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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 6 Chapter 95

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 6 Chapter 95

Grasping the current state of affairs of Judor

“His Highness Schneider wanted to take in Serafiona to compete with His Majesty Gardner for the throne. That was the very beginning of this uproar.”

“I see. The state of the royal family?”

“Well, it’s a bit weird. First of all, Prince Gardner got infatuated with Maribelle and did not train himself on anything at all, which leads to the higher ranked nobles questioning his qualifications as the next king. The Queen was very angry… But that was the situation when Serafiona was still in Judor. You know already, right?”

……I don’t! I didn’t know because I never looked into it. And my only source of information was Cecil. Well I can imagine how things went about though. Wait, Older Brother!

“Older Brother, do you personally know Maribelle?”

“Umm, I’ve heard from Father that she is a great cause of concern.”

“D-did you meet with her?”

“No, I was made to swear that I wouldn’t meet her in person. I’ve heard that Father had done the same, and that it was Lu-sama’s order. I would like to know about the state of affairs on this topic actually…”

「You will know about it soon.」

“I hope so. So anyway, right now… His Highness Schneider and Maribelle are working together.”


“They even danced the other day, and were able to show off their close relationship to everyone.”

“Then, His Highness Gardner’s reaction?”

“Of course, he was angry and raised a vehement objection. However, having neglected his discipline recently, there was no way he could’ve won against His Highness Schneider, even less with the Northern Beast-sama by his side as you had told me earlier. He was easily put down.”

Gardner-sama, he wasn’t weak or stupid, but it seems like he failed to grow up this time around because there are only people who knows how to fool around by his side…

“That’s right, rumors on the topic of Maribelle are becoming a hot topic recently. She seemed to have said, ‘Please! Do not fight over me! This is such a delicious hidden event, choosing which side will lead me to the best ending? Anyhow, both princes are such good-looking guys!’ Or something like that. I don’t know what she meant.”

How should I put it… Maribelle really is rather wild…

“What about the Queen’s reaction?”

“The Queen welcomes the fact that Prince Gardner is torn away from Maribelle, but she is wary of His Highness Schneider since she can’t read his intentions. Anyway, Serafiona should be the one who knows His Highness Schneider best. How do you see the current state of affairs?”

His Highness Schneider… So he’s come to this…

I start to speak, carefully choosing my words.

“His Highness Schneider’s desire for the throne comes only from that wish that he and his mother survive, and to retaliate against those who have aimed for his life in the past. You can even say that his only purpose is to kill the Queen and Gardner, meaning whom he partnered up with is not important. After failing to win over me, Granzeus, Trundle, the army on Trundle’s side, and the Queen having the Magic Division on her side, he turned to Maribelle as a last resort.”

I don’t think there is love involved here.

“But will having Maribelle alone change the course of the civil war? Grandmother had even told me that she isn’t worth keeping an eye on.”

“To be honest, I believe that His Highness Schneider and Tarl-sama alone can win the throne. That is, if we remain as bystanders. As for Maribelle, her being by his side will give him a strong sense of insurance. Also, Maribelle… She has a mysterious power. She will bring fortune to oneself. Or more precisely… She can move things in a way that will be advantageous to her…”

“I’m still not convinced.”

“…Once, when we met Maribelle, she said that she wanted Lu, and Lu, contrary to his will, tried to go to Maribelle.”

“…She can manipulate the mind?”

“You can put it that way… Anyway, her power is strong enough to move Lu the way she wants.”

Older Brother stares at Lu, stunned. Lu returns a nod.

“I see… I can be manipulated too.”

「There is a chance that will happen. So don’t get too close to that woman.」

Ghilane, who had simply been listening from the side so far, opens his mouth,

“How about the King?”

“The King… I don’t think he intends to clarify his stance on this subject. Compared to the preceeding King who was a great Hero, he is very incompetent. Or rather, he is indecisive, or that he is only interested in being the King and nothing else.”

I have never seen the king in this life. Apparently, Papa hadn’t seen him either after he was appointed as a minister. Does he leave the matters of politics to the Prime Minister, the Queen and the Minister, and live however he likes?

In the previous life, when I was about to depart to the frontlines, I was told, “Now is the time to use your magic. Destroy them.” To which I bowed deeply.

But since it is a civil war this time, he is not going to make any statements? He doesn’t know which son to choose? Or is he just indifferent?

“So anyway? The civil war is about to start?”

“No. It seems like they are waiting for something to kick start it all? Should Prince Gardner cause a scandal of some sort, His Highness Schneider will latch onto it right away.
 Also, this time, the information that Serafiona had been attacked, and that she had returned alive had reached Judor. But His Highness Schneider had already completed his preparations in a sense, so there may be movements soon.”

“Are you waiting for them to collide and reduce the forces on both sides?”

“That would be most ideal. In the meantime, I wonder how long can the Granzeus hold on without losing much strength? I think the key is to be able to pass this turmoil safely above all else.”

“…Naturally. Just wait for a while after the whole thing erupts. And should push come to shove, I will send as much assistance as you need. It’s for my fiancée’s house after all.”

Older Brother creased his brows, and suddenly put me on his lap and squeezed me! Umm, what happened!?

“………I’ve heard about the engagement announcement the other day. The engagement of Your Majesty and my little sister is just a provisional one, or something to deceive His Highness Schneider, right?”

Ghilane’s brows raise.

“No, the announcement was made in all seriousness. Now and forever, I will be protecting Serafiona with my life on the line, so rest easy, dear Brother-in-law.”

“No, no. The current state of affairs is as it is, but I think it’s premature to not say anything to her family and go about announcing an engagement. You’ll have to start over once again, and send us at least one letter and receive our consent first.”

“I had already done that ten years ago. And I want you to praise my heart for remaining consistent this entire time.”

“Serafiona, are you okay with this? I don’t think you are totally satisfied being engaged to a man you have such a difference in age with, right?”

“O-Older Brother! Your Majesty! I think that is a topic better left unsaid!”

“I think the responsibility falls unto me to determine if I can really entrust my beloved little sister to you. There is no way I can leave Serafiona to a man who has so small a vessel that he will lose his temper to my little jabs.”

“I’ve been training hard to become a vessel worthy of Sera… If it doesn’t bother you, would you like to check it out yourself, dear Brother-in-law?”

“Definitely. I would love to check it out right away.”

“Then, I will be taking a bit of your time, dear Brother-in-law.”

“Anytime. Hahaha!”


And, the two disappeared in an instant.

“…What was that?”

「…Think of it as a ritual to deepen their friendship. There is nothing to worry about, Sera.」

The kind of ritual involving an exchange of fists? Like in a Shonen Jump manga!?

「Leave that as it is. Anyway, hooray! I found Matsuki’s cake in Lalouza’s <magic room>! Sera, I would like seconds of the tea please!」

I think it’s a crime to open someone’s <magic room> in secret? Lu………

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