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Master of Science and Technology – Chapter 12

Translator: Darling | Editor: Nebosuke

“Your herbal medicine is really awful!” Ye Zan said unkindly.

    “Ah?” Mo Rushi turned his head around and looked at the fields of medicine. He asked in a puzzled way: “Well, is there anything wrong with the herbs? They look pretty good.”

    “You think it’s nice, right?” Ye Zan sneered.

Mo Rushi blushed and stopped talking. He was a layman in alchemy and he knew nothing about planting herbs. Therefore, at this time, it was still better to say less, otherwise Ye Zan would tease him.

    This time, Liu Qian did not feel offended, and he was not good at planting herbs either.  What’s more, he had something important to ask Ye Zan, so he smiled: “Sorry to let you see my ignorance, but I’m not a spiritual planter after all. If I did something wrong, I hope Brother Ye can give me advice.”

    Growing herbs was not the same as planting grains and vegetables. Different herbs had different needs from the environment, which required different cultivation ways.

    Therefore, in this world, spiritual planters were responsible for growing herbs. Real spiritual planters have spells specifically for planting, stimulating herbs, removing insects and diseases, and upgrading herbal medicines. It is said that the top spiritual planters can even “talk” with herbs to understand all the changing needs of herbs and be able to cultivate ordinary herbs into spirit grass.

  The Yuqing Sect of that year was not short of the Lingzhi division, but now it was not the same year. Now Yuqingzong, who had fallen into third-rate, could find Liu Gan as a master of Dao Dao, mainly because Liu Gan was actually a loose repairer. Ling Zhi Shi was very dependent on Zong Men. The entire Shenhua Realm could hardly find a Ling Zhi Shi who was a loose repairer. If he wanted to dig people from those Zong Men, he did not need to think about the conditions of Yu Qing Zong.

    Of course, Ye Zan’s words made someone feel discontent somehow, and hthat was Li Yuanshan. In fact, Li Yuanshan was responsible for the medicine fields in Alchemy Hall. Ye Zan said that the herbal medicines were not well grown, and Li Yuanshan naturally could not bear these words. Fortunately, Li Yuanshan was a smart person and he wouldn’t blame others.

However, Li Yuanshan was still upset. He has managed the medicine field for so long, and even if he was not a spiritual planter, he still had some experience.

Ye Zan didn’t know what these people think, and of course he didn’t care either. He regarded the Yu Qing Sect as his own territory, which naturally included these medicine fields. 

“Go and find me the book of herbal medicine first.” Ye Zan said expressionlessly. Although he had already obtained a lot of herbal information through tasting herbs, he had to match the known information with the herbal name. 


    Everyone was speechless.

    If a person needed to look at the book to recognize the herbs, who’d believe that he could grow the herbs well?

However, Mo Rushi and Liu Qian immediately remembered the fact that Ye Zan had asked for the names of the herbs in the alchemy room. He didn’t know the name of the herbal medicine, but he succeeded in making the best pills.

Thinking of this, Liu Qian didn’t feel so strange. He turned to his disciple Li Yuanshan and said, “Yuanshan, go to my study room and take the sketches.”

    “Yes, master!” Li Yuanshan followed the command, turned and went straight to the alchemy hall.

   In a blink of an eye, he ran back and brought a thick book in his hand.

    Ye Zan took the book, flipped through it, and looked at each page for less than a second. The quick reading made the people next to him stunned for a while, wondering whether Ye Zan was really reading a book or just listening to the sound of turning the pages.

    Little did they know that in less than a second, the contents of the book pages were already recorded by Ye Zan’s auxiliary intellectual brain and stored in the database that had been established.

    Soon after, Ye Zanhe returned the book to Li Yuanshan.

    “Brother Ye, you …”  Mo Rushi asked curiously.

    “Hmm,” Ye Zan coughed lightly, and then said, “Aren’t you curious how well this herb is grown? Then I will tell you about the problem here.”

    “Let’s talk about it right now. Look at this fire grass. Did you see the white silk net on the plant? No, this is not a spider-knot web, but a fungus. Don’t know what a fungus is? Do you know mushrooms? In short, this kind of thing is just like the vines wrapped around the tree, they grow by absorbing the nutrients of the plants. Look at the whole field. All the plants are almost infected, and although it does not kill the herbs, the effect of the medicine is definitely poor. “

    “Here, do you see the withered edge on the leaves? This is not a dry yellow with water shortage. On the contrary, you are watering too much. Also, the plants in these fields are full of insects. Don’t you know how to remove the insects? Look at this, I thought you were raising insects.”

    “Black heart grass prefers shade rather than sunshine, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to build a shed. But the growth of this kind of grass also has requirements on the ambient temperature. It’s too hot here, just like a big steamer.

    “And also……”

    Ye Zan spoke while walking, just like an agricultural expert. Mo Rushi, Liu Qian, Li Yuanshan and others followed him slowly.

    Everyone walked through more than half of the medicine field. Almost every field of medicine had some problems, which made Liu Qian and Li Yuanshan’s faces look very gloomy. They felt that they had done a very good job, but they were rated as worthless. They definitely couldn’t be happy about that.

    However, Liu Qian couldn’t lose his temper, he suddenly said to Ye Zan and Mo Rushi: “Brother Ye, I am not a spiritual planter after all, though I have always had too much energy to care for the medicine field. Since Brother Ye is so proficient, I’m willing to give up the position of the host. What does Brother Mo think?”

Mo Rushi looked at Liu Qian’s face as if it was not a joke, and he immediately felt that the proposal was good. The key was that he knew that there was the Great Master of Xuanyuan behind Ye Zan. Regardless of whether Ye Zan had the ability, the Great Master of Xuanyuan must be omnipotent. So why not let Ye Zan manage the Alchemy Hall?

    Ye Zan didn’t want to make them quarrel with each other, but he wants to make this medicine field better. Although he was not a spiritual planter, it was not difficult to grow herbs with the power of technology.

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