Chapter 5

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Kitamizato Takeo couldn’t hear anything.

Ahh, he was flooded with sad thoughts of having failed and potentially being beaten up.

Mr. Elvis (Sir) was conversing with the look-alike soldier who approached us.

They seemed to be talking about various things?

“Haa…..So? Who is this person?”

The look-alike soldier suddenly turned towards me and asked Mr. Elvis.

Please don’t extend the sword out so casually.

I’m afraid.

“Un………This is Takeo. He saved me. I intend to invite him home as a guest.”

“Yes! Understood.”

He stopped pointing the sword at me.

Thank you.

“By the way, I’ve injured my leg.”

“Understood. Oi! Go back to the mansion and get a carriage! And inform them that we will be bringing another person with us!”

After taking the order, the other look-alike soldier dashed away on his horse.

“Fuu, It’ll be good to wait here till the carriage arrives isn’t it?”

“Yes! If you can get on the carriage before the evening bell, we should be able to return to the mansion around the time it rings.”

“Takeo, you’re listening, right? You’re obviously coming with us?”

“Ehh my purpose was to send you home so that’s alright but…”


“Is it alright to make a sudden visit right now?”

“It’s not a problem since I said so.”

“Sir Elvis is…”

“What is this, Takeo? Adding [Sir]. Till now it was Mr. wasn’t it and that’s fine.”

Even if you say that there is a person next to us holding a sword that refers to you as ‘Sir’ so there is no way that I can overlook that.

 I glimpsed at the look-alike soldier and found that our eyes met.

“In public, I’ll use that but since Sir Elvis said it’s alright, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

As if hearing Takeo’s thoughts, he gave a wry smile.

In return, I gave a slight bow.

“So it’s slightly rude to ask but what kind of an important person are you, Mr. Elvis?

“Hnn, I don’t wish to speak about that right now.

I would rather speak about it after returning to the mansion while drinking some tea.”

“Understood. For now, that’s good enough.”

“Hmm, By the way, it looks like the carriage will take time. Takeo, do you have anything to eat?”

I check the bag too once I heard that.

I’m sure that I had some snacks………..I pulled out a persimmon.

“I don’t have anything other than this. Would you like to eat it?”

“Hmm. I haven’t seen anything like this before. Let’s eat.”

I opened the cover and handed him the persimmon which he started to eat with great interest.

“Delicious !! Takeo, give me some more!!”

“No. If you eat too much your nose may start bleeding so I won’t give you any more.”

“Why is that? Eating food shouldn’t result in a nosebleed right?”

“No. Mr. Elvis, isn’t your face a little warm right now?”

“It’s relatively a little warmer, so what about it?”

“If you eat that, the blood circulation in your body increases and if you eat too much it may result in a nosebleed. I don’t want to wait together with a person whose nose is bleeding.”

“…….That’s embarrassing isn’t it.”

It seems that he gave up. His face is full of regret though…

Can’t help it. I cannot take it back now.

“I still have some left so I’ll give them to you once we reach the mansion.”

“What !? Really !? Is the carriage still not here !!!? Come fast !”

That he is looking forward to it is most important.

“As a matter of fact, what will actually happen?”

The look-alike soldier asked me secretly.

“It may result in a nosebleed if you have a dozen or so but if you just have around 3 or 4 it shouldn’t be a problem.”

I replied with a wry smile.

The look-alike soldier also responded with a similar smile.

“Is the carriage still going to take some time?” I relaxed and loosen up as I watched the old man muttered like a child.

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