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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 5

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

Aside from the school building itself, there’s also a library and a canteen that’s built adjacent to it.

Basically, the students living in the dorms would have no trouble living on the school grounds.

Together with the students, I arrived at what they called the training grounds.

Here, they’ll practice their magic and swordsmanships.

Under Oz’s guidance, I was accompanied by 20 other students.

“Swordmaster Princess” is what they called her, but aside from that name, there didn’t seem to be anything special about this class.

The ones that stood out to me were the extremely talented Iris and the girl with the dreary face next to her.

Was her name… Alia? Before I came here, I had already looked through the student name list and their achievements thus far.

Though I compared her to Iris, this Alia girl seemed to be mediocre in her studies but she has a very high level in both her swordsmanship and magic.

For now, I seem to be a few years younger, and I’m very willing to just get out of this whole situation quickly.

“Well then, Mr. Oz, we hope that you could be the referee for this whole ordeal.”

“Aa, yes.”

Though he hesitated, he agreed to be a referee. Since I am the one who proposed that we should do this, he might feel a bit anxious on the inside.

In that regard, I had truly made quite a mistake.

“Well, let’s get started then.”

The one that had suddenly said that was a boy.

He seemed rather tall and well built. 

Most likely his swordsmanship would be much better than his magic.

He’s also the one that kept interrupting Oz back in the classroom.

“Well, before we get started, we should start by establishing the rul-“

“We don’t need rules for a battle. The one that falls first loses. That’s all there is to it, right?”

As he said that, he threw an imitation sword towards me. By imbuing the blade with magic, we can imitate being cut like a real sword.

Though the cut is significantly weaker than a real one, but you’ll definitely know when you’ve been cut.

The tall boy infused his magic and created the blade. Iris and the other students didn’t move at all it seemed.

“You said you are a teacher, so I am sure that you’re able to use that. Let’s roll.”

Before I could even answer that, the student had already took off.

The blade he made was a simple type of short blade. 

If I were to make it myself, I would have created an imitation sword that can change its form,

but it seems that he’s good at creating simple swords.

There also seems to be no place for feints. 

The tall boy came rushing over to me, ready to cross blades with m- and he fell on his face.


All the students seem to be very surprised. The only one that’s more surprised than the others was the student with his face in the dirt.

They don’t really seem to grasp the situation yet.

So I put down my foot on the boy.

“Well then… I believed you say that you would lose when you hit the ground. That makes a good firs-“

“Don’t make me laugh!”

The tall boy stood back up and came charging at me again.

So I gave him a new imitation sword.

“If this were a real battle, you would have already died twice. Don’t judge people just by their looks. 

That’s the first thing you should keep in mind. It’s best to remember it.

The first time, he would have died when he hit the ground, and his back would be cut.

The students too would understand that that would be his death, right?

The second time would be now, where I could very easily make his head roll off his neck right now.

I turned around and faced the students.

They held their breath, knowing that I’m watching over them now.

I really wanted to make it more flashy, but whatever.

“So, let me explain the new rules for this match. If any of you managed to strike a blow at me, you win.” 

But fighting you all one by one is kind of tedious, right?

I made an imitation blade and looked right back at the students. 

“All of you, come at me. This should be just about right.”

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