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The villainess that got pregnant with the crown prince’s child decided to run away – Chapter 9

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

It’s been one month since then. Edward has been kind as usual. It seemed like that dream was just a dream, Lord Edward didn’t seem like he was infatuated with Ms. Makoto. However, as a result of my pregnancy, I’ve been feeling more nauseous than usual and my mood has been a bit unstable, so Lord Edward has been seeing me more often.

Although, I don’t know exactly why he immediately comes over whenever I’m not feeling too well. Because of that, I’m worried that his royal duties have been left undone. That’s how often he has been coming over to me.

“Yuki, why did you come here? I thought I had told you many times that you were not allowed to come over here.”

While walking around the royal palace’s garden, I heard a voice from someone. Normally, I would pay it no attention and keep walking, but since in that conversation the name “Yuki” popped up, I instinctively stopped.

It’s possible that I just misheard them, but just the other day in that sudden conversation that I heard in my head mentioned the two heroines “Yuki” and “Makoto.” I’m not entirely sure exactly what those voices are, but I wonder if this person named ‘Yuki’ has anything to do with Lord Edward.

“Oh, it’s fine, isn’t it? You’re off work today, aren’t you Makoto? Besides, I want to meet Rachel, there’s something I want to tell her.”

“Yuki!! You can’t just call her that! Ms. Rachel is the crown prince’s bride after all. Even if she wasn’t the prince’s bride, she is still a noble. She’s the kind of person that’s above our reach.”

I felt a single hard thump on my chest.

Ms. Yuki… knows about me?

She said she wants to say something to me… Exactly what does she want to tell me?

Either way, I started to have a really bad feeling about this.


Perhaps this development was having an effect on me, but I started to feel anxious and started to feel ill. Suddenly being assaulted with anxiety and feeling debilitated, I found myself crouched down on the ground.

“You can choose between Yuki and Makoto, right? What’s the difference?”

“Yuki has the power to heal others. Makoto can make magical tools.”

“I see, anything else?”

“The ending changes depending on who you choose.”

“What kind of endings are they?”

“It all depends on the choices that are made before the ending. But even in their true endings, Makoto will be working by Edward’s side while Yuki can get married to him.

“Why is it that Yuki can get married, but Makoto can’t?”

“About that you see…”

And again, I suddenly started hearing conversations from unknown voices. But it seemed to be a somewhat nostalgic conversation that I have heard before. For some reason, I also feel like I said some of those words too…

Though I’m not exactly certain.

More importantly, I can’t stop wondering about what those voices were talking about. Something about Ms. Makoto not being able to marry Lord Edward, but Ms. Yuki can.

…Even though he has me as a bride? Why?

“Ah! It’s Rachel!”


Crouched down and feeling ill, I heard Ms. Makoto’s panicked voice.

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