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Terrarium Adventure – Chapter 3

Translator: Darling | Editor: Nebosuke

We quickly found a negotiation point.

Just like the condition a child has offered, I would buy a product and give part of it to the child.

The child said this market was expensive as many tourists visited this place here so she guided me to the outskirt of the village.

On the way, I was moving my head trying to look at unfamiliar views so the child said with a smile, “It must be amazing to see things for the first time. Still, this place is better as the branches of the tree world affect us. Most of the residents in this village are very energetic.”

What is this tree world thing about? The girl must have been starving as she rushed to eat the bread and milk whereas I felt pity so I couldn’t ask her.

As expected, this village uses diamonds as currency.

The bakery which a child guided me into allowed me to get 3 loaves of bread and 2 pints of milk with 1 diamond. Crazy pricing… Thinking about the bulk of diamonds shaking inside the coat pocket made me feel scared.

It’s the same as carrying a large sum of money without security. Also, my cellphone…

“Do you want some more…?”

As I became nervous all of sudden and didn’t know what to do so, I thought I wanted to be nice to the child next to me.

I’ve only seen you for the first time today but I believe you are the only one I can trust for sure, kiddo.

However, the child declined as she felt that the compensation was too much compared to her work.

So, while I was wondering what to do with the leftovers when I’m not hungry, the child said, “You can eat it later by putting inside your pocket.”

I thought how would it fit inside a small pocket but… it did go in really well.

With an unknown space inside, the pocket didn’t pop out. Also, I didn’t feel any weight.

Oh, it disappears from reality…?

“Here. It’s far from the ‘orchard’ but you can get a room at a cheaper price. However, you need to wake up early.”

While I was confused, the child genuinely guided me in front of the lodge.

It wasn’t like the motels I knew of; it was rather a wooden lodge that appeared in fantasy.

The 1st floor was used as a restaurant, and the 2nd floor was used for accommodation. It was a real lodge where mercenaries would have a drink and share important information.

I began to think that this place was not in Korea.

“I should go. Thank you for sharing the food with me. I wish you the best on your journey, Mr. Druid.”

“Wait. Wait. Can you work for me a bit more? I need your help. I will compensate you.”

“Hmm, is there something I can do for you? I don’t have any special skills so all I can do is to guide you around the village.”

“It’s something only you can do!”

I can’t stop a random person on a street and ask, ‘Sir, where am I right now?’ Since I don’t know anything about this place, I need lots of information to reduce my doubts.

It must be really dangerous for a girl to walk alone as she may get into unwanted trouble.

However, the girl became vigilant and stepped back.

“A person like you, Mr. Druid, needs help from a girl like me who has no skills?”

I knew what she was worried about. I don’t know what this Mr. Druid is all about but it’s a bit strange for an adult like me to ask help from a child. That’’s what kidnappers did.

“Ah, first of all, I would like to thank you for introducing me to the lodge. However, I’m quite curious about this village. Yes, you do know a lot about this village. If you are concerned, how about we talk in the restaurant over there?”

The restaurant located on the 1st floor was not too wide and open so someone at the counter who appeared to be the owner stood there all the time. Therefore, the child would feel relieved.

Thankfully, the child accepted my request by saying, “Ah if so, I should help you.”

“Oh, Daisy! It has been ages. Did you bring a guest? You have grown up. Welcome!”

The child’s name is Daisy. I walked with her without knowing her name. The lodge owners at the market told me to get away and cursed at me, but in contrast, the owner here is very friendly.

As they seemed to treat young Daisy in a friendly manner, the child looked very comfortable. I really thank Daisy for bringing me to a safe place.

I didn’t know what to eat but I just ordered 2 portions of the recommended meal for myself and Daisy. I also informed them that I will stay for a night in this lodge. I paid two diamonds in total.

The owner looked happy and yelled, “Two lamb stews!” to the window where the kitchen was.

Anyway, Daisy already ate bread and milk, but can she eat more? Unlike my concern, the child was making a really happy face. She hadn’t had enough…

“Thank you for serving me a meal! The food in this lodge is really tasty. The owner lady took great care of me.”

“Yes, I look forward to it since you are mentioning it.”

“Ask me anything! I will do my best to explain anything to you!”

The seat was quite away from the counter. If the questions I will ask are basic common sense, other people may feel strange.

As I found the currency used here is diamonds, I should know about common sense. To make Daisy have a comfortable mealtime, I plan to ask simple questions until the food is ready.

When she was eating the bread, she ate very fast so once the food is ready, I don’t think I will be able to get an answer. Anyway, what should I ask first?

“Where is it here? Ah, the question is weird. What is the name of this village?”

“You are on the ‘26th Terrarium of Tree world.’ Sometimes, people are confused about their numbers like you Mr. Druid.”

Hmm… it must a region unfamiliar in Korea…? I think I came to a really strange place. So, how do I go back home? Anyway, I heard Terrarium from somewhere… where did I hear it?

“Mmm… Does the number have any meaning?”

“It means the 26th branch of the tree world. As the number is lower, it is closer to the core tree world.”

Daisy appeared to be not vigilant towards me; she was keen to give me all the information she knew.

Other than thanking me for the food, she wanted to brag that although she was young, she could also be really helpful.

She consistently spoke while her white cheeks turned red.

As the child spoke, I knew how the villages were named. # Terrarium in this tree world is only named when it is affected by the Core Tree world. N is based on the branch coming out of the core.

A smaller N number means it is closer to the core and when the N number is large, it is away from the core. Also, as it is far away from the core and is not affected by the core, there is high damage from the ‘fire.’

Actually, I don’t have a single clue as to what is going on. What is this Core Tree world, and what is the ‘fire’ I know in the real tree world… Still, I couldn’t ask as it seemed to be common sense.

“Wow, you are really smart. You know a lot of things.”

I sounded a bit monotone but I did my best to compliment Daisy. Complimenting someone makes them feel energized. I wanted an excited child to talk to me about many things. Indeed, Daisy talked a lot as she became excited.

“Anyway, why are you calling me Mr. Druid?”

I hope this is not common sense. Please, please….

“That’s because you are here to take on an adventure. Aren’t you? People don’t come to other villages as they are afraid of fire. Also, you came on time when the branches of the tree world make fruit so I didn’t think otherwise… perhaps I am wrong?”

“No, no. I must be Mr. Druid. Perhaps?”

Wow, as soon as the child replied, I thought of a hypothesis that made me feel like I had been hit on the head. Isn’t this place <Terrarium Adventure>? It’s the game my classmate told me to book in advance.

Still, at the time, I didn’t pay a lot of attention to it as I was worried about <Infinite Diamond> closing down its servers. Somehow, this world has a background that reminds me of an RPG game so that hypothesis seems reasonable. I also saw terms like ‘Terrarium’ or ‘Druid’…

But why am I inside a game which hasn’t even launched yet? Still, right now the virtual game which appeared in a novel has not been invented yet. I mean, <Terarium Adventure> is just a mobile game after all.

After completing the [???] achievement, a strange key popped out as a reward. Because of the key, my phone started acting up and a white light appeared… When I woke up, I was in a strange place instead of my house. Ah, I want to smoke.

I looked at my phone which was currently turned off with mixed feelings. Is it a dream? It’s too realistic to be a dream.

“Do you know what this is?”

I wanted Daisy to look at my phone in detail. If Daisy also has a mobile phone, perhaps I can borrow it from her. Or I can use a phone from the lodge. My phone is completely messed up so if it wakes up, dwarfs will be singing about diamonds.

“Isn’t this a wallet?”

“Yes… wallet. Do you also have one?”

“No. I don’t have enough diamonds to carry inside a wallet. I don’t have a single diamond.”

Failed. With my knowledge, it is a cellphone but, in this world, it’s called a wallet. Even the dwarfs called it a wallet.

I took a deep breath. Now it was time for me to accept reality.

Honestly, I predicted it when the dwarfs talked to me, and diamonds popped out from the phone. It is a world way different than what I know.

Even now, I would admit it if a person came out from the kitchen telling me that it is a prank.

While I felt miserable with my painful head, the food came out. Daisy just looked at the big meat pieces on the plate while opening her mouth. I waved to her so she could eat first.

“Still… Mr. Druid is paying for me hasn’t eaten yet. Is it okay for me to eat first?”

“Actually, I’m not that hungry. Still, if we leave the food which the chef has prepared for food by working hard, he must be very sad. I will become a really bad person. So, will you help me?”

It was bogus, but it worked. My request was equivalent to telling a fish to swim inside the water so Daisy became excited and used her spoon. She eats well. She has a good appetite and is focused on eating meat.

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