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Master of Science and Technology – Chapter 16

Translator: Darling | Editor: Nebosuke

It’s time to get that guy out! Ye Zan rose to wake up and waved to Mo Rushi and said, “Go down first and return your apprentice to you later.”

“Yes, then I will leave first.” Mo was even now, and he did not hold much hope either as he hurriedly retired from the library.

Ye Zan returned to the space of different dimensions again. After reading the test report given by intelligence, it was determined that Qi Qianjun had recovered completely. Since the gene optimization had been completed and the gene library in the laboratory also left a backup gene, there was no use in keeping this person. It was impossible to return it earlier, and it would save the old man’s eyes all day long.

In the dormancy cabin, the nutrition liquid bubbled down slowly, and Qi Qianjun’s various pipelines also automatically disconnected. Two robots pushed the stretcher truck to the sleeping cabin, opened the transparent hatch cover, and lifted the sleeping one on the stretcher.

In the open space on the top floor of the library, Qi Qianjun lay there quietly, wearing a simple white robe. Ye Zan closed the gate of different dimensions, turned back to Qi Qianjun, and raised his hand with a small spray pot. He sprayed Qianjun’s face two times.

After another moment, Qi Qianjun’s eyelids moved, and then he opened them slowly. His face was suddenly surprised and dazed. He had been blind for more than twenty years after his eyes were dug out. Suddenly he saw the light again. His first reaction was not to be excited but to doubt whether it was true. He raised his hand and touched his eyes, but then he took it away, raised it in front of him, and looked carefully. He kept moving his fingers.

“Well, don’t doubt it. It’s not a dream. You’ve recovered.” Ye Zan sat on a chair beside him, turning such a person into such a person, and he was quite satisfied.

I hear it! Qi Qianjun’s movement was stiff. He slowly turned his head to look aside and saw Ye Zan sitting on the chair. Then he found that he was lying on the ground. This discovery made him a little flustered and embarrassed. The habit of more than twenty years made it impossible for him to jump up all of a sudden, but he could slowly stand up from the ground like an old man in his old age, familiar with his body at the same time.

“You are?” The voice was better, but Qi Qianjun was not surprised. After all, eyes, ears, and limbs brought too much shock.

“Remember what your master told you?” Ye Zan asked.

“You are Uncle Ye?” Qi Qianjun knew that he had more presbyteries, but he didn’t think that he was so young. Obviously, Mo told Qi Qianjun that Ye Zan was also the one who could get a clear identity.

“Can you go?” Ye Zan stood up and asked a question. Seeing Qi Qianjun nodding, he then said, “Let’s go. Your master is still waiting downstairs.”

Ye Zan turned to walk to the stairs, but he heard a muffled “thumping” from behind. Looking back, Qi Qianjun had knelt on the ground.

“Presbytery, thanks again. I don’t think I can repay you. Please accept my worship!” Qi Qianjun said, lying on the ground and knocking his forehead against the ground a few times. He finally made sure that it was not a dream, but such kindness.

It’s not to say thank you. You can repay your loyalty.

Ye Zan raised his hand and said, “Get up, your master should be in a hurry.”

The library downstairs, as Ye Zan said, was worth nothing more than pacing back and forth outside the gate. Although it looked normal, it obviously would make one’s heart quiver. Qi Qianjun was his close disciple, the disciple he once hoped for, and the disciple he always felt indebted to. His affection for Qi Qianjun was far beyond that of ordinary teachers and disciples.

The sound of footsteps came from the library gate. It was like finally stopping and turning to look inside the gate. At this time, it seemed to be a statue. There was a glimmer of water in their eyes, and even their breath was a little short.

From the library gate, Ye Zan and Qi Qianjun walked out one by one. Qi Qianjun saw his master at a glance, hurriedly walked forward a few steps, and rushed to master with an excited face, falling to his knees with a thump.

“Unworthy disciple greets the master!” Qi Qianjun banged twice against the ground. Before in the library, the floor was made of wood, but now it was made of bluestone, blood prints appearing on the floor a few times.

Mo Rushi rushed back to his mind and reached out to pull Qi Qianjun up. He looked at his apprentice up and down and said in a slightly shaky voice: “Qianjun, get up quickly. Don’t hurt yourself again. It’s because you can’t help your teachers and even your own disciples that you have suffered so many years.”

Qi Qianjun stood up with excitement and shame on his face and said, “No, it’s the disciples who don’t fight. They forget about their fame, so they fail to live up to the teacher’s expectations. It’s even more humiliating for the school.”

“You two, almost.” Ye Zan felt like it was boring to interject.

“Thank you Younger martial brother.” Considering Qi Qianjun’s presence, it was impossible to match Ye Zan with his younger martial brother, but it was a deep bow.

“Well, your master and apprentice must have a lot to say. Don’t waste time here. Come to see me tomorrow. I’d like to see what the outer door looks like.” Ye Zan casually waved, turned around, and walked into the library.

Mo Rushi and Qi Qianjun really had a lot to say. Although the two teachers and apprentices had not separated in the past 20 years, there was no form of normal communication between them in Qi Qianjun’s state. It was impossible to convey some information with divinity and disciples, but those were just some simple words. After all, he was not the great power of Yuanshen.

They talked all night. No one knew what they talked about. Even Qi Qianjun’s recovery was only known by Wu Changsheng, the leader of the school.

The next day, Qi Qianjun began to close down. If it wasn’t for the delay of more than 20 years, Qi’s accomplishments would surpass those of Qi Qianjun with his ability of no time for Taoism. Fortunately, the treatment he received was not to reshape his body but to regenerate his severed limbs, so it did not affect his qualifications.

More than 20 years ago, Qi Qianjun built the foundation successfully. Now that he was in good health, as long as he recovered his accomplishments a little, Yuqinism might soon have another Jindan master.

Although Jindan masters were not rare in this world, especially in those big religions, they were like cannon fodder. However, for such a sanliuzong as Yuqinism, the weight of a Jindan master was quite heavy, and with Qi Qianjun’s qualification, the Jindan realm was not the end.

The recovery of Qi Qianjun, the return of Xuanyuan’s founder, and Ye Zan’s various actions made Mo Rushi and Wu Changsheng and others vaguely see the hope of the revival of Yuqinism.

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