Chapter 12

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Presently Kitamizato Takeo is in trouble.

He was asked, “Who are you?” by Fred Jerry Goodwin.

When I glance at Grandpa Elvis…… he is grinning.

…….. He’s looking forward to it. Oi!

He felt a little sad thinking that he had no choice but to enter this match.

“Before I answer your question, is it alright for me to confirm certain things?”

“I don’t mind.”

“Firstly, how should I address you?”

“Hmmm……. Goodwin is fine.”

“Then may I call you Mr. Goodwin?”

“……. I don’t mind.”

“Thank you.  Then, secondly, are you and Mr. Elvis of the same status?”

“…… For the outsiders, yes.”

“I understand. 

…….. Mr. Goodwin, please forgive me but I cannot speak to you at present. Regarding this, it’s really not my intention to slight you.”

“…… What do you mean?”

He lowered his voice.

…….. I’m really scared but……

“Actually , I haven’t heard anything about Mr. Elvis from him yet and I haven’t told him anything about myself yet either.

When we were waiting for the carriage I was promised, ‘Let’s have that conversation after we get back’ by Mr. Elvis.

We haven’t even fulfilled that promise yet so I think it’s not right to tell you about myself before I even tell Mr. Elvis.”

“I see, certainly. But it shouldn’t be a problem if we hear it together right?”

“I apologize but that’s not something that I can decide.”

Once I said that Goodwin folded his arms and seemed to think for a bit.

“……… Old Man”

“Sorry, Fred. Please let me refuse this time?”

“Haa…. I understand.”

Takeo, I’m sorry. Sorry for asking such a mean question.”

“No. I’m also sorry for not giving a satisfactory answer.”

With that Takeo bowed lightly.

“Hm. Please call my subordinate. I’ll return back now.”


Fredrick exits the room and there is a knock on the door immediately.

The soldier who entered was the one that found Takeo and escorted the carriage.

Takeo bowed lightly and his gesture was returned by the soldier.

“Sir, I heard that you are leaving.”

“Ah, I’m planning to leave now.

Old man, Takeo, let’s meet again.

Takeo, won’t you come to my mansion next time to explain? I’ll serve you some tea?”

“I understand.  I’ll bring some sweets.”

“Fuu…… Good. I look forward to it.”

With that, he left the room.

“Fredrick, see him off.”


With that Fredrick exited the room.

…… The only ones in the guest room were Takeo and Grandpa Elvis.

“You turned it around quite well.”

“…… Indeed. I almost sense that I was alive.

My legs are also quivering. 

It may have been done well but if I couldn’t do it well I might have been killed.”

“If you see the results, it was a good performance right?”

“If you see the results only…… ”

Takeo noticed now that not only his legs but his entire body were trembling. 

“Then when can we tell each other about ourselves? Should we do it now?

“No, I want my family and Fredrick to be present.”


With that, we waited for Fredrick to return.

At the entrance to Earl Elvis’s house.

Frontier Earl Goodwin and Stanley – Commander of the frontier knights were straddling their horses.

“Lord Goodwin, Sir Stanley, thank you for today.”

“No problem. More importantly, Takeo was it. The old man seems to have found an interesting person.”

“We cannot say yet whether he is interesting or not.”

“If the old man doesn’t want him, then I’ll take him.”


“Then, I’ll take my leave.”

With that, they left the mansion.

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