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The villainess that got pregnant with the crown prince’s child decided to run away – Chapter 19

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

“The Edward I know is a nasty and cruel person.”

Yuki says with a hint of resentment in her voice.

Perhaps Lord Edward does actually hate me, just like in the dream.

“I see… So is he going to break off his marriage with me after all?”

“Yeah. trust me. Sooner or later, Edward will break off the engagement with you and have you executed. Before that happens, I want you to run away with me!”

Yuki says as she extends her hand towards me. Should… should I take her up on her offer?

I… still have some doubts though. Has Lord Edward really been acting all along? Unconsciously, I kept looking at her stretched out hand and mine as well.

“But I can’t run away. This arrangement was decided by Lord Edward, so there’s no way for me to oppose it.”

The only one that can overturn a decision made by Lord Edward would be the current emperor and empress.

For someone like me to oppose his decision… That would be the same as committing treason. To commit treason against the royal family would mean death.

In which case… Whether I stay or run away, I would still be executed.

“You have a right to be happy too! Let’s just go to the nearest country, if it’s a country near this area, then it should be safe!”

Still, Yuki didn’t give up, she kept pushing the idea to run away. A right to be happy huh… 

Right now I’m pretty happy.

Lord Edward tells me every day that he loves me. He also blessed me with his child.

But… For me to just throw away my current happiness right now, it’s just…

“I… I’m happy right now.”

“Yeah, right! Edward’s going to pin a crime on you and then have you executed for it! Exactly how is that even something to be happy about?! I decided that I am going to protect you from him, so that’s what I will do!”

“But… why…?”

I asked Yuki who seemed desperate in trying to persuade me. Any mistake during our escape would probably mean death even for her. So why is she trying so hard to rescue me? Even if she’s a traveler from another dimension, it’s still possible for her to get executed. There have been cases in the past where wanderers from other dimensions have been executed after all.

“I just want you to be happy. I can’t stand seeing you being tricked like this! Besides that, you really remind me of a friend of mine.”

I didn’t think Yuki would be so reckless. Wait, I feel like that’s more of a word to describe a guy…

Is she just trying to help me because she’s mixing me up with her friend?

“I’m not the friend you know though.”

We just met after all. We’re not even friends. Just some people that happen to know each other. As I say that, Yuki laughs loudly.

“Yeah, you’re not wrong. We just met, after all, having a random person call you their friend must be kind of weird. But we can be friends from here on out. If we make it out alive that is.”

“I guess that’s true.”

If you try, you can be friends with anyone. I’m not sure what’s the fine line between an acquaintance and a friend, but I’m sure if we both tried we could be good friends. But we’ll have to be alive if we’re even going to try to be friends. Perhaps I really should escape from this place then.

“Yuki, would everything be ok if I decided to escape…?”

“Even if we do manage to escape, there’s a chance that they might still be able to catch us anyway. Rather than having Edward give you the death sentence, it may be better for him to have you deported. So that’s probably the best chance we have rather than just to run away…”

Deport…? Exactly how am I going to get deported from this country? Considering Lord Edward’s personality, would he really just leave the punishment at deportation?


“We’ll get help from Makoto.”

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