter how old you are, you have to bow your head if you are ambitious.

“There’s no need, brother Mo doesn’t have to worry about me anymore.” Ye Zan walked to the two men and threw the glass medicine bottle in his hand. Whoosh—— the bottle fell into Mo Rushi’s hands. “This is the medicine I made. You can taste it.”

“You made it?” Mo Rushi felt like it was unbelievable. Moreover, he didn’t have confidence in the pill. Perhaps what he worked out in more than ten minutes was really a joke.

As for Liu Qian, he sat there casually and said to Mo Rushi with a wry face, “Brother Mo, taste it. Don’t let down your younger brother’s wishes.”

In face of Liu Qian’s sarcasm, Mo Rushi got mad, but he couldn’t show it. He poured out a pill and then dropped it into his mouth without looking at it.


Suddenly, Mo Rushi’s eyes widened. He looked as if he was not taking a pill but a deadly poison.


Liu Qian also frowned; Mo Rushi’s reaction was a little unexpected. He didn’t think that Ye Zan would give him poison, but why did this old man behave like this?

Time seemed to have been fixed for a long time. At last, Mo Rushi narrowed his eyes again, and then he took a long breath.

For a man in the realm of Qi practicing, he must meditate for at least half a day to fully absorb an alchemy pill. But for Mo Rushi, a master who already reached the high level of Qi practicing, the time for one breath was enough to absorb the power of the pill, even the best pill.

Mo Rushi knew nothing about alchemy, but he had taken many pills already. He could distinguish the merits and demerits of a pill. As soon as he swallowed the pill, he could feel the difference of the pill. Not only were there almost no impurities, but its power was ten times stronger than any other pill. If this couldn’t be regarded as the best, then what else could be regarded as the best?!

“Ha ha,” Mo Rushi laughed again. With a trace of pride on his face, he poured out a pill again and threw it to Liu Qian who was sitting there, “Come here, brother Liu, have a taste, it’s great!”

What a joke! He made the best pill? One couldn’t say it was the best alchemy pill. Even with the most inferior pill, he hadn’t heard of anyone who could make it with secular methods. Otherwise, what could the alchemists do?! Mo Rushi’s performance made Liu Qian’s brows even tighter. Does he want to tease himself or put something in the pill…?

Liu Qian looked at the pill. It was really different from the pill in terms of shape. He pinched it a little harder and it was soft and elastic. Most of the pills could be described as hard as stone after they were refined, but they could also be digested after they were taken.

Liu Qian looked at Mo Rushi and glanced at Ye Zan for one second. Finally, he raised his hand and dropped the pill into his mouth.


With almost the same expression as Mo Rushi’s, Liu Qian’s eyes widened suddenly. As an alchemy master, he knew more about the power of pills than Mo Rushi. He felt that this strange pill seemed to be superior to the real elixir in all aspects.

Impossible, impossible! Liu Qian’s expression suddenly changed, and his face showed a look that had seen through everything. He looked at Mo Rushi with fire in his eyes. He forced his anger and said, “Brother Mo, if you don’t think I’m qualified to run the alchemy hall, just say it. Why do you play such tricks!”

It’s not that Liu Qian was a little complacent, but he was stunned when he heard Liu Qian’s words. He asked inexplicably, “Why are you saying this?”

“Do you want me to speak more clearly?” With a sneer, Liu Qian suddenly stood up. Instead of being angry, he was a little proud, with a brilliant light in his eyes. He said, “Yes, it’s comparable to the best pill, but you said it was made by himself within ten minutes. Do you believe it?”

In fact, he didn’t believe it at all. He was more willing to attribute it to the Great Master of Xuanyuan, but he couldn’t say anything about the return of the Great Master.

What a bother, these old men. They thought too much when they were old. Ye Zan was really impatient. He directly took the stack of printing paper in his hand and said, “Here you are, these are the steps to make the pills.”

Ye Zan didn’t come to prove anything. He just wanted to have a better pill to cultivate himself, so he handed the method to Mo Rushi and left the room without saying a word.

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