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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 3

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

The royal capital of Galdea Kingdom – Woshir.

Many people live within the 5 sections of this city.

At the very center lies the King’s palace, symbolizing the kingdom.

The other four sections are divided by the knights that live to protect this kingdom.

At the Fiore Campus, there are many students with the royal blood. 

It provides for both the facilities, as the school ground is very large.

In terms of jurisdiction, it belongs to the Black Wolf Knights, to which I belong too.

Morning ~ I am walking on the large grounds of the school.

Though I am a little bit early, the classes aren’t starting anytime soon.

So the amount of students in the school ground is rather sparse.

Most of the students lived in the dormitory of the school grounds, so if we included them, there might be more than what I expected.

(Though, that skill is quite suspicious, isn’t it….)

Whether it’s good or bad, a twelve-year-old like me does stand out in this high school.

I’d really like to go to the staff room as soon as I can, though.

(The captain did say so, but does he really wants to talk?)

Even thinking about it had made me feel nervous.

By looking at me, most would wonder whether I would be alright by myself as I seemed to be

out of the range of the age requirement for the academy.

(But I don’t really have a choice now, do I? It’s nearly doubled my salary as a knight…)

If I include both the money that I get from the school and from my salary as a knight, it is almost twice the amount that I would usually make.

In short, you can get filthy rich just by defending a little girl which goes by the name of “Swordmaster princess”.

Honestly, do I really need to protect her? – Is what I am thinking. But there was some unsettling movement going around.

(Well, whatever…)

I just went straight towards the staff room.

Playing bodyguard huh – I just hope that everything’s fine without anything happening.



A young girl was looking in the direction of the school building.

She was looking at what appeared to be a young boy.

But the boy soon disappeared as he entered the school building.

“What’s the matter?”

The one who started talking with Iris, who was looking at the boy, was her classmate, Alia.

With a bit of a listless face, she looked over at Iris.

Though she had just brushed her hair, it still looked like she just came out of bed.

“You got bed-hair again.”


Though the two of them are really nothing like the other, they were always together.

For Iris, it was like she had a little sister.

Alia too treats Iris like a normal person, even though she is the one they called the “Swordmaster Princess”.

“Hey, I can see a small child.”

“A small child?”

“Well, maybe not that small, haha. But I think it’s someone from the elementary level.”

If it’s in this area then it’s most likely a sibling related affair. 

Though this area is divided into the elementary, middle, and high-school levels, the school grounds are treated as one.

(I feel like I’ve seen that child somewhere before, though…)

“Iris, can we go to the training grounds real quick?”

Alia pulled Iris by the collar of her shirt.

Though she looked rather relaxed before, her expression seems to change rather quickly.

You could say that she kind of looks like a cat.

Just looking at her acting like this made Iris laugh.

“Right, so the swordsmanship test is today, so let’s get some shoulder warm-ups first, shall we?”

“I don’t think you need that, Iris.”

“What do you mean? I still need to practice, you know.”

As the two girls were discussing, they both walked in different directions.


The school bell rang.

Both Iris and Alia rushed through the classroom doors.

Because they were so absorbed in their swordsmanship training, they were only barely on time for class.

“J-just on time, right?”

“Yea, that was quite risky.”

“Yea, we made it, barely.”

The one that they ran into was none other than Oz Corsta, the Head Teacher of the school.

Though he is very muscular, he is also an excellent magic teacher.

It was strange not to see their homeroom teacher, but rather the Head Teacher standing in front of the class.

“Well, take your seats then.”

“Ah, yes, sorry~”


The two girls sat down in their seats.

Though they were free to sit wherever they liked in the auditorium, most students still chose the same seats they had always sit in.

Alia and Iris always had their window-seats in the back.

When they finally sat down, they looked at the person who was standing next to Oz.

“Oh, it’s that child again…”

It was the child that Iris saw this morning.

So if he’s here, that must mean that he’s someone’s little brother right?

Either way, it was going to be quite a strange talk as the first thing in the morning.

“A-hum, this is quite sudden as I suspect, but from today onward your homeroom teacher will be changed.”


Iris looked rather shocked at Oz.

Her classmates too got talkative.

“What do you mean?”

“Yea old man, did something happen?”

“Hey, don’t call out to your teacher like that. Your teacher, Mr. Wol was actually the substitute for the person that will be teaching you from today onwards.”

Wol was the homeroom teacher of Iris’ class.

He was in charge of the magical apothecary and was surely not that much involved with being their homeroom teacher.

Iris and her class just had a month in their current highschool programme. Their homeroom teacher changing was surprising, surely, but that’s not something that was out of the ordinary.

But what was out of the ordinary was what that followed right after the announcement was made just now.

“Wait, are you trying to say…”

The homeroom teacher was going to change.

Next to Oz, there was only one other person, the little kid.

Though it seemed unlikely, Iris’ assumption was right on the mark.

“So… From today onwards this class’s homeroom teacher as well as your new swordsmanship trainer –

will be Mr. Alta Schweiss.

The boy – Alta, took a step forward.

While laughing, he stepped forward and took over the introduction from Oz.

“Yep, that’s right, I will be your new homeroom teacher from today onwards. My name is Alta. Pleased to meet you.”


The whole class let out a cry of shock at the same time.

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