Chapter 3

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Magical Spell but not a Magical Spell

Gyeongwan Cheon looked at the room in which Taesan Byeok entered quietly while feeling guilty.

In a narrow hallway, there were 4 doors in total and Taesan Byeok entered the last door with 10 ladies.

When the ladies came out from that room, he thought he was going back home but he felt depressed knowing that he wasn’t going back home.

He was now located at the top of the brothel.

Brothel consisted of 5 floors and the 5th floor was only for VIPs.

The temporary wall installed in each room was soundproof and absorbed a bit of pressure.

There were many brothels in Muhan but this one was the only well-known brothel for its royal palace. 

All four rooms were filled up and there were two royal guards located in front of each room.

It was useful to have perfect soundproofing. That’s because royal guards wouldn’t know what was happening inside the room while standing in front of the door.

Gyeongwan Cheon thought that he also needed to stand in front of the door but decided not to.

He was confident that he could defeat those guards standing in front of the door instantly.

What he had to be careful of was the counterattack from those guys.

‘There is almost no possibility of such a thing happening.’

Who would dare to attack the second prince of the Golden Wall Clan in Muhan?

Anyway, there was no benefit in counterattacking or kidnapping.

Rather, it was way more effective to kidnap the leader of the Golden Wall Clan, Taesu Byeok.

Taesan Byeok’s reputation in the Golden Wall Clan wasn’t that significant.

That was what Gyeongwan Cheon thought.


Gyeongwan Cheon put his head up while surprised.

A sound which wasn’t clear if it was a shout of moan hit his ear.

He checked other guards and they also appeared surprised and looked at the last room.

It was the room where the sound came from and it was the room Taesan Byeok had entered.


Moan-like sounds vibrated in the room. It seemed like someone was in pain or enjoying it but it was hard to distinguish.

‘Anyway, this is the 5th floor of the brothel known for perfect soundproof rooms.’

Just like its fame, no sounds came out from the other room.

Only the room Taesan Byeok entered had such erotic sounds.

‘What is he doing……’

The sound continued to echo.

At first, it was curiosity, but now as time passed, they became sick and tired of it.

One of the royal guards who was guarding the room was quietly complaining.

“Is he really sick?”

Maybe he had the stamina for being sick, the moans which sounded like shouts lasted for a long time.

Once the sound disappeared, the door opened up shortly and Taesan Byeok came out.

Three royal guards in the hallway looked at Taesan Byeok with bloody eyes.

They were envious and respectful to Taesan Byeok.

“You should have slept. Did you stay up all night?”

As Taesan Byeok spoke, Gyeongwan Cheon gently nodded.

“I’m just doing my duty.”

Gyeongwan Cheon’s eyes changed a bit since he entered the brothel. However, he himself didn’t know that his eyes had changed.

“…Are you okay?” Gyeongwan Cheon asked. Taesan Byeok laughed and looked at the room he came out from.

“Who? Me? Or that lady?”


“Very good. Let’s go back. I must rest as well.”

“I will accompany you.”

Gyeongwan Cheon nodded his head once again.

As the two people went downstairs, there was a deep silence in the hallway.

There was no single sound coming from the other four rooms. The wall was working perfectly fine.

“Hwaryeong, are you okay?”

A lady named Hwaryeong sat still and woke up as someone called her name.

“Huh? Ah, I’m fine. Of course, I’m good.”

A few ladies gave worried looks.

“Are you sure? Did something happen last night? I heard it was a mess….”

They asked because they were concerned. Actually, they were more curious. What happened last night had spread among the ladies.

The royal guards weren’t the only ones who heard the screams that Hwaryeong made all night.

Everyone inside the room heard it and people on the lower levels heard it as well.

That’s why the room Taesan Byeok and Hwaryeong entered was in maintenance by the wall specialist from the brothel.

The brothel wasn’t just an ordinary brothel. A normal brothel wouldn’t have such a wall.

Anyway, the situation was like that so people wanted to know what was going on under the disguise of being concerned.

Hwaryeong’s face flushed slightly red.

“I was…. reincarnated.”

The ladies’ eyes shined. How good was it that she would make such a comment?

“Huh? Your skin does look better.”

“It is.”

It wasn’t only the skin that improved. The face looked a bit different.

No, the atmosphere changed.

She somehow had an innocent and pure atmosphere. 

She looked like a person that hadn’t experienced any hardships in life.

“Also, the body seems….”

She looked a bit taller, and her body shape changed a bit.

It wasn’t just feeling. There really was a visible change. 

The ladies’ eyes burned like flames.

“Perhaps… did he give you a special medicine last night?”

“It’s nothing like that.”

Honestly, Hwaryeong wasn’t satisfied. She didn’t remember what happened.

It felt like she was in a dream. She barely remembered moaning or screaming.

It must have been really good.

Still, she barely remembered it so that was why she was upset.

One thing she remembered for sure was that she had been reincarnated.

She wondered if she really ever felt fresh in her mind and body like this.

As the ladies saw Hwaryeong’s change, they became passionate.

They swore that they wouldn’t miss out on such a chance next time.

“Ah… my body is in bad shape compared to my expectation,” Taesan Byeok whispered and cocked his head.

The reason why Taesan Byeok went to brothel last night was to perform a Magical Spell to increase Spirit.

As a Magical Spell to increase Spirit was reincarnated through enlightenment and death, it was hard to call it a Magical Spell because of its complete reincarnation.

It used the spirit, but it did not suck up a dead person’s spirit like in the past.

It took the spirit out of the person who was alive and burned the filthy vibes and thoughts to absorb the spirit.

That was also called spirit and the power made by burning it was also great.

You couldn’t compare it to other conventional methods.

Of course, it was weaker than the original Magical Spell. However, since the side effect was completely removed, the body wouldn’t explode even if big power was absorbed into the body.

Of course, it was more effective when there is more turbid soul attached to the body.

That’s why Taesan Byeok went to the brothel to spend a night with a lady.

The lady’s mind was turbid as she experienced many things in life.

For sure, those villains who repeatedly murdered and stole would have a terrible soul, but it was risky to absorb their soul with Taesan Byeok’s current body.

It was a bit challenging to save people inside the Golden Wall Clan. He had less energy than the lady and it could create unwanted misunderstandings.

Anyway, the soul attached to the lady named Hwaryeong was quite satisfying.

The problem was this cursed body.

“I took the lady soul and it just covered one part of my detached soul.”

Also, it didn’t connect the vital heartbeat but just a small branch beat that was like a vein.

The body surely did become better but it didn’t show on the outside.

“Perhaps… I may have to live in this brothel for a while.”

If I attack those villains, my body won’t be able to stand it.

It’s way softer with attractiveness rather than a soul with aggressiveness and hatred.

So, I’m going to get souls from the brothel for a while.

Above all, it’s urgent to reconnect all the heartbeats.

By doing so, I can train without absorbing souls.

Taesan Byeok closed his eyes and slowly trained his heartrate which he barely managed to reconnect.

It was not by just connecting the heartbeat. It required constant trials to heal completely.

“Are you going to the brothel again today?”

Soso looked at Taesan Byeok with a terrified face.

“Why? I shouldn’t do that?”

“No, I don’t mean that… if the Mistress founds out, she will be very disappointed. 

“Well, there’s nothing I can do about that.”

He couldn’t give up healing himself just because Harin Yeon was his fiancé whom he hadn’t even met yet.

Also, by looking at how things were, there was no need for Harin Yeon to marry Taesan Byeok either.

If that was the wealth only given to Taesan Byeok, what was the point of connecting with dying and sick Taesan Byeok?

Unless there is a way to connect with Taesan Byeok to fight for ruling power in Golden Wall Clan.

“Also, if you overdo it, you may get really sick.”

Taesan Byeok laughed.

“What do you think I’m doing?”

Soso’s face turned red.

“You are doing that! That!”

“So what’s that?”

Soso gave a sad face.

“You are too much, My Prince!”

Although Taesan Byeok acted that way, he laughed as Soso was giving clothes to him.

When the sun was at its high point, Taesan Byeok left the brothel.

Today was the tenth day since visiting the brothel every day.

During the ten days, he visited the brothel every day and slept with one lady.

At first, when his task was over, he clearly absorbed the soul and came out immediately.

However, after a few days, he found out that he didn’t need to do that so he just fixed his detached heart rate through Magical Spell of increasing Spirit and left the venue.

The lady still had not woken up yet.

It was hard for a lady to experience the process of spirit purification.

Flesh followed soul. If the spirit is cleansed, it also affects the body and the body becomes cleaner.

As the body transforms, the person is not conscious.

Anyway, the ladies who spent the night with Taesan Byeok were totally into him.

Also, ladies who didn’t sleep with Taesan Byeok hoped that they would be chosen next.

So, Taesan Byeok slept with 10 ladies for 10 days and was able to fix 10 places in his heartbeat.

Although it was thin, it was still an important heartbeat so the body became better.

It was smaller than an ant, but what’s important is that the vitality was stronger.

So, the way back home was lighter.

As Taesan Byeok took the lead, Gyeongwan Cheon quietly followed from a step behind.

At the half point, Taesan Byeok saw a person coming from afar.

The reason Taesan Byeok gave attention to that person was quite simple.

‘She is really beautiful.’

It was one of the top 10 beautiful ladies he saw living as Cheonma until now.

It was hard to observe a lady with such beauty even living as Cheonma.


Taesan Byeok said it and turned his head to look at Gyeongwan Cheon who was following.

He had a face that basically said, “Did you see it as well?”

Taesan Byeok could see rare moments of Gyeongwan Cheon expressing his emotions through facial expressions for the second time.

It was a face and eyes asking who is this person.

At last, Taesan Byeok was able to find out who this lady was.

After some time, the lady stood in front of Taesan Byeok.

Taesan Byeok had to stop in his tracks as well.

That lady was the fiancé of Taesan Byeok named Harin Yeon.

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