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Master of Science and Technology – Chapter 18

Translator: Darling | Editor: Nebosuke

For Luo Miao and Wang Lianshan, Mo Rushi’s disciple’s manner seemed like he was taking advantage of the matter. If they were just fighting, no one would win over the other. Someone would always be oppressed without the power to fight back — they could only retort. For example, if Mo Rushi was beaten up, he would just say, “My son dared to hit his father,” and so on.

The crux of the matter was the fact that Mo Rushi had a record. He didn’t get any disciples for many years, so when Qi Qianjun became his disciple more than 20 years ago, the Jindan sect masters all took him to be their disciple. Although Qi Qianjun was a rare talent, it was not a reason to confuse his place — they even directly made him into a junior.

Luo Miao and Wang Lianshan thought nothing of it. For them, there was nothing special about a disciple from the Lianqi realm. So what if he’s a talent? He still wasn’t Qi Qianjun.

Of course, no matter what they thought of Ye Zan, they still had to keep their manners.

No matter how unwilling Luo Miao and Wang Lianshan were, no matter how much they cursed Mo Rushi in their minds, they still had to behave properly. They greeted Ye Zan together and said reluctantly, “Greetings, Brother Ye Zan.”

Ye Zan knew that these people didn’t come with good intentions, so it didn’t matter if he embarrassed them. He calmly acknowledged their greetings, lifted his hand, and said, “Forget about formalities.”

Fortunately, Luo Miao and Wang Lianshan went there without their disciples, otherwise, it would be so embarrassing if their disciples saw it.

Luo Miao and Wang Lianshan regretted it — they didn’t look at Ye Zan again after greeting him. It was as if he didn’t exist. Wu Changsheng didn’t let go of his manners as he let them sit down and chatted with them.

They didn’t have much to talk about. Suddenly, a Yuqing disciple came rushing in, interrupting their pretentious friendly talk.

“What’s the matter? Why are you in such a hurry?!” Wu Changsheng looked serious. He was a little displeased with the disciple’s behavior since there were still outsiders watching over at the side. However, he did not notice when the disciple came in, but Luo Miao and Wang Lianshan looked at each other and smiled when they saw the disciple.

This disciple was Lin Feng. He was one of the inner disciples of the Yuqing sect who cultivates the qi refining, and he was one of the disciples who were in charge of the competition.

“Reporting to the Headmaster. The disciples of two sects and the Yuqing sect got into a conflict, and two disciples were injured,” Lin Feng said while glancing at Luo Miao and Wang Lianshan. Everyone knew Luo Miao and Wang Lianshan’s intentions for coming — even an ordinary disciple knew about it.

After they heard Lin Feng, Wu Changsheng and the rest glanced at Luo Miao and Wang Lianshan. Their eyes were like swords that could stab them.

Luo Miao smiled as if he didn’t care about it at all. He said to Wu Changsheng and the rest, “Forgive me, my two disciples just participated in a competition for outer disciples. Perhaps they just want to share their skills with your disciples when they saw this competition. It’s a good thing for young people to learn from each other to let them know their shortcomings.”


If the injured disciples were from the Jinguang and Wuzhu sects, they wouldn’t say it was something as simple as just sharing skills. Although Lin Feng didn’t tell which party was injured, whether it was Wu Changsheng’s people or Luo Miao and Wang Lianshan’s, it was certain that the injured disciples were from the Yuqing sect.

In fact, there were no accidents, but the injured person was indeed a disciple from the Yuqing sect. Moreover, these two disciples were still the best among the outer disciples. Actually, they could be inner disciples after this competition.

When Wu Changsheng and the others went outside, they saw the two injured disciples. They couldn’t tell how injured they were, but they surely had no way to continue this competition.

And the two culprits were standing on each platform showing off. In the audience, a lot of outer disciples of the Yuqing sect gathered, but although they all looked angry, no one dared to go up there to get the two.

“Oh my, they’re sharing our skills with you. If you don’t even have a little courage, how can you succeed in the future?” Wang Lianshan shook his head in disappointment after he saw that no one dared to go up the platform from the Yuqing sect. He spoke as if he were a teacher from the Yuqing sect.

Though Wang Lianshan’s voice was not loud, the Yuqing sect disciples still heard it. Most outer disciples were around 17, 18, or 20 years old, impulsive years in one’s life. When one heard this, one wouldn’t be able to hold their anger back.

“I will!”

They heard an angry cry from the group of outer disciples, followed by a figure rushing up to the platform. A young outer disciple of the Yuqing sect wearing a sword robe, carrying a green steel sword went up to the platform and said, “Senior, please enlighten me.”

“Hehe.” A Jinguang disciple sneered as he obviously didn’t really care about his opponent. He took his flower sword casually, squinted at his opponent, and said, “Please.”

The two didn’t speak longer — they gripped their swords and started their sword fighting. At least this fight was exciting for the outer disciples. The disciples of the Yuqing sect in the audience looked so excited about the fight on the platform that they even cheered for Zuo Ming.

Wu Changsheng and others also saw this fight on the platform. At a glance, they could tell how strong both sides were, but his expression turned sour all of a sudden. As a cultivator, Zuo Ming was actually above others. Although one’s strength did not really depend on cultivating, it was undeniable that it was still advantageous to cultivate to a high degree. However, Zuo Ming’s martial arts skills were too poor, and he couldn’t display his true power.

Luo Miao and Wang Lianshan both smiled faintly. They had confidence in the disciples they brought, and their worries disappeared after just watching the show on the platform.

Actually, not only did these masters notice it, but even Ye Zan who was the only Lianqi realm cultivator could see the situation on the platform. For Ye Zan, it was not only Zuo Ming of Yuqing, but even that disciple of the Jinguang sect also had the same problem. They had poor fighting awareness. In other words, all the fighting experience these two people had on the platform had come from formal competitions, even their moves were so rigid. Of course, the Zuo Ming was even worse, so the result was as terrible as one could imagine.

As expected, their fight didn’t take too long. When Zuo Ming thought he saw his opponent’s weak point, he aimed his sword straight at his weakness without any hesitation. but he didn’t think making a wrong move was his opponent’s plan. He fended off Zuo Ming’s attacks as he rushed in front of Zuo Ming and stamped his palm on his chest.

Zuo Ming’s body flew off the platform following a sound. His body fell outside the platform with his sprinkling blood in midair. Thankfully, the Yuqing disciples were there to catch him when he fell — one strike made Zuo Ming lose his consciousness.

“Oh, I wanted a strong opponent who could fight well. I guess I can’t find it here.” The Jinguang sect disciple lifted his head high as if he were a master.

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