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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 17

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

I thought I would be able to spend a little more time in a regular school atmosphere.

Ever since I arrived here as an escort, at least the chance of a battle breaking out was there.

But of course, that’s necessary for someone with a job like this. 

However, what happened right now was still something I didn’t expect.

“A match, you say?”

“Yea, you wanna have a go?”

I was once again challenged by one of my students.

Alia always seemed like she was sleepy. During the homeroom class, it is very obvious and she is always sleeping during a lunch break when I see her.

Yet, this is the student that wanted to have a battle against me.

However, I am not uninterested. 

After all, Alia is the only one I haven’t fought properly yet.

Due to the time limit during the Mock Battle, I never really got a good grasp of what Alia is capable of.

Still,  it seems like she does have some serious power in her.

.. But then again, unlike Iris who proposed to fight me after school, this one does so during a class.

Another Mock Battle would give me the chance to get a grasp of Alia’s power.

(For the time being, I am still a teacher, though..)

“Alright, watching a mock battle might be good for your study, so do you want to be a sample in that?”


I don’t know whether what she said was very low in tension, or rather high, but she did seem rather content.


The one that let out a sound of surprise was Iris.

It made most of the students focus on her.

She cleared her throat- 

“No… nothing…”

She said that as an excuse.

Didn’t really seem like nothing though.

It isn’t my intention to go full power in the battle with Alia though. 

Still, from Iris’ perspective, I can understand her surprise, but Alia’s timing and reasoning are quite different from Iris’, that’s why I accepted it.

Not that I really understand Alia’s reasoning, though.

“Alright, shall we create some distance between us before we start?”


Alia moved away from me.

She actually has quite a delicate body.

What’s more, though it was only there for a moment, she did have perfect coordination with Iris during our first battle.

Her ability would stand far above that of the class too.

“Whenever you’re ready.”

After creating the distance I conjured up my blade.

Just like my body, it was quite a small blade. With this, the mock battle should be easy.

Alia on the other hand conjured up – two blades.

Both of the blades were made with what was expected in a mock battle. Still, unlike her other classmates, she made two blades, and both short blades at that.

She is the only one in the whole class that does that.

The magic-flow that is flowing between the two blades seemed to be in balance too.

She held both daggers like weapons in reverse, and crouched down, making her look like a grumpy cat with a tired face.

(It feels like she’s going to murder me)

To get a look like that from a student of mine – No, getting it from anyone else besides Iris was something I had never thought of.

After a mere moment of dead silence, Alia started leaping towards me.

She had both speed and agility.

I made sure not to lose Alia out of my field of vision.

The sound of her feet just barely touching the ground seemed to accelerate. 

– and the next thing I heard was the wind cutting.


A short blade came flying my way.

I bent my upper body to dodge it. However, Alia managed to have disappeared from my field of vision.

As soon as I realized that I turned my head backward, and prepared for an attack.

More faster than the blade she just threw, Alia was there too.

She quickly caught the dagger and creates some distance again.

She must’ve thought that she would not be able to strike me from that position, I suppose.


“It’s like she just disappeared.”

The surrounding students were quite amazed by what Alia had to offer.

The timing of her attacks, and the patience that comes with it, but most of all her speed was amazing.

I could sense that she had quite a lot of experience.

Something that goes beyond our beloved  “Swordmaster Princess” Iris.

Whereas Iris is strong in a head-to-head battle, Alia is most prominent in striking from the shadows, taking out her opponent with utmost preparation.

That’s exactly how an assassin would fight.

In an untimely fashion, I started smiling bitterly.

But Alia’s movement was steadfast.

She moved to close up the distance between us.

If only there was something to obstruct my vision then she would be able to attack with success, I suppose.

Though when she approaches, I make sure to swing my sword backward.

She knows that the same move won’t work twice, so she withheld herself from throwing the blade again.

Still, she was going to go through a trial and error type of style to see if she could hit me.

(Seems like Alia is rather prominent herself too—-hmmmm?)

That was sudden.

Right at that moment, Alia stopped moving.

Just like at the very start she made herself look small and stared at me again.

“What’s wrong? Already out of attacks?”

“No, I know at least you’re strong, so I had to try out a few things first. But it seems like I can just proceed normally.”


“Here I cooooomeee–“

She came at me again, kicking the ground again.

She had enough acceleration to completely vanish from where she stood.

Her short blade swung just by my eyes.

I managed to deflect it in time.

Alia started flinging more short blades at me. With a flurry of attacks, she tried to hit me at least once. 

I tried to create some distance by moving backward, but Alia wouldn’t let me.

As soon as I took a single step back another flurry of attacks came at me.

If I just had to defend it wouldn’t be a problem. However-

(I’m surprised. She really does have some remarkable skill)

At least she has more power than the assassins that assaulted me before.

I tried to see if I could counter her attacks – But my blade is on my lower hand, so I am at quite a disadvantage.

Simply said, she far outclassed this lecture’s level.

I already know all I need to see what level she’s at.

“Alia, shall we end this soon?” – I proposed as I stopped her short blade.

However, Alia wasn’t about to stop yet.

She hurled the blades from both sides, trying to hit me at least once.

“Alright, stop.”


I took Alia’s arm and forced her to stop her attacks.

She seemed surprised at first, but soon the ever so dry expression returned to her.

“Thank you, teach. You’re really strong, huh.”

“Yes, thank you too. You too are quite strong, Alia.”

“Right?” – Alia said with a satisfied look on her face. 

She got applause from the students as well. She is quite talented.

(Yes, seems quite good for a regular opponent)

As the thought went through my mind, Alia moved to Iris’ side.

I noticed that Iris was quite fidgety during the whole fight.

She too had quite the urge to fight me. So it was not that surprising.

I just can’t expect her to be like that every time I fight someone else though.

“Iris, did you watch the battle?”

“I did. You were outstanding, Alia.”

“Right? Right.”

“But, what was the matter? You suddenly wanted to fight Mr. Schweiss…”

“Hmmm – It had to happen…”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” 

Not really understanding what Alia was getting at, Iris was visibly getting baffled by her answer.

Which is to say, Alia finally managed to get Iris’ attention.

Lately, Iris has been focusing mainly on me. 

That might be what made Alia jealous.

(How cute – is a word that I really didn’t want to use on someone that fought like that.)

I let out a small sigh.

The next time Iris is looking over at me, Alia would come flying at me again – 

To make sure that doesn’t happen, Iris has to take some precautions too. 

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