Chapter 13

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“Excuse me.”

A lady and a boy entered the guest room.

The lady is Lady Alice, but who is the boy……..?

There was a big question mark in Takeo’s head.

“Sorry for calling you so suddenly.

Takeo, these are my grandchildren. Alice and Smith.

Alice, Smith, this is Takeo.

He is the one who saved me.”

“We meet once again, I’m Alice Henry Elvis.

Sir Takeo, thank you for saving our grandfather.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Smith Henry Elvis.

Sir Takeo, thank you for saving our grandfather.”

“Lady Alice, we meet once more. Young master Smith, nice to meet you.

I am Kitamizato Takeo.

I haven’t done anything special but I was kindly invited by Mr. Elvis to his home.”

“Hmm, the greetings are over.

Then, let’s sit down and talk.”

Once we all sat down, Fredrick brought in the tea.

“Then, where should I start?

Hn? Smith. Looks like you want to say something?”

“Yes. What I would like to say is……

Why do you call grandfather ‘Mr’?

Also although I’m grateful that you saved my grandfather, this is clearly suspicious.

Don’t you think that he could be a spy or an assassin from the Demon Kingdom or some other country?”

“I gave him permission to call me Mr.

The possibility of him being a spy seems to be low. I specifically think that he isn’t one.

Alice, what do you think?”

“Although the possibility at present seems to be low we cannot rule out the fact that he could be a spy.

However, if I have to choose one, then I think he isn’t a spy.”


“Why do you say that?!

Without a reason, it isn’t convincing at all!”

Smith raised his voice and asked.

“Takeo, what do you think?”

Eh? You won’t give an explanation?

Rather, the one being suspected should advocate for himself?

“Haa…. Don’t you think it’s a little sad if I have to advocate for myself?”

“Isn’t it interesting?”

Grandpa Elvis seemed to be looking forward to it.

Yes, I would also find it interesting if this was someone else instead!

“Then. Umm, is it alright to call you young master Smith?

“I don’t mind.”

Ahh, he is glaring.

“Because Mr. Elvis is here, the possibility of me being an assassin or trying to manipulate the Elvis household is zero.”

“ …..? What do you mean?”

“Firstly, I didn’t kill him when I first met him. Because of this point, the possibility of me being an assassin is cleared.

In order to manipulate the Elvis family, what do you think the criminal needs?”

“To hold grandfather captive.”

“That’s wrong.  The only evidence that can show that he is alive is enough.

It doesn’t matter whether he is dead or alive.

Rather, if the criminal lets him live his movements will be limited so it’s better to kill him.”


“As for being a spy, I’m really sorry but,  I haven’t really grasped the reality of the Elvis family.”

“Hmm. I think that there is lesser value in spying on us as compared to adjacent lands.

That’s why, although the possibility is there, I think that is not the case.”

Young master Smith’s face turned red as he looked down.

“Sir Takeo, I’m deeply sorry for asking impolite questions and doubting you.”

He left the room after saying that.

Ahh……..I hurt the young boy…………

Right now I must be making a constricted expression.

“My younger brother’s attitude was extremely rude. I’m very sorry.”

Alice apologized.

“No, no. I didn’t really find him to be that rude.”

Takeo replied.

Grandpa Elvis called out to Fredrick.

“Fredrick, sorry but… ”

“Yes, Certainly.”

As he was about to leave the room with that, Takeo spoke.

“Um, can you please pass on a message to young master Smith?”

“Please tell.”

“Whatever young master Smith thought and said was something that everyone would think.

However, when expressing doubt about something like this, it’s important to come well prepared with your answers.

For this, not only knowledge but experience is also important.

If the young master can think ‘Today was a good experience’ then it would be great. That’s what I would like you to pass on.”

“Is that all?”

“If I start talking, I can go on till morning but for now this is all.”

“Fufu, understood. Then, Lord, Lady Alice, I’ll take my leave.”

With that Fredrick exited the room.

Only 3 of us were left.

“So, Takeo.”

“What is it?”

“It’s about the thing you promised me but……”

“I haven’t forgotten.”

Takeo removed persimmons from his bag.  After removing 2 bags and lightly opening them, he gave them 1 bag each.

“Um……. this is?”

Lady Alice asked.

“It’s a fruit. While waiting for the carriage, I gave 1 to Mr. Elvis and he liked it.

“Once we reach the mansion, I’ll give you one more is what I promised.”

Meanwhile, Grandpa Elvis was silently eating with a big smile.

“Haa, understood.”

With that, she anxiously put 1 in her mouth.

As a result, her eyes popped open in surprise.

One bite. Another bite. Her eating pace was steadily increasing.

She finished it in no time.

“Sir…. Sir Takeo, what is this fruit?

It’s very delicious, where did you buy it???”

“Unn. That’s right. Takeo, where did you buy this!?”

“That is related to my personal information, so let me tell you later.”

He replied with a wry smile.

None of them are convinced but they don’t pursue it further.

Suddenly Grandpa Elvis said.

“By the way Takeo, I am curious about something from the conversation earlier.”

“What is it?”

When Smith accused you of being a spy and assassin, both me and Alice refuted the possibility. Still, there are a couple of things that I must doubt you for, do you understand?”

“……Somehow.  But, I’m occupied with too much so this doesn’t even enter my mind.”

“ …? What is it? Is there something else?”

Lady Alice asked.

Takeo glanced at Lady Alice and told Grandpa Elvis.

“There is no reason to say it right?”

“Fufu, it will be interesting if you say it.”

“So it’s not alright if I don’t say it?”

Grandpa Elvis nodded.

“…..Haa. By fulfilling the condition of helping Mr. Elvis, they can date Lady Alice…… or marry ……was it?”


Lady Alice let out a weird voice in surprise.

‘So that’s really how it is’  was  Takeo’s reaction.

Grandpa Elvis nodded.


Lady Alice was panicking.

Is she angry?  I looked at her face seems to be turning redder and redder.

At that time, the final bell rings.

“Grandfather, Sir Takeo, it’s already this late, let’s talk again tomorrow. I’ll excuse myself.”

With that, she quickly left.

“……… I think I made her angry……..”

“Hmm, it’s the end of the day.”

“What should I do?”

“I’ll get a room prepared.”

Then there was a sound of a knock. Grandpa Elvis said ‘Come in’. With that Fredrick entered the room.

“Oh, Lord and Takeo, it’s only the both of you?”

“Hnn. Takeo’s story will be postponed for tomorrow.

The final bell has also rung.

Please prepare a room for Takeo.”

“Takeo, stay here tonight.

I’ll send someone to wake you up before breakfast tomorrow so tell us your story after we have breakfast with everyone.”

“Understood. Thank you for your consideration.”

Takeo expressed his thanks.

“Fredrick, send some light food for everyone.

Of course for me too?”


Takeo was honestly grateful.

Too much had happened today.

He wanted to relax and unwind in his room.

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